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What do you expect to be achieved by this week's pro-Trump DC rally?

Scheduled on January 6th to protest alleged fraud in the 2020 election, the "Stop the Steal" rally is anticipated to draw thousands of the most avid Trump supporters. Calling for the election results to not be certified, the demands feel unprecedented even when considering the aftermath of the 2000 Bush/Gore and Trump/Clinton ("Not my president" ) election. What do you think is going on and what will come of it?

Admin 8 Jan 4
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I think it will prove beneficial to those supporting the, apparently legitimate, president Trump. It is better to stand up than roll over. What is wrong with standing up and protesting? If it was ok for the left wing rioters then why or how can it be wrong for others to exercise their rights. Whether they are successful or not, they have a right to protest and they feel it overwhelmingly in their very bones. I think it is so they know they at least tried, and I find that admirable. Also how can it be bad for the Democrats to know and the bought/compromised Republicans to know that, one day, they will have to account for what they have done/allowed. I urge everyone to delete their FB/Twitter account and stop using Google.

vangr Level 6 Jan 4, 2021

We can all raise a huge protest and file innumerable law suits to get unicorns to be able to compete in the Kentucky Derby.


My first president was FDR. There are fewer people being able to claim that any more. They have all been my president whether I liked them or not. George W. Bush was the first "not my president" and it has carried on through Obama and Trump. This is a disastrous precedent that predicts the breaking apart of America. Blaming anyone or anything will not do any good or turn us around. We have chosen political orthodoxy over negotiation and figuring out what will actually work between disagreeing parties because, no matter what, there will always be disagreeing parties. The ideal seems to be "If only we can get rid of all the conservatives/liberals everything will be great". The result will be worse than what we are going through now when all those people who thought they agreed with each other find all the things they don't agree on. A great portion of our citizens have reverted to childhood in their thinking where everything comes out perfectly in the end. This has been pushed upon us by politicians who have no consideration for anything but getting votes and staying in power. We have established a functional anarchy where we no longer believe anyone but ourselves. We individuals are saying "This is how things are and f... any one who disagrees with me." All things, good or bad, come to a disfunctional end.

Don't care Beer and Popcorn for me.. May the last man standing be a repub.

@onlybecause12 And what good will that do him?


I expect nothing will come of this rally - the politicians do not fear the Pro Trump, Pro America, Pro Law and Order demonstrators. The politicians know that there will be no vandalism, no rioting, no theft or destruction of property...just a bunch of good decent hard working tax paying citizens voicing their feelings about political corruption.
No fear - nothing to fear - Will never - Can NEVER be a catalyst for change. The left knows this will soon be over and everyone in that rally will return to their homes, their jobs, their routine lives and ultimately learn to live with the circumstances, the corruption in gov', this rally will have no real effect on things.

iThink Level 9 Jan 4, 2021

@dd54 Amen brother

I think there should be a networking benefit. At least that's my hope. People can see each other in real life, as well as discuss things in a way that's not really possible with email. And demonstrations like this may help decrease the atomization and excessive individualism of many of these newly politically activated Americans.

@dan6 yes I agree that events like this are good for easing individual and personal fears of aloneness in the struggle to save USA from the abyss of Socialism. That's why I love IDW! It reminds me that I am NOT alone. However, the planned march on DC will not change the outcome of the corrupted election and I also do not believe it will slow the momentous headlong rush the of USA falling over the edge and into the abyss of Socialist/Communist rule.
Hate to be a downer but - it is my nature to expect the worst and be grateful for better.

Riots and burning and other fear motivators only deepen racism

And politicians who support riots, looting & burning, should be arrested & charged for inciting violence.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) mockingly said in a speech last weekend that she threatens Trump supporters all the time, defending her comments in June that said people should confront members of President Trump's administration.

Kamala Harris stated the riots will not stop, even after the election.


Honest answer? From everything I am hearing, the authorities are doing everything in their power to ensure that the rally can not, will not, take place. From hotel closures to tearing down the stands intended for the Biden celebration parade, they are actively moving to make it increasingly difficult for people to take to the streets.

