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Is this proof that income inequality doesn't appear to be cause of white-black SAT/IQ gap?

This chart shows that while SAT scores, which are correlated with IQ, rise with parental income, the score gap is constant. This suggests that income isn't a primary cause. It is also revealing that the scores from the richest black and Hispanic children are similar to those of the poorest Asian and white children.

Note: this chart uses old data and we were unable to find more recent.

What factors do you think cause the SAT score gap between different groups?

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Charter 6 Jan 23
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When a family values hard work and education, and is embarrassed by (and looks negatively toward) criminal offenses which lead to jail time, children are more successful. When a family thinks it is a right of passage to go to jail, doesn't value hard work and education, then children are less likely to succeed. Color of the child's skin is irrelevant. All the 'white wokeness' in America will not change the outcome of the tests. You either give a damn, or you don't


In general, income is a response to IQ and not vice versa. Twin studies have shown IQ is, to a great part, genetically tied. As for environment, there are many things that can reduce IQ (drugs, sickness, childhood malnutrition, illiteracy, etc...), but nothing that will significantly increase it.

However, the Flynn effect has shown an increase of US IQ by 3 points per decade. This increase comes from a bolstering of the lower half of the bell curve, while the upper half has remained mostly unaffected (smart today are about as smart as they were yesterday). As before mentioned, this suggests that improvements are coming as a response to former environmental problems being corrected.

However, in a country where poor people have TVs and cell phones, and the cost of public education has accelerated without any meaningful return on investment, the disparity in IQs can't be tied to economics.

In any case, Joe Biden (white) currently has the IQ of a houseplant while Thomas Sowell (black) is a super genius. So, individual IQs should always be advantaged over racial groupings.

This issue is hundreds of years old, and has been studied relentlessly.


First, I swear I've responded to this topic and poll once before.

In short, I said cultural differences because each culture puts a different emphasis on the importance of education. There is a reason there's a trope of an Asian dad punishing child for bringing home an A instead of an A+, because in some Asian cultures, where you end up in life has a direct-line connection to how you did in K through 6, to the point where it's not uncommon for some students to attend a second set of parent-paid classes per day - called "cram school" - just to give the child every opportunity to succeed.

And then we wonder why they are at the top of the earnings heap?

There is one particular subset of blacks who add credibility to your statement. There are a group of immigrant black Africans, from Zambia I believe, who as a group earn a higher wage than their white peers. A simple reason is each possesses a master’s degree where their peers do not.


You can distort anything by addressing subsets instead of the whole.

That the differences are exaggerated by culture is a meaningless observation. In other words self evident.

I don't really care about racial differences in IQ because whatever the answer is it is a side issue to how many low IQ non minorities there are. Society is being bifurcated by IQ and it looks like it will only get worse. Add to that the brain drain from disadvantaged places and we have plenty to worry about.

When our AI masters take over the intellectual elite will finally understand the problem.

@wolfhnd Statistics do not support you. There is a marked difference in SAT scores that show there is, in fact, merit in the conclusion that race is a factor. If you wished to debate the issue you’d be better served by pointing to the USSC decision in Griggs v Duke Power...but since you didn’t...


Where did I say otherwise? My point is that from a practical perspective low IQ non minorities are a bigger problem in terms of the division of society along IQ lines. That begs the question what is a non minority. Certainly as demographics shift my point is questionable. But I offer it more of a means of illustrating that focusing on race misses the main issue and not as an invariable "truth".

@wolfhnd Oh hell, I dunno. What does “You can distort anything by addressing subsets instead of the whole“ mean then?

Or are you just gaslighting?


It means that immigrants tend to have a higher IQ than non immigrants unless you are stupid enough to have open borders.

@wolfhnd References?


The average IQ of Zambia is 79.

I was unable to find a study that compared the average IQ of the host country to those migrating out. When I said open borders that would include the way green cards are issue. So I may have needed to go into more detail and not been so flippant. I apologize.

