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What can be implied from the fact that African-American homicide rate mirrors African nations while European-American homicide rate is comparable to European nations?

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Is this because of...

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Culture .

Which one???????


Nothing much, some people are more violent prone than others, that's what it appears to me anyway.


What can be implied from the fact that African-American homicide rate mirrors African nations while European-American homicide rate is comparable to European nations?


"Implication" is neither "deduction" nor "induction" nor "conclusion.

As such, one's implications is more a result of personal bias than objective truth... as evidenced by a poll with only one definite choice. 🙄

I would point out that there are different types of implications, as it were. For example, there is a difference between a possible implication, a probable implication, a necessary implication. Thus, we might make possible inferences, we might draw probable inferences, or we might draw necessary inferences from a given set of facts. One would have to assess the facts in order to assess the degree of certainty. At any rate, the mere fact that something might be implied rather than directly stated, for example, does not necessarily entail a lack of certainty about what is intended or what may be derived from a set of assertions or facts given.

A suffusion of yellow


Very slanted poll as the high rate in the U.S. is more than likely totally unrelated to what is happening in Africa. A deeper analysis of underlying causes is necessary, this poll implies it has something to do with race, my view, it has not.

Eric123 Level 6 Mar 14, 2021

In the US they are 13% of population with 50% of the known homicides committed and that's not counting the mulatto or the psychosis of people who think/pretend they are black.

I agree on the deeper analysis; and the underlying causes of the catastrophe would be social or even social engineering, deliberate or gone astray. If 80% of consumer spending is done by women and they earn less than equal wages, as the paradigm always envolves, where does the capital to spend come from? Then when you have another 80 to 90% of single mother households thrown on that, where does the 'moral superiority' that is projected from the left come from? and what the hell are they talking about? (perhaps doublespeak) ~ I would love to acquire a copy of this referenced source.


This data just confirms what everyone who has been paying attention sees. Some cultures are inherently more prone to violence than others. This happens in many animals. Look at dogs, cats etc. Some breeds are generally more violent.

jakuboj Level 8 Jan 16, 2021

Low IQ, low impulse control, low executive function


Seems like violence might just be baked into the cake. If someone doesn't want to be stereotyped they shouldn't act stereotypically.


racism against Black people - particularly "institutional" racism against Black people is nearly non-existent today so the answer to your poll has to be "something else"

iThink Level 8 Mar 5, 2021

Big oof reading many of the comments in here. Like, I get it, the prompt isn't exactly the best for starting intelligent dialogue, and the response options for the polling part are abysmal... but do so many of you need to spout really nasty things about African Americans as if they aren't even humans? Like. Don't be so crass, especially in areas (no matter how poorly designed) meant for conversations.

Maybe I am being too sensitive, but I feel many commenters have stepped out of bounds. Further than just 'free thought and free speech' can account for.



Lol at these charts just being there to give the posters an excuse for their racism.

bastion Level 7 Mar 12, 2021

Median household income for blacks in 2018 was $41,134 [] vs $65,712 US 2019 median

Median household income for highest African nation - $9,000 (Tunisia - [] )

Economy/poverty does not correlate.

What if dealing with truth allows less social stratification between races, provides a rationale for the perceived racial responses of cops and allows more black criminals to be incarcerated before they murder their neighbors? At the same time, if we stick to the truth, it may allow us to properly identify actual racists and treat them of their disorder.


?? only a few generations removed from cannibalism??? just saying for a friend.... 😐

They obviously didn't value eachother as they were the first slavers in Africa no.


Social order.

Introverts are less likely drawn into social conflicts, and pushing them. Europeans who live inside because of cooler climates fit introversion

Extroverts are more personal about how they fit into society scene, thus fearful of being demoted by someone. Africans who live in topical climates are more likely involved socially because of the open air social scene.

As for living in America, genetics probably have internalized these traits


Das wacis............................

I hope so.


It's because of bad leaders, in part aided by the "white" establishment. That's going on in Africa, too. Cummings is to Baltimore as Buhari is to Nigeria.


Well, at least we can celebrate the fact that no one believes that anti black racism exists anymore.
Maybe that's the cause of what we see on the chart, or is it just correlation, not causation?


Graphic is illegible, even when opened in a new tab.
Can't express an opinion on murky data.



BobQM Level 4 July 26, 2021

What about the so called warrior gene, is that a fact or theory?


Something else ... We dissolved the Empire (Empires) too early in Africa and the place has gone to hell in a hand-cart because of the tribal nature of some countries ! Exceptions being Botswana Zambia and Tanzania.
The collapse of family, caused by the Marxist death cult, did the damage to the Afro American community. Watch also how the Latin American culture of political violence has started to seep into the US along with Islamist violence and political corruption.


They keep getting used politically ...can't be too smart.


You can take the black man out of Africa, but you can't take the Africa out of the black man.

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