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Why do Blacks have a much higher risk of being murdered by other Blacks than they do from Whites?

Post suggested by @AdrianRainbow

Why do you think the media highlights white-on-black killing?

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This pretty much sums it up...

2peros Level 8 Mar 6, 2021

I believe this graphic is an accurate displayer of reality

@Obbop he was a communist


Do you know why most car crashes happen within 5 miles of home?

Do you know why almost all shark attacks occur a few yards from the shore?

For the same reason that most Black homicides are caused by Black people.

And most White homicides are caused by White people.

People do most of their driving w/in 5 miles of home.

It goes without saying that most people at the beach aren't swimming miles from shore.
They're very close by to it.

Blacks are in proximity to Blacks, and most killings involve people who know each other.

Ditto, Whites.

Or, as Willy Sutton answered when asked why he robbed banks---"That's where the money is."


While I don't disagree with the idea of media profiting by sensationalism, I think the problem goes deeper.

Not to sound like a broken record, but I truly believe that we live in the Age of Perception, where truth is not fact-based, but instead predicated on what the largest or most vocal plurality of people perceive to be true. It's why we keep hearing about how we "need to see color" while also sitting quietly and listening to people's "lived experiences," because they are outright telling us that the facts are not as important to them as what they believe to true, even if there is no evidence to support that belief.

To that end, I believe that the black community acknowledges that black-on-black crime is a problem, but they perceive that white-on-black crime is an overwhelmingly larger problem. I mean, according to surveys, the black community believes that police alone are responsible for the murder of at least a thousand unarmed black people a year (if not more) when the number is closer to 10-30 per year. (1)

Now consider that the black community largely perceives America to be a white supremacist country and embraces the narrative that ALL white people are racist. They perceive that the #1 threat to black lives is not heart attack, not black-on-black crime, but racist white people murdering them in the streets. That's the perception. We roll our eyes when LeBron James says they are hunting us in the streets; we think he of all people should know better. But this is what he believes. And given the lack of backlash for saying such things, we must allow that a lot more people agree with him than disagree.

How do you argue with a perception so widely held? Especially when it's been made clear that facts do not matter, because they are inherently racist? Or as someone I know said, "They just make up the statistics to cover their crimes." You can't. You either agree with the false narrative or you get labeled as a racist who's part of the problem.

This is where we find ourselves in 2021, and then we openly wonder why so many are embracing critical race theory and trying so hard to tear down American society. Why they are willing to embrace a political ideology that has failed everywhere it's been implemented. Because they earnestly believe that white people are the enemy and cannot be convinced otherwise. So where do we go from here?

(1) Even one life taken unnecessarily deserves concern and a search for a better solution, but that's a different conversation. This one is about perception and as you can see, the perception is several orders of magnitude different from fact.

I want to address this:

(1) Even one life taken unnecessarily deserves concern and a search for a better solution, but that's a different conversation. This one is about perception and as you can see, the perception is several orders of magnitude different from fact.

No human system is perfect. The best system can still have an accident and it result in a death. Attempts to create a "zero" effect result (zero tolerance type approaches) can NOT work. Yes, I agree we should work to minimize the 'errors', but from a system's approach, humans are not perfect and neither are their systems.

And yes, perceptions are driving things much more than facts.


I don't dispute anything you just said.

Rather, I was trying to say that even one life lost unnecessarily deserves an analysis. If it was due to a equipment issue, is there better equipment? If it was a procedural issue, do the procedures need to be reviewed?

And if at the end of the analysis there are no improvements that can be made, then that's the answer. But at least an effort was made to seek an alternative. Complacency and apathy go hand-in-hand.

@Alysandir I DO agree with you. From my book:

It has been said that all we can reasonably expect of a society based on an imperfect humanity is “one with some evils, maladjustments and suffering”. Why? Why not work to eliminate evils, maladjustments and suffering? Accept them as the natural consequence of an imperfect humanity? I agree we are imperfect, but that does not give us license to ignore those imperfections. What is worse is to allow institutions WE create to result in evils, maladjustments and suffering by design.


I havnt looked for the last couple of years, but it seems every race kills more of its own than any other race
Most murders are crimes of passion, or revenge.
They keep this narrative alive. Because if we all came together. We would hold them accountable for their nerfarious lies and deceit.
They need us to hate each other so we will never get together and realize how badly they are fucking all of us

Kheare Level 7 Mar 6, 2021

Clicks = $$
Keeping the racism narrative alive = $$


The new Communists/Socialists/"Progressives" need scapegoats to further their agendas. Blaming "white racists" is a good way to silence and get rid of opposition.

