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Reddit just made an announcement [] that they're going to start cracking down on "hate speech" and one of the founders is quitting the board to make room for a black board member.

Quote Reddit:

Here are three problems we are most focused on:

Parts of Reddit reflect an unflattering but real resemblance to the world in the hate that > Black users and communities see daily, despite the progress we have made in improving our tooling and enforcement.

Users and moderators genuinely do not have enough clarity as to where we as administrators stand on racism.

Our moderators are frustrated and need a real seat at the table to help shape the policies that they help us enforce.

Here is our "Community Guidelines" : [] Just to be clear: Racism is bad. Don't be racist. Also, facts are facts (if you think facts themselves are racist, please reconsider)

I think one of the differences here, besides currently being 1000x smaller, is that we have a "be civil" clause where we expect discussions to be conducted with the goal of reaching understanding. Yes, I'm probably naive too as I have not spent time in the Reddit trenches. I am personally an introverted calm person, fairly analytical (think problem-solver PhD Engineering type), and classically liberal (yet my optimism has faded). I realize that Rodney King's "Can't we just get along" statement is being tested more than ever.

As Reddit makes changes, what should WE do here to prepare?

Admin 8 June 5
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Far too little, far too late.


Reddit makes a desperate move trying to remain relevant

iThink Level 9 June 6, 2020

If Twitter is the asshole of the internet, Reddit is the taint. I got banned from Reddit anyway.

ZyThum Level 4 June 6, 2020

I guess we all have our own definition of "be civil". As for your question - What is there to prepare for? Never interfere with the competition when they are destroying themselves.

Yes, I'm leaning to just stay the course. So far, members here have overwhelmingly been civil.


I’m not interested in any discussion that involves code phrases like “hate speech“ or “systemic racism,” designed as they are to stop intelligent discussion. The use of such terms is an intellectual cheat, essentially positing an argument’s conclusion as a fait accompli without having actually gone to the trouble of arguing the position at all.

I think, as is so often the case, Jordon Peterson offers some useful thoughts in his discussions of the differences between the right and the left. He points out that there is near universal agreement on when the right goes too far—anything revolving around ideas of racial superiority, as well as the inevitable tendency of value hierarchies to become exclusionary, with fewer and fewer occupying the top levels, while the vastly greater numbers are left behind.

His point is that no one has attempted to find common agreement on where the left goes too far. From current evidence, it’s easy to think there is no “too far” to the left’s way of thinking, that anything goes.

For Peterson, demanding equality of outcomes is the point of no return for the left, but I would say that isn’t a deep enough dive. For me the left has gone too far when it chooses to silence opposing ideas rather than debate them. Agree or disagree with that as you wish, but to deny that it is SOP for the left is to enter the arena with a lie as your only weapon. The Alinsky model holds fast: never debate issues; ridicule opposing ideas; smear those that hold them.

This is the barrier to intelligent debate that must be removed, or we’re wasting our time. There is much value in finding not just common ground between the polar divide, but in actually learning from each other. The left’s abhorrence of value hierarchies wherever they form leads to absurdities like “defund the police” and the branding of any counter opinions as “hate speech.” But the hierarchies of the right have arguably created the fertile field in which those alleged absurdities could take root, grow and thrive.

So what might we learn from each other? Ya got me. No one’s managed to kick off a dialogue with that as the desired goal. It’d be interesting to see how such a dialogue might turn out.

Really agree with your comment that smearing is easier than debating... especially to convince the masses. I was also inspired by Petersons talk where he contrasts the right's ability to self-police extreme views and left's lack of such limits. In fact, one of our next "topic of the day" is what are these limits on the left and right (e.g., is it ok to for advocates to even discuss ethnic/conservative self-governing especially now that there is some desire on the left for disenfranchising white people based on their ethnicity?). On the left, is the requirement of perpetual atonement by all white people it's own form of racist oppression? I'll post something like this soon. Thanks!


I popped over to Reddit for some light reading a week or so ago, it was appalling. I have never heard such base rhetoric (I use the word so loosely that I owe it an apology). I was enraged in my youth to read a commentary titled “The Dumbing Down of America”, my current rage is fueled by the knowledge that the author was right and my former indignance (not a word, but suits me fine thank you) was, it appears, in fact ignorance. It is plain to see now we have created a bulk of easily manipulated tall children. Snarkiness aside; I believe we have entered a preliminary state of anarchy, and it started with the dissolution of the Church, now mind you, I’m a happy agnostic, but I see the unravelling of our moral fabric, and I believe the threads can be traced back to the loss of our morality hierarchy. Think back to the first time you heard that a child emancipated from his/her parents, it was an ominous moment, then the first time you saw students talking back to teachers, or when the pledge was optional (I thought that was awesome, but I was young and myopic, well myopicer than now). We broke from commonality, and embrace moral-relativism, and what is moral-relativism if not the primer to anarchy. I know that sounds bombastic, but it’s a gate-way hell...and burning cities.
High-five! if you read my ramblings this far!
I’d rather be an over-verbose fool than a screeching indoctrinated tool of men of ill intent.

Yes, the changes have been building for the last 60 years with some good and some devastatingly dangerous results. How do we put the scary parts of this genie back in the bottle?

That was very well put!

In a world of victims, where blame is cast onto anyone but "self", it is nearly impossible to impossible to get them to look into a mirror and reflect on how they got there in the first place.


Maybe I'm being overly pessimistic, but is there anything we can really do to combat cancel culture? I mean, once enough of the haters on reddit realize we exist, won't they do anything they can to bring down this site and cancel our voices?

No there is nothing anyone can do about "cancel culture," when the person using that tactic is intentional.


Also, glad I never bothered with Reddit. Yet another organization that hopped aboard the PC train.


Perhaps suggest that what could be considered a controversial topic, to keep posting to a group only, as group hosts have the responsibility to monitor what goes on in their groups. Aside from that, not sure what else to suggest? If you take any drastic measures, that could result in members complaining about censorship...

Yes, any community site is damned either way. Detractors will define any site by the behavior of the worst member in their eyes. I have mentally worked out another solution if we get large enough to implement... basically divide the site into cohorts (groups of 100 active members that only each person sees). This way, the conversations only have 30 or so max comments and become more personal.

@SpikeTalon. I think you got that right.

@Admin, Facebook tried that and was accused of limiting the reach of their participants.

Some of us are being direct without being slanderous and it is working to some degree to regulate trolls.

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