The U.S. does not have an IQ requirement for immigrants. But both Canada and Australia have more restrictive immigration policies with Australia being the most restrictive that may act as a proxy for measuring how policy effects the IQ of immigrants.

"For example, for the US there is gap of 4 IQ points between natives and immigrants favoring natives. Considering the shares of both groups, this leads to an immigration based ability loss of 1 IQ. For Canada the gap is only 1 IQ (-0.30 IQ loss). For Australia the gap is even reversed with –1 IQ (immigrants higher) leading to an immigration based gain of +0.30 IQ. The largest gains are given for rich Arab states of the Persian Gulf (up to +7 IQ in the Emirates). Larger losses are observable for Central and Western Europe (around –1 to –2 IQ)."


The comparison to the native population could be misleading as what we wanted was the IQ of the host nation. Which I could look up but I think the point is clear.

@wolfhnd I have seen some graphic here that graphed IQ and country of origin showing the disparity high to low and implying since there are nations with lower scores the conclusion (not mine) might be a racial difference - asians and caucasians scoring higher, Africans and “brown people” in general scoring lower.

That is not my conclusion simply because it removes completely any consideration to a whole raft of issues that also play a factor from the level and quality of education thru nutrition, socio-economics of the family, etc.


What I like about these facts is that it forces liberals to reconsider their entire world view. The resistance to the evidence is evidence of deep rooted bigotry. It's the bigotry of the religious, the cult, the church of wokeness. It's the bigotry of assumed moral superiority. It is proof positive that Marx had nothing of value to say. That the worlds problems cannot be solved by equity, diversity and inclusion.

There are many more low IQ whites than blacks. The facts self evidently transcend race. The problems associate with those facts will not go away if you end racism. They won't go away if you redefine intelligence. No amount of "emotional intelligence" will change the facts. If you raise the IQ of blacks the problem remains because there will still be plenty of low IQ blacks that are difficult to employee in a technological economy. Placing the priority on racism ignores the facts. It makes the problem more difficult to address. It is the wrong priority in a changing world. It is looking back instead of forward. It is regressive instead of progressive.

The irony is that people who embrace determinism so hard deny genetics. It is in fact determinism that is the problem. It denies people the freewill to be moral agents and find meaning in life. It creates the breeding grounds for the ubermensch. It provides tacit support for the racism and dystopia of China. It makes fascism respectable.

wolfhnd Level 8 Feb 13, 2021

I agree your point that determinism is part of the problem, as it can deny people the freewill to be moral agents and find meaning in life. But not about what the "ubermensch" is - a man who seeks the truth in himself and in nature, who strives to be his own best possible self. I don't think that way of life necessarily "provides tacit support for the racism and dystopia".


Your point is valid up to the point when you consider that the Ubermensch is an irrational concept looked at from the deterministic perspective. If you are an incompatibalist the Ubermensch doesn't have freewill to seek truth or strive he is just as much a wet robot as anyone else. It doesn't resolve any philosophical questions. I'm not a big fan of Nietzsche.

More importantly as the cultural ape humans cannot be self made. We can forgive Nietzsche for his misunderstanding of the human condition. Evolution was a new idea he was probably not even incorporating into his philosophy and the evidence for building a complex understanding nonexistent.

We now know that culture enabled the evolution of a big brain. We have clear understanding of how swarm intelligence works. We know that DNA only sets the environment for reevolution and is not analogous to construction instructions. We have a better understanding of cultural evolution and the relationship between it and group fitness. All things you have to know to understand the human condition.

Freewill evolved out of the need to have a "rational" basis for punishment. It's not about freedom but responsibility in an artificial environment based on the unnatural necessity for productivity. A Ubermensch doesn't exist in a vacuum. If they don't serve group fitness they are a dead end. No part of the hierarchy is less essential than any other. If one part is sick the whole organism is sick.

