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We won’t recover.

The American government that they taught in civics class, (when they used to teach civics) is already a quaint memory, and any lingering doubts should be dispelled by this article:


This is a level of unprecedented viscous hatred, and while it’s definitely being fomented from the left, do they really think there won’t be a counter reaction? Just because conservatives have tended not to resort to the kind of verbal violence (and, more and more, physical violence) that we see daily from the left and their propaganda organs, doesn’t mean they aren’t pissing us off. When you are told, over and over, that you are a despicable deplorable unworthy of consideration, or inclusion in the cultural conversation, and you should be dead, eventually it will dawn on you that they’re serious; they mean it literally.

What then?

Edgework 8 Jan 24
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Breitbart, lol.


The liberal news outlets are in their final death throws. A part of me rejoices that they will no longer be able to spout their propaganda and inspire the mentally ill, weak minded, and terrorists to do their bidding. However, a part of me is grieved that the purpose they should serve (to provide unbiased, new data/information to the general public that is not readily available) will require diligent work to find. The latter has been the case for years (if not decades), so I guess it’s time to stop grieving and bury the corpse of what once had value.

They have betrayed the American people and as traitors, they deserve their impending end.


to all you lazy SOBs who failed to show up on election day Nov 6th 2018 - get your self to the polling place this Novemeber!
I don't think it's going to be good enough if Trump wins by anything less than a huge margin.
We must demonstrate our rejection of leftism, socialism, communism, globalism, in no uncertain terms. There must be no doubt as to who is the ultimate decider about how our Republic is governed and by whom! That would be "We The People" and NOT the media, not G Soros, not United Nations nor the EU...but we who love our Liberty, love our Country and everything we have done and accomplished over the last 250 years and our determination to perpetuate our Nation, under God with Liberty and Justice for All.

iThink Level 8 Jan 24, 2020

Nailed it.


I expect it to get worse. If Trump wins in 2020 they’ll be calling for open revolt. Almost certainly we’ll see violence in the streets and elected officials (Democrat) publicly calling the election illegitimate.

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