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Why are asylum seekers in EU overwhelmingly (military-aged) men?

If asylum seekers were fleeing for persecution reasons, does it make sense that most are young men?

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The disproportionate amount of young men who are asylum seekers implies...

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They're not genuine refugees - they're welfare seeking bludgers & rapefugees - determined to infest other nations, who accept them at their peril.
They should remain and fight for their country, their people, if they were real men, specifically at their ages.

w0tn0t Level 8 Feb 3, 2021

It's stealth invasion through migration which they call "hijra".


Irresponsible young men who think the universe owes them a living. They are facilitated by elites and oligarchs who wish to increase the inventory of their domesticated human livestock.


Wouldn't it stand to reason that young men are the most mobile and the ones with least familial dependencies?

Wouldn't it further stand to reason that people that have served in the military of would be the ones most likely to seek asylum if they served "on the wrong side" or are being asked to do something they consider morally wrong?

Without more fine grained data and the answers to the above questions, I find it disingenuous for so many to vote "not valid refugees" (or anyone to vote "valid refugees"... though nobody has) merely based on the presented numbers.

I'm forced to concur.

First off, if any age group were to uproot and move to some place better, it would logically be this one, wouldn't it? Adult, lowest rung on the economic ladder, fewest strings binding them to home.

Second, if the most expedient path into the place where you want to go is to seek asylum, why wouldn't you? That's like saying the illegal immigrants into the U.S should just wait their turn for legal immigration, even though that process can take several years. No, circumventing the correct way to go about things isn't terribly ethical, but since when do the younger generations (and quite a few of the older ones) espouse ethics?

@TheMiddleWay Wouldn't it stand to reason that young men are the most mobile and the ones with least familial dependencies?

Agreed. Military-age males are the most likely to migrate for the reasons you state. I suppose it's no surprise this same age-gender demographic makes up the largest share of any expeditionary endeavor, be it military conquest or pioneer colonialism.

people that have served in the military of would be the ones most likely to seek asylum if they served "on the wrong side" or are being asked to do something they consider morally wrong?

Never thought of that before. Good point backed by historical anecdotes. For instance, many former Confederate leaders sought refuge in other countries after the US Civil War. See Confederate Colonies

I find it disingenuous for so many to vote "not valid refugees"

I will differ with you here in that I don't recognize the classification "refugee". I recognize a Right of Asylum, but I don't recognize a displaced person's "right" to be hosted by another nation due to persecution in their homeland. Article 14(1) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) states, "Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution." There's nothing wrong with the literal interpretation of that statement, but I believe it's been unduly construed to imply that other nations have an obligation to take in refugees.

"Wouldn't it stand to reason that young men are the most mobile and the ones with least familial dependencies?"

Very true, Adventurers, oppertunists, Bucaneers etc. But is it wise to let large numbers into our civil and settled societies though?

As long as they are as civil, or uncivil, as the rest of us I see no problem with it.


You don't see an imbalance between the sexes as a problem? There in fact is a tipping point on this (I hate that term) were it was passed in a German town and all hell breaks loose.

Well sure... any imbalance can potentially be a problem.
But you can't force women to come here nor reject men simply because they don't bring women.

In the US there are programs/laws/traditions where when one person legally immigrates it is easier for others in their family to follow suit. Hence, perhaps, more programs like that could be emphasized where if a husband seeks asylum without their wife, they make it easier for the wife to come over as well... for the sake of balance.


You can "enforce" any rule especially to stop unending chain migration. Prioritising married couples would be a good start.

I think married couple priority is reasonable. There is an implicit "stability" to a person coming in as a couple as opposed to as a single.


If you look at the numbers of military aged immigrants/refugees then look at the crime ( assault, rape, burgularies, and property destruction) then it is rather clear that these people in this question are either planted to cause dissruption or just low level functioning persons.
It seems that the statistics I see are pointing to the first conclusion. This is also why you see and hear of these same people following a cult of violence and " jihadism".

It is weaponized mass migration to destabilize the Countries with increased crimes/civil unrest and collapse a overburdened economy.


Why ask rhetorical questions when we are being overrun? Be bold. These are Enemy invaders!


One additional reason is that it is much easier for a young man to leave his country compared to an older man, a child, or a woman. I would want to see similar distribution for historical refugees/immigrants and for current groups in other parts of the world; e.g., central american refugees.

Obvious Rhetorical Question: Menstruation & Feminine Hygiene Products?

Glad I read comments before making mine. Yeah, we need some historical context to know if this is meaningful or SOP.


Spreading Islam across the planet.

Obbop Level 7 Feb 3, 2021

How many of those Fake Refugees used the Failippines as a stepping stone country or transit point to legally or illegally immigrate to better countries?! Thanks a lot, Cultural Marxists, Globalists Communists Socialists, Hijra Jihadi Islamists, Alien/People/Organ Smugglers/Traffickers!

I dislike the cross-dressing Republicans in thee Phillipeans.


And they wonder where incels come from.


In ..fil ..tration!


It's a shame that there wasn't a category for "economic migrants" who supposedly fled turmoil and travelled through 2 or 3 countries to a destination of choice. It's one thing to give a persecuted individual a safe haven...but a lot of "refugees" travel through regions not in turmoil to get to the best welfare system.

Suemick Level 3 Feb 20, 2021

Most early migrants to the new world were male. Nothing strange about that. There is also no necessary connection between them being from this historical normal migrant demographic and their legitimacy. There illegitimacy comes from the fact that we now understand that the cost to support them is 12 times higher than helping them near there homelands. The immorality of open boarders stems more from the effect on the donor nation than the host. That is the historical abnormality. Australia being an almost empty continent and the British Isles over populated it made sense to send the criminal class to Australia. It helped to get unemployable young men out of Britain and put them somewhere where they would be forced to be productive members of society. That does not happen in the modern world. There are no places where you can send them where they will not be prone to the criminality of their demographic. Additionally they are as employable or more so in the places they come from which are in desperate need of low skill labor. The infrastructures of almost every donor nation is pitiful.

