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LINK 48% of Democrats Support Criminalizing Criticism of Vaccines With Imprisonment, Fines

The survey reveals 48% of Democrats support federal or state governments implementing fines or prison sentences on citizens who have criticized the coronavirus vaccine on television, radio or social media.

sqeptiq 9 Jan 14
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They literally look to the North Korean government for inspiration.

Andyman Level 8 Jan 15, 2022

48% power hungry control freaks Dumbocrats!

While 82% call out the media's fearmongering!

Stop it! Eighty-two percent say media fearmongering COVID-19

The media’s nonstop hyping of COVID-19 has reached the level of “fear porn,” with a remarkable 82% agreeing that the coverage of the virus is fearmongering at its worst — and best.


w0tn0t Level 8 Jan 14, 2022

Assuming 33% of registered voters are Democrat, that would equate to less than 16% of all registered voters

Garsco Level 8 Jan 14, 2022

Since when are facts criticisms?

There was no holocaust, fact, not criticism, for example.

Jesus didn't exist. Fact, not criticism.

@JacksonNought Actually, Jesus has been shown to exist, eg. Josephus,
eg. Pirate, archeological discoveries.
Then prophecies. A professor did an amazing work on it.

Isn't it funny how every historical person's writing is believed?
No one says 'Homer never existed, and other examples.
But some, not knowing anything do want to push this.
This has zero to do with there being no holocaust.
Unbelievably simple to prove, and more than one way.

Every year, the WORLD ALMANAC published the numbers of people for each group, every year. 1943, I think, showed the various groups, then again each year and we look at 1946, the war ended.
Subtracting, there was a drop in Jewish world population of about
350,000 people.
There are other things, many, but your unreserved accusation suggests animus around this topic.
In French, it's 'cherchez d'argent', in Dnglish, follow the money.
Another interesting way to know truth, are consequences of saying anything.
It's upside down: you can say whatever you like about Jesus with
no consequences, but say anything about the holocaust and
things can happen. Some with Islam, Muhammad.

But definitely the Jews greatly suffered in so many ways, then
the allies blew up the railroads bringing supplies.

Just like the fake jab geared to kill or destroy people, lies flourish, abound, truth is 'conspiracy theory'.


Spike protein in the vaccines affects the immune & vascular systems & accelerates underlying health conditions.

w0tn0t Level 8 Jan 14, 2022

If you think that's bad, you should hear about what COVID does!


Yes, AFTER the spike protein in these experimental vaccines have affected the immune system & vascular system!

@w0tn0t tell that to all the anti-vaxx radio hosts who have been dropping.

@JacksonNought it's the VACCINATED. Know Whoopi? Double 'vaccinated' plus extra shot is amazed when she gets Covid.

Do you know what a vaccine is? What it does?
Those drugs weren't vaccines.

And note that treatments that worked against Covid were banned.
These treatments had been classed as reliable for years.

What I think happens (other doctors have said similar) is it demobilizes, or deconstructs the person's immune system, and the drug does it.
That's why boosters would be needed.

Many have said that the so-called vax is worse than Covid.
Many get over covid with immunity.

I read both...'vaxed' shed spike proteins and 'vaxed' DON'T shed spike proteins (MSM). Neither side offers proof, just talk.
Because IF 'vaxed' do shed, then unvaxed need to avoid them.
Do you know about this?
I'm wondering if live blood analysis wouldn't show something?
There'd be evidence.

An email of Gates was found asking Pfizer if they couldn't make a poison that killed people but untraceable to them(my summary). Pfizer declined, then.

I also saw a video that said all the 'vaccines' came from China, and Pfizer just relabeled them. Possible?

The person was part of receiving them, doing relabeling.
No reason to lie, didn't seem self sggrandizing.


#GreatReset includes depopulation via vaccines which have spike protein affecting the immune & vascular systems & accelerates underlying health conditions.

Since vaccination rates have increased, the immune system is weakened & the vaccinated are prone to contracting & transmitting the "virus" - its a pandemic of the vaccinated!

Everyone this is a MUST watch video of Tucker Carlson & Glen Beck regarding this Marxist #GreatReset ideology!

Glenn Beck Explains The Great Reset to Tucker Carlson The Most Important Topic in the World


w0tn0t Level 8 Jan 14, 2022

Inshallah Glenn Beck will succumb to his current COVID-19 infection.

Yeah... totally makes sense.

If these "overlords" want to reduce the population and control people, why would they be trying to kill those who accepted the vaccine and "fell in line"? Wouldn't it make more sense to remove the stubborn people pushing back against them?

Next you'll tell me a 5G signal will kill everyone who got the vaccine.

@JacksonNought they ones holding out are relatively small.
But you raise a good point.
You know that the shots come in batches with numbers, and some kill, some disable. US was targeted for the kill, in certain areas, while Eu Was slated for disabilities.

And yes, 5G is analyzed to do just that.
I guess deportation?
But I see your good point.
But that's what's happening.


Shock and awe

RitBorg Level 7 Jan 14, 2022

Yup let’s start with Fauci, he’s been lying from day 1 and he’s now he is having trouble coming up with new lies to compete with FJB.
The FAUCI Act needs to be tweaked to include lie disclosure.

Rick-A Level 8 Jan 14, 2022

Well, since the democratic party (the party of slaves) has allowed itself to be overtaken by commie trash, of course they are against human rights.

Watch your mouth!


Missed this?

Vice President Joe Biden Eulogizes Former KKK Member, Robert Byrd - July 2, 2010


Missed this?

Secretary Clinton Comments on the Passing of Robert Byrd

@w0tn0t What's your point?


The Democrats - the party of slaves!
You told bobboo666 to "watch his mouth" - you're incapable of comprehending your own post!

@w0tn0t Huh?


re-read your post - or do you need pictures

So then you support removing Confederate monuments and flags, since the Democrats want to, right?

@w0tn0t It would appear that you are trying to describe color swatches to a blind man. Appreciate the attempt, but I think you are wasting you time on such ..........


Its a warped mind of a commie ....


Nearly all Republicans support criminalizing people who say mean things about the police.

Different, can escalate, can be anti-Americans.

I support prison time for whataboutism.

@sqeptiq Should we really take seriously your alarmism about Democrats' alleged opinions when it comes to enforcement of public health mandates when Republicans are passing laws permitting vehicular murder of pedestrians?

@WilyRickWiles Again you're whatabouting!

@sqeptiq The Republicans have no credibility. That's the point.

@WilyRickWiles That's whataboutism.


41% of Republicans think that the Bible should set laws over the will of the people.

But that isn't going to be put in a bill. And WHAT LAWS? Love your neighbor, definitely ban that.

I think whataboutism should be a criminal offense.

Hey dumb ass. If people followed the 10 commandments, we wouldn't need any other laws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@farmerguy56 yeah... nothing in the 10 Commandments about slavery or rape, but sure you'd love a society where that is legal. Hey, the Bible condones abortion and even has instructions on doing it - I guess you'd be fine with that then if following the 10 Commandments?

Hmmm, I guess you'd also have to get rid of all your depictions of Jesus and crucifixes - no graven images afterall?


I support that one whole heartedly, starting with the government itself, and everyone else including Google that is/was involved.

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