See my comment above -


Elite-owned media does anything and everything needed to promote the New World Order those traitors are forcing upon the USA.

Obbop Level 7 Mar 6, 2021

Because it promotes unrest, and that seems to be the goal of most things these days. The stats for police involved deaths are also very low but when it does happen its plastered all over.


Fits the “America Is Racist!!” false narrative.

2peros Level 8 Mar 3, 2021

According to the FBI’s data, in 2018:

Black kills white = 514
White kills white = 2677

White kills black = 234
Black kills black = 2600

From this we see that black on black crime is the same as white on black crime.
That twice as many blacks kill whites as whites kill blacks.

RE: this last statistic

  1. Whites killing blacks is more rare and thus makes for better news.
  2. There is no history of blacks legally killing whites in the USA but there is a history of whites killing blacks legally in the USA. As well, blacks killing whites receive harsher sentences for the same crime than whites killing blacks, This means that any white on black murder, especially when the black is unarmed or the white is in a position of power like the police, could potentially be based on that history and this is what the media is covering AND what BLM is protesting.
  3. There have no been 234 media articles on whites killing blacks in 2018; just a handful based on potential abuse of power or potential racism on the part of the white murderer.

At the end of the day, the media will cover that which they think will make bigger headlines and white on black crime, especially when unarmed, makes better headlines.

You are intelligent enough to know that your statistics does not at all say that white on white crime is the same as black on black crime.
So why do you make a misleading statement like that?

There are 5 times as many whites as blacks, so black on black crime is 5 times worse than white on white crime.
You can apply the same reasoning to interracial crime. It is not a factor 2, it is a factor 10.
Based on their population, blacks kill other blacks 5 times more than white on white, and blacks kill whites 10 times more than whites kill blacks.
That is exactly what the original post’s graph suggests.

  1. No, it is not because it is rare, it is because it drives the racist narrative. Refer to Jenna Gardners recent post on Mozambique. Several thousand blacks were massacred on Mozambique by black muslims... no news reports for three years on it. Unverified reports that white mercenaries (hired by the black government) may have killed some civilians while hunting the insurgents, and it is front page news.

  2. No, blacks do not receive harsher penalties than whites. This has been studied in detail. Blacks who commit crimes has on average significantly longer criminal records than their white counterparts. It is this repeat offending that causes the harsher penalties. The last study I recall stated on average each black offender had 7 priors before imprisonment compared to 3 priors for whites. The fraction of black prisoners serving their second sentence is significantly higher than for whites.

  3. There have been no articles about black on white crime which included potential abuse of power or potential racism at all.

You suggest that the media is biased??


You are intelligent enough to know that your statistics does not at all say that white on white crime is the same as black on black crime.
So why do you make a misleading statement like that?

Because 2600 is close enough to 2677 such that in absolute terms they are the same.

There are 5 times as many whites as blacks, so black on black crime is 5 times worse than white on white crime.

Worse how? 2600 deaths is 2600 deaths regardless of population. Remember, this is a commentary on media coverage, not population statistics.

No, it is not because it is rare, it is because it drives the racist narrative.

Your opinion is noted, though I disagree with it as my opinion is different.


The last study I recall stated on average each black offender had 7 priors before imprisonment compared to 3 priors for whites

I'd like to see that study.

No, blacks do not receive harsher penalties than whites. This has been studied in detail

Because the The U.S. Sentencing Commission (an independent agency in the judicial branch that was created as part of the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984. Commissioners are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate. The Attorney General, or the Attorney General’s designee, and the Chair of the U.S. Parole Commission serve as ex officio, nonvoting members of the Commission.) disagrees:

  1. Black male offenders continued to receive longer sentences than similarly situated White male offenders.
  2. Non-government sponsored departures and variances appear to contribute significantly to the difference in sentence length between Black male and White male offenders.
  3. Violence in an offender’s criminal history does not appear to account for any of the demographic differences in sentencing.

LINK: []


You suggest that the media is biased??

Yes. I'm surprised you have to ask as I'm well on record saying but for the exception of a few outlets (AP, UPI, REUTERS, and a handful more) EVERYONE else has a strong bias.


There have been no articles about black on white crime which included potential abuse of power or potential racism at all.

Are you sure?

Black Fresno man ‘fed up’ with racism when he killed 4 white men gets life in prison

Black man acquitted of killing white man after race dispute

Ah, ok.
So in Tonga where they have 100 000 people, they have 10 murders a year.
In India they have 1000 000 000 people, they have 100 000 murders a year, so the crime in India is 10 000 times as bad as in Tonga. 😂

Or in South Africa they have 48 000 murders and homocides for a population of 60 million... and in China they also have 48 000 murders and homocides but a population of 1 1000 000, so the crime in South Africa and China is the same?