Civilian creates a kind of artificial eusociality. The queen is as much a slave to the workers as the workers are to the queen.

@wolfhnd It appears I have much to learn in this area. Can you say more re."Civilian creates a kind of artificial eusociality."


The phone keeps "correcting" my spelling. Civilian = civilization.

I would read E.O. Wilson on group selection as a start because even that is oddly controversial. The intellectual community is obsessed with the history of eugenics. Perhaps because in the 20th century it was a creature of the left. They made it a creature of the right by associating Nazism with conservatism. That conservatives are more associated with war or being hawkish actually speaks to a mechanism of group selection. An example being the elimination of almost all tribal societies around the world.

The leap from group selection to artificial eusociality is part of what is called multilevel selection although I think I'm the only one using that explicit of language.

Jordan Peterson had an interesting insight into the social mechanism that keeps group selection taboo when he said Dawkins wasn't evolutionary enough. Oddly it's clear that Darwin had predicted the concept of multilevel selection. In Darwin's time it had not yet become taboo to point out that some cultures were more likely to dominate based on their technological sophistication. It would be a mistake to think of technology as just mechanics because language is a technology. There is obviously some reluctance to accept cultural evolution in the way physical evolution is accepted. Little wonder that since determinism dominates the intellectual environment. Intellectuals are afraid of turning into monsters by following their own philosophy.

I'm a quasi compatibalist because I believe in a limited form of freewill. Again intellectuals don't like this concept because they have the feeling that they are self made. It takes a lot of cognitive dissonance to be an incompatibalist and believe you are self made but that is where we are at. It takes a lot of ego to turn everyone into a zombie accept yourself.

I may try to make a more coherent post on the topic someday but I wouldn't go espousing these ideas if you are worried about being cancelled. So far the rather esoteric nature of the research has been a weak shield but that can't last.

@wolfhnd The concept of cultural evolution makes sense to me. I see Wilson is a prolific writer; a celebrated scientist. Perhaps will start with Genesis: The Deep Origin of Societies.


The single biggest affect in income is attitude.
People who have a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) are more likely to succeed regardless of race.
History has proven over and over that the worst form of inequality is to try to equalize that which is unequal.
Democrats know that their “social experiments” amount to The bigotry of low expectations. They don’t have legitimate issues to solve so they invent some.

David42 Level 7 Feb 26, 2021

Differences in family stability structure, there are more 2 parent homes and extended family contact Asian, White and Mexican homes in America. This stability is unfortunately weakening but there are still many more single parent Black households than other groups.

Last figure I saw was that more than 70% of black children are born to single women. That has nothing to do with income, with education, with opportunity, or with “white oppression”. It can only be attributed to culture.

@parsifal it's also a problem of misguided (read Dumb) government welfare policies that reward single parent homes or should I say penalize homes with two parents.

@parsifal Then why do certain biological groupings have a much higher propensity of being reared in single mother households? Culture doesn't occur in a vacuum. It sprouts from biology. We need to start using the terms bioculture and biospirit.

@BritonCasey It could be because the afore mentioned misguided (read dumb) government policies are disproportionately directed towards them.

@BritonCasey Why? Welfare.

Case in point - in the early 1990’s the Globe and Mail newspaper ran a week long full-page series on poverty in Toronto. One day they posted a photo of a mom and dad sitting at their kitchen table and the article explained how this family of four had to survive on welfare, government child tax credits, food stamps, etc...It wasn’t enough to picture them with beer cases stacked in the corner and ashtray on the table, the article went on to explain how their income was barely above the poverty level and what a hardship it was, and gave the figure. Well, I’m not very bright - I calculated the difference between their social assistance income and my working full-time, 40 hour a week job: about a dollar an hour. What is the advantage of working hard for a living when all you need do for a living is drop a few kids and hold out your hand?