I believe all we'll be hearing about on the 6th is how people are being prevented from coming to downtown DC and those who do not turn back will be arrested and detained. The narrative from the MSM will be that "no one showed up, except violent radicals who were subsequently arrested."

And you can hate me for that prediction, but I truly believe that the political establishment is all in on stopping any dissent for the election results and aren't afraid to use force to accomplish that goal. Which would make it an interesting contrast compared to the largely unchecked BLM / Antifa riots that plagued cities for the better part of 2020.

Thanks for your honest answer. I plan to post a question regarding the appropriate use of violence soon... and compare it to some of the protests/riots of 2020.

",,.they are actively moving to make it increasingly difficult for people to take to the streets." Like when Trump wanted to stand in front of that church holding an upside down bible.

"...I truly believe that the political establishment is all in on stopping any dissent for the election results and aren't afraid to use force to accomplish that goal." There has been a lot of public dissent about the election results and I haven't seen any government force trying to stop it. If the right is not able to turn the election results, will they be using force to turn it?

@Pand0ro - Ah, I see your mistake. You assume that I've drunk so deep of the Trump-flavored Kool-Aid that I'm making things up and that by throwing some anti-Trump rhetoric, I'm going to lose my mind.

Not so, my friend. You have my blessing to think of Trump or think of me, whatever you like. Hate us, denounce us, call us every name in the book. It's okay.

That doesn't change the fact that hotels are closing for the period, most of the roads in and out of DC are being closed, that Mayor Bowser has banned all guns from being carried in DC (which is a bit strange since the already refuse to allow guns, even though they lost a court challenge over it), they're tearing down the bleachers for the Biden inauguration, and more. Time will tell whether what I've heard comes to fruition.

And as far as "I haven't see any government force trying to stop it," that would depend on what you consider "force." Do you consider willful apathy to be force? Because I'm seeing plenty of that. Requests for explanation or investigation being refused without reason. Being asked to comment on what's seen in surveillance videos and getting told, "what you just saw didn't really happen."

Even this latest so-called fiasco concerning the leaked call between Trump's legal group and the Georgia Secretary of State, with the Secretary repeatedly saying things like, "our report doesn't show that" yet they refuse to furnish said report to Trump's legal team; or "we have no evidence of that," when there is video of what Trump is asserting.

Trump is filing legal challenges that he is permitted by election law, and is accused of fomenting sedition; the courts continue to refuse to hear said challenges, continuously citing "procedural grounds." So, yes sir, I do believe apathy can be used as force.

@Alysandir About all the closing down in DC, do you really think the Trump administration would handle it any differently if it were the Democrats trying to flip the election? This is normal govt. procedure.

"Requests for explanation or investigation being refused without reason." WHAT? Innumerable lawsuits put before courts and rejected for lack of merit, even by Trump appointed judges. Let me see if I have this straight. You have dozens of witnesses saying they have seen ballots being secretly hauled in to poling places when they thought no one was looking. While that is considered evidence, it is the most unreliable type of evidence and not considered reliable by the courts without supporting evidence which so far has not been provided.

"Even this latest so-called fiasco ..." Sorry I have not read enough about it to form an opinion.

"Trump is filing legal challenges that he is permitted by election law" Yes, it is permitted by law and Trump has a right to pursue them. Some of his suits have been rejected on procedural grounds as are any others that do not meet the standards. Are you suggesting that these suits have been tossed without even being read by the courts?

I am sorry but I think your stance on this would be completely opposite if it were the Democrats challenging the election in the same way.

@Pand0ro - "Innumerable lawsuits put before courts and rejected for lack of merit"

Incorrect; every case has been rejected on either procedural grounds or lack of standing. You'd have to first examine the evidence before you could make a determination that the lawsuit is meritless. The earliest the evidence would be considered is pre-trial, but none of the lawsuits reached that point.