Reporting numbers without context is meaningless... referring to crime numbers and ignoring the population they present is misleading.
But you already knew this when you posted it. 😉

Thanks for proving my point with those two articles.

  1. The cause of this crime is white racism... not black racism.
  2. Yeah, the man got acquitted because of ... your guessed it, white racism.

So my point remains, there are no reports what I am aware of where the black man was in a position of power or was racist when killing a white man.

Unless you believe that only whites can be racist and there were in fact in none those 500+ cases no racism involved.

On Blacks receiving harsher sentences. I will try and find the study or something similar. My numbers may not be exact but the concept is correct.

Note, I did not talk about violence, just prior arrests and convictions.
I quickly went through the report itself. Nowhere does it even mentioned previous convictions... only violence. Why?
Why ignore the largest reason for longer or harsher sentences, that is criminal record and repeat offending?

To me that is strange and point to a specific bias.

What I always found interesting how people only use statistics but never actual comparative cases. You will argue that no two cases are the same... however this study went and compare “similarly situated” offenders from thousands of cases?

It is the same as the gender pay gap argument... yes men on average are paid more, however bring actual cases and suddenly silence. There is always a reason no one wants to admit to.

Moving goalposts: Your point was there was no media coverage of black on white crime.
I provided two examples of media coverage.


there are no reports what I am aware of where the black man was in a position of power or was racist when killing a white man.

How can you differentiate between:

  1. That doesn't happen, there is no incident where a black person is in a position of power or racist in killing a white man?


  1. The media doesn't report when it happens?

After all, your proposed lack of coverage of those events could equally be because of those two options.

Option 1 is difficult to prove since absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, as exemplified by option 2.

But option 2 is easy to prove if you can show a incident of a black person in a position of power or being racist killing a white man and it not being covered by the media. Can you do that?


Nowhere does it even mentioned previous convictions.

It does.
Its in the report.
They do a MULTIVARIATE analysis which accounts for all those factors.


The mainstream media is controlled by the government which in turn is controlled by the ruling class. The ruling class want to thin the world population by a few billion and the goal is to create chaos (in which they hope the unwashed masses will kill each other). Creating rage at white people in the black community by perpetrating the myth that whites are actually preying on blacks dovetails nicely with their overall plan.


The World Economic Forum cannot take control of the whole world so long as the people of the United States of America stand united against them. The anti-white narrative is designed to destroy that cohesion and weaken America to the point of collapse. Once they get rid of the "trouble-makers" in America they can implement their pseudo-utopia/dystopia of authoritarian corporate control over the lives of every person.


In part it sells add spots to broadcast the more selective scenarios. In part they have an agenda and it requires the destruction of western civilization and they see this as an opportunity to destroy the culture.


The Propaganda Media is obviously racist, and is trying to cause another Race War.

You think?


Turn off the propaganda
Media died with their credibility.
The internet and social media and lies killed it.
We the people know the truth.
This is good old good and evil.
Time to pick a side

David42 Level 7 Mar 16, 2021

Gangs appear to be more of a problem among blacks than whites. I gather the medias gain more views when they report on such topics.

Appear? They've largely been disintegrated. There are more gangs in Latino communities. And white gangs have been integrated into police departments and other law enforcement agencies.

@WilyRickWiles I'd agree there are more latino gangs than black ones, but that still doesn't remove the fact far too many young black people still get caught up in gangs. As for the latter... gang mentality isn't as much a direct issue as police unions gaining far too much power, and guess which of the two major political parties supports worker unions?

@SpikeTalon Not so much that "union." Though, yes, there is still residual support in the mainstream labor movement and Democratic party. But you better believe the GOP has their back.

@WilyRickWiles True, both of them are in on it.


Divide to conquer: Marxism, Communism... The Devil have many names! There are stages to the lie. Some people are lying for the profit, some for the power and some are lying by the nature (Idiots). It's the "War of Worlds" and they weapon (like propaganda flyers) are designed to create chaos and disinformation. The trick about the rasizm is that no one can truly prove it as long as it's not verbalized or acted accordingly. It's the blind spot for the media, governments and dumbed down populous. "The biggest enemy of the first world citizen is ignorance" ...FoSho!

LukeGP Level 7 Apr 27, 2021

I think you give the media WAY too much credit assuming they are ignorant of what they are doing.