The same problem exists for selective migrations of high skill labor from other locations. The brain drain has a negative impact on the donor nation disproportionate to the benefit it provides to the host nation.

Another immoral aspect of open borders is it creates a moral hazard because the hosts all have extensive welfare systems. It is unreasonable to expect migrants to except the disadvantages of rebuilding their home lands if there is a more desirable alternative. Until we solve many of the worlds problems it would be best if migration was simply minimized. Better for both the host and the donor.

wolfhnd Level 8 Feb 16, 2021

Weaponized mass migration is a very effect tool to destroy both the donor and the host countries.


The Romans learned to late that you can't rely on foreign unintegrated imports to do what your population should have done. Luxus destroys civilizations.


More Data:

Citizenship of first-time applicants: largest numbers from Syria, Afghanistan and Venezuela

Why would anyone flee the communist utopia of Venezuela into the evil 'white supremacist, patriarchal empire of the US?
Does this make them 'colonizers'?


Good question, Tom & include why flee Cuba, North Korea, South America, Africa & Middle Eastern oppressive governments to live in a "white supremacist" country .... infiltration comes to mind..


How about female rooted persecution? What if they're a buncha MGTOWs?


Do not know much on this issue, will have to research some more, interesting question posed.


They are here to replace you. It's genocide.


One word: Hijrah


They are there for multiple reasons but mainly for shock and awe to the religiosity of the west. (Wake up) Shock and awe while the elitists do other things not noticed so much.
A long complicated story but to cut it short it means all the Religions of the world know their time is short and are jockeying for there place of dominance over the one world religion before the Truth returns and destroys them all. By Religions I mean atheism, Catholicism, Evolution, Liberal, labor, Islam and all the Faiths of man including all forms of Christianity.
The Elite will soon meet the Elect and the light (Truth) shall destroy the Darkness! (Ignorance/ Religion)
It's quite easy to see the Lie if you know the Truth, You may find some Truth in Religion but you won't find Religion in the Truth!
These asylum seekers were rewarded for doing what they done and I'm sure they pleased Allah for being good missionaries. They shook the Beds of the sleeping pretty well.
It was amazing how many people welcomed them to rape and pillage them, Especially the Gay Religion, strange thing. Look at all the strange things going on in the world now and learn from the Asylum seekers and don't be surprised if you become one in the near future.
Jesus said, "the Truth sets you free!" Free from what?


They're largely economic migrants, whether you count that as valid refugees is a question of definition.


Just a wee bit of a loaded question this one. Yes they are military age, but they are also at the age they would have a family and want to run. The information given is way to little to make a judgment.
Maybe you could supply some detail like, how many are coming alone or with their wife and kids?


Young men are the most mobile but that factor probably does not account for the large difference on the graph.


They are an Invasion Army, soldiers of Fortune, sent out to prepare europe för the upcoming Invasion. Organisied was this coup by their Elites and our Elites.
And the time within it is possible to send them back in masses, is runing out fast.
What do you think will this enrichment of our society do, during the upcoming Energy Blackout that will last a few weeks ? (Everybody seem to KNOW that it will happen, but nobody even asks, if it would be possible to just restart the Energy supply. (Spoiler: No it is not.) ) And i bet there will Not be even ONE warning, that food supply is runing low. That will make the horrible Effects even worse.. And if anybody now is thinking "Thx God, för such cases we have our Strategic Food deserves!" Not completly right , the EU same as the US has papers , that are saying "A strategic Food Reserve, could be very good to have!" Thx Lord the comissions of Experts came to such Big Brain conclusions and the most funny point is the US really HAD a Strategic Food Reserve, but a few real Big brauner sold it about 10years ago . (If any european country has its own National resserves i personally don't know, cause it Took months , before i was brave enough to "check", what i had known before anyway....And i stopped a xanax before i did so. Iam deppressed enough anyway and cause MSM is saying NOTHING about global Food shortages, it was clear that the Situation is fucked up... btw it is really funny, that i meanwhile can tell pretty sure the importance of an Information just based on the Level of Lack of Media coverage.
Headlines at MSM = Psy-Ops, FAKE-NEWS and för 100% sure Not what is really relevant , if you trying to determine the Future.
Sidenotes, small Textes of 2-3 sentences = the most "difficult" to determine, but as long as i have read real News before it is "easy" again = If i already have read somewhere Else of it , then they usually playing something to "big" (that is confusing i know, cause the "no news" point seem to widespread at first. But as rule, just think of as "Too big to Report nothing, but Not that big that a Standart NPC would suffer from a mental breakdown , based on cognitive dissonances.
And last the important News. Everything i van hear and read (often för a Period of time) out of several Sources, but is unreported within MSM.

I guess, that this Strategy will be adapted , cause of the NWO powergrab and "deepfakes" by more and more People, if they are not want to become paralyst by Media.

PS if the time will have come , and we against the immigrant Army will start, we MUST NOT forget, whose decisions brought us here in the first place. And we need to make everybody know: collaboration will lead to annihilation, of every Person and his relatives, för 100% sure. There will be corruption and collaboration, of course, we are humans, but that is no reason för giving mercy....(And They have gone WAY Too far already. They want Go back. Disturb their planing where ever its possible för you)


The army of tomorrow, today.

Toeker Level 5 Feb 20, 2021

Can you please explain what
" Crossdressing for allah "
is supposed to mean ?


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