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Leftists write a history depicting Trump as a Nazi, with the goal of discrediting all
republicans. Bull. The left refuses to consider Trump's presidency objectively, and Obama's.
On IDW there have been many posts indexing Trump's accomplishments and Obama's failures.

Leftists do the same to Nixon. Nixon's accomplishments are:

Yom Kippur War 1973. Shipped military equipment to Israel.
Ended the draft in 1973
Ended Vietnam war in 1973. His Secretary of State Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize.
Desegregated schools 86% segregated before, 9% after.
SALT treaty.
Transferred power from federal to states.
Opened up China.
Delivered military support to Israel in the Yom Kippur War.
Launched the Environmental Protection Agency.
Nixon won the presidential election in 1960 but democrats stole it.

Nixon won a landslide in 1972, carrying all but one state. That's hard to do. Nixon must have been doing something good.

Nixon saved Israel's ass when many politicians wanted to ignore Israel.

When Nixon took America off the gold standard the New York Times wrote: "The New York Times
unhesitatingly applauds the boldness with which Nixon has moved."

Vulcan proverb: Only Nixon could go to China.

Because Nixon brought respect to America. Biden bends the knee to China and hamstrings American strength.

Nixon's foul was less than Obama's foul. Nixon used his own people to spy on the democrat party, and covered it up. Obama used the government to spy on the republican party, and covered it up by blaming Russia. The media colluded in the coverup. Obama lied to the FISA court to justify the spying. By any measure, Obama's foul is greater.

jaymaron 7 Jan 25
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Howdy @jaymaron,

Fine summary.

Democrats got us into the Vietnam War. Nixon extricated us from that unholy, stinking mess. All while being relentlessly pilloried.

Nixon's arms airlift to Israel was awesome. He realized there would be howls of outrage for a single planeload of ammo, so he decided to go big and make it an object lesson in American power.

Nixon's 72 win over Mcgovern is also instructive. Traditional Democrat voter groups stayed home or voted for Nixon, something that happened in 2020 and then was mysteriously reversed in the dead of the night.

Johnson's win in 1964 was partly because his platform had goodies for rurals, such as the Tennessee Valley Authority. Today, the democratic platform is anti-rural.

@jaymaron Didn't Johnson say "I will not send American boys 8 or 10 thousand miles to fight a war Asian boys ought to be fighting for themselves." ?

While Goldwater said he would go to war?

So, Johnson won...and went to war anyway.


America used to win. The generals in World War II were sharp, especially
Bombs Away Le May, who engineered the American air combat strategy.

The generals in Vietnam were less than sharp. With better generals, America would have won. Also, the leftist cancer was growing and they sabotaged America's stance.

Trump: We're going to win so much, you'll get tired of winning.

Lombardi: Winning isn't every thing. It's the only thing.

Kirk: I don't like to lose.

The left doesn't like to win. I miss winning.

Howdy @Setright,

I have a Marine friend who was in combat in Vietnam when LBJ said those words. His battalion suffered so many casualties that it had to be disestablished and then rebuilt back in the States. He was very upset, to say the least


Certainly the beginnings of the modern Leftist media cabal. His only real crime was having knowledge of federal money given to support the activities. The bad hardly washes out the good in his case, but people buy into the first thing they read. I'm not condoning his involvement, but the people who still think of Nixon as "evil" are the same kind of people today who stand in line to be brainwashed.

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