@Andyman I think you miss understood my comment. The media knows exactly what they are doing and their bias is out in the open. In case of the leftists media, their "go to" topic is racism just to stir this pile of crap! It can be anything to be honest as long as it will "poke a hole in a whole". It's like a scratch on a paint of your car. It can be small, but it's noticeable and force a reaction. The ignorance comes from the people who don't bother to verify the source, therefore they don't contest their beliefs simply because it fits already established narrative. Example: Each one of us stood in a cue in grocery store and regardless of the race, everyone thinks the same... The cue is always tooo long! And that's the default! That's me or you in that cue and it's simple. But if you put into somebody head (through the daily dose of propaganda) certain ideas, suddenly you start to see the world as they show you, and not how you experience it at the moment. It's called deception and the enemy is within!

@LukeGP there’s another term for what the government media is doing and it’s called “gaslighting” after the classic movie of the same name. The government mainstream media isn’t biased, it’s utterly corrupt. I’m not disagreeing with you, just clarifying my position.

@Andyman Gaslighting is basically putting blame on someone else and it's specific in a base to base scenarios. That doesn't include censorship which is a big part of manipulation, which is part of the propaganda. And let's be honest, everyone is biased! Not all media are founded by the government but by swaying to one or another direction they need to have a motive (usually money) of course! The thing that corrupt is power, and power is obtained by accumulating scattered resources... Saying simple: Keep them confused and divided, and unite under "MY" banner. It's Marxism in a nutshell: black vs white, men vs woman, rainbow unicorns vs regular people, vaccinated vs non-vaccinated and it goes on, n on, n on... The truth is that there is a ton of studies about human behaviorism, mob mentality etc. and the "False Flag" approach is the most effective so far. My point, I guess is that people should stop to listen to the plastic box and start to follow the intuition.

@LukeGP gaslighting is when someone tells you something that you can see with your own eyes is clearly not true but they try to make you feel like you are insane or a fool if you don’t believe them. The mainstream media is NOTHING BUT government propaganda. Do a search on “project mockingbird”.

@Andyman Makes sense, I'll check it out. Tkanks

@Andyman Bingo!


The main stream media can no longer be depended upon to bring us the actual news. Instead they resort to alarmism just like the tabloids to increase/maintain their revenue. Even worse, governments force money out of our hands (taxes) by gunpoint if need be, to give to these media fantasies, in the form of grants.

Dale Level 6 Mar 17, 2021

The media does indeed manufacture crisis but it has nothing to do with ratings. CNN’s ratings are in the tank but they’re still going strong pumping out the crisis propaganda. Look up “project mockingbird”, the cia controls the mainstream media and they use phony crisis to scare the population into willingly giving up their freedom.

@Andyman []

@Dale I guess you didn’t read my comment.

@Andyman Actually, I did read your comment. As the public become more aware of the extreme left-wing bias and outright fabrication in the media, fewer and fewer intelligent people are willing to let their lives be shaped by their mock news.
This is also a major part of the MSM is being replaced by what is often maliciously referred to as the alternate media.
This is not the only reason of course but it is a significant part of why the current main stream media is being relegated to the trash heap.


Well, communists are the most racist, North Korea kills chinese babies that aren't north korean "pure". National socialist hitler killed Jews for not being in the master race. So, what group will be targeted and killed in the United states?

The Germans killed jews because jews were exploiting the German population after WW1 and then spreading communism in Germany before Hitler came into power. I don’t believe in murdering people but you are simply parroting misinformation propaganda that was written by jews ever since WW2. They do the same thing in any and every nation they inhabit, especially the western nations, and it’s the reason they were kicked out of so many up until WW2.


The media highlights white-on-black killing to press the agenda of their handlers, which is to sew division in American culture to keep the people disorganized.

skaarda Level 7 Mar 12, 2021

Anti-white racism. See here ► []


Jewish supremacism needs white submission. Jews use blacks to play on 'white guilt'. That's the trick. If whites were proud, they would serve their own interests. How do you make whites serve Jewish interests? Make whites feel historical guilt about blacks. Thus paralyzed, whites seek redemption, and Jews say... YOU MUST SERVE US JEWS.

It's bait and switch.


If it was about Police Brutality, we would be talking about Native Americans. We, Native Americans, do not have enough of our people to be a significant voting block, so we do not matter. #RedLivesDontMatter []

I visited the Amerindian museum of the Smithsonian institute in Washington DC with my children some years ago.
Other than the tasty bison burgers, what I remembered most was how they showed comments by famous anti-slave activists. People who actively campaigned against slavery and oppression of black people in the 19th century had only hatred and venom towards Amerindian peoples.
It is like the hatred for Jews... somehow it is ok to hate you and you just don’t matter.


You tell people that how they feel is their reality and it manifests itself in reality.

wolfhnd Level 8 Feb 26, 2021

Let's make it anti-semitic too. Now its power has grown.

Possibly related to.................

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