@Charter More recent data. The trend continues in spite of numerous interventions to eliminate the race achievement gaps. Race gaps in SAT scores highlight inequality and hinder upward mobility - 2017

I should write an article critiquing all the nonsense Brookings uses to try to explain that gap while avoiding the obvious conclusion: that genetic differences in racially-defined populations explain a significant amount of variance in these gaps. #OccamsRazor is a bitch.


I think perhaps it is caused by all of the above. As I cast my vote I notice that there are not yet any votes for "Income differences" or "Racism." My feeling about these factors is that racism cuts both ways; if you feel you're disadvantaged because of racism you've adopted a victim role which can only increase your disadvantage. Attitude will always be a major factor in the outcome of our lives. "Income differences" seems pretty obviously valid as higher income families have greater opportunities for exposing their children to educational materials/experiences which will affect future performance abilities independent of as well as in conjunction with family, biological and cultural factors.


Probably a combination of biology and culture. I will say that the blacks at my job are quite dumb. But maybe it's because their culture doesn't emphasize brain usage, and over time the brain gets weak if it's never used.

kwg2005 Level 4 Apr 15, 2021

The steep incline by family income is largely due to "Family Culture". Parents succeed in income due to values and habits of industriousness, ambition, and value of education; and pass these to their children at young ages.

@Augur2748 Then why is it #African students from affluent households perform no better on achievement tests than poor Whites and Asians? Are we to assume that affluent Blacks have the same culture and family structure that impoverished Whites and Asians do?

@ZuzecaSape What I call family culture is also affected by the wider cultural background as well. Have a look at Charter's "chart by race and income", below. SAT score increase for the same race by family income quite handily. I suspect a similar effect would be seen if income and race were held constant and family wealth were the independent variable. At the same annual income level, families who own their homes (equity, not value) vs renters; or those who own businesses vs those who are purely wage earners, would show higher child SAT scores.


Here's the chart by race and income.

Charter Level 6 Jan 23, 2021

Blackness is not a function of skin color. How can a medical examiner determine the race of human remains after the skin has decomposed?

Bone structure & DNA - skin is the last thing they need


It's the damn social constructs! 😄

sqeptiq Level 9 Feb 13, 2021

Source for the data?
I daresay any conclusion on 25 year old data AND from a single year won't say much about today.


I suspect a combination of cultural and family structure.

@SpikeTalon If culture and family structure were the prime drivers of race achievement gaps, then why hasn't half a century of school and housing integration had no effect?

Likewise, why is it that African students from affluent households perform no better on achievement tests than poor Whites and Asians? Are we to assume that affluent Blacks have the same culture and family structure that impoverished Whites and Asians do?

@ZuzecaSape School and housing integration etc have only made things worse, and don't always have a direct effect on family structure.

I question the achievement tests part, as some do better than others.


All of the above.

We have covered this before but with vaccine mandates rearing their ugly head and low vaccination rates among minorities it's a timely topic. The mandates will hurt poor minorities the worse with somewhere around 20 percent fully vaccinated. The government seems to hate minorities, not carrying what their failed programs have done to them.

wolfhnd Level 8 Sep 13, 2021

Looks like evidence of grade inflation to me.

govols Level 8 Sep 13, 2021

The IQ gap is biological. The data is decisive.

Average IQ correlates strongly with brain size, and different races have different brain sizes.

Neanderthals had bigger brains than Homo Sapiens. Neanderthals occupied Siberia and merged genetically with East Asians. East Asians have 4% Neanderthal DNA and whites have 2%. Africans have none.

Archaeologists found that Neanderthals possessed advanced toolmaking.

The definition of the word Neanderthal should change. Neanderthal should connotate intelligence.


If race is a social construct and all racial differences are due to environmental factors then how is it that forensic scientists can tell the race of bare skeletons and badly burned or decomposed cadavers????


Fundamentally, "white" really means "competent," as in "acting white."


Probably anti-standard cultures actively resist caring about the structure of society. Active rebellion in certain people of culture don’t take the serious the test ment to define them by paper. Probably smart.

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