"do you really think the Trump administration would handle it any differently if it were the Democrats trying to flip the election?"

They've been trying to flip the election for four years. I don't recall Trump once closing down DC.

"Are you suggesting that these suits have been tossed without even being read by the courts?"

Read? Of course they were read. But you're saying that they weren't considered because the courts declared them to be without merit, which simply is not true.

"I am sorry but I think your stance on this would be completely opposite if it were the Democrats challenging the election in the same way."

Also incorrect. One, I don't think you're sorry at all; two, I'm not a conservative or a Republican. Frankly, I think there HAS been fraud, there is simply too much statistical and procedural issues, not to mention the number of states that changed their election laws without putting it to the legislatures. That's what I'm concerned about; not whether Trump gets another four years.

So let's turn this around: why are you NOT concerned, just because your candidate is going to be President?

I mean, how many years have the political Left railed about "Russian interference" in our election process? Every election since 2016? But now? Nope, everything's great; no need to even look at stuff that seems a little strange, like multiple districts reporting 99% for Biden - whose votes were counted in the middle of the night after observers were sent home - when every other district is closer to 50/50. No need to look at votes in Gerorgia from people who reported that they'd moved out of the state. Nope. No sir. Nothing to see here.

And so, yes, you may say whatever you like about me, but I find it absolutely unconscionable that no one on the political Left who've openly worried for years about the sanctity of our electoral process, has any desire to investigating these claims, even if it's only to assuage the concerns of Trump supporters. I also find it incredible that Joe Biden, a guy who did practically no campaigning, and is clearly suffering from age-related issues - to the point where his own Party is already investigating using the 25th Amendment against him - somehow managed to excite voters to the point that he garnered more than 13M more votes that Obama did at his peak. I find it highly implausible that the Republicans made serious gains at every level of the ballot, including their own Presidential candidate earning 11M more votes in his second election than his first, yet somehow still lost.

TLDR: if you believe that I'm being unreasonably partisan by suggesting that there is something not right going on here, then I'll have to learn to live with that.

@Alysandir I have no love for Joe Biden although I voted for him as a better alternative to Trump. In fact these old school Democrats have clung to power way beyond their relevance to today's political climate and should stand down or be convinced to stand down to let a younger generation take charge.

There was shown to be Russian influence in the 2020 election. It was anticipated and did not play as much of a role as it did in 2016.

The record setting number of people voting in 2020 was the result of strong persistent efforts on both sides to bring it out.

I am concerned about the lawsuits pushing allegations with no proof. If the left wing media is ignoring reports why do I see no proof offered by Newsmax, Breitbart, OANN. etc.

And I truly am sorry that you still see such massive malfeasance that it could turn an election when there is no proof of it.


"I have no love for Joe Biden [CLIP] let a younger generation take charge."

On this, we mostly agree, except to say that I have no love for Trump but respect what he has been able to accomplish in spite of four years - literally starting from Day One - of Democrats gunning for his head. Would I let him date my daughter? No. But I'm not voting on a future husband for her; I'm voting for President. And I'm less concerned about Biden as a President as I am for the Democrats' plans to use Biden as a Trojan Horse to install Harris as President, in spite of her not being able to win a single vote in the primary. That should frighten even Democrats.

"There was shown to be Russian influence in the 2020 election. It was anticipated and did not play as much of a role as it did in 2016."

What investigation showed Russian interference in 2020? For that matter, what investigation showed interference in 2016? Especially since there was much effort sunk into the latter only to conclude that no evidence of interference could be found? If you know something the rest of us don't, then I'd certainly like to hear it.

"The record setting number of people voting in 2020 was the result of strong persistent efforts on both sides to bring it out."

I can't disagree with this. But I will say that I feel people were coming out to vote against Trump rather than for Biden. I suppose you could say Trump may have won in 2016 for largely the same reason.

"I am concerned about the lawsuits pushing allegations with no proof. If the left wing media is ignoring reports why do I see no proof offered by Newsmax, Breitbart, OANN. etc."

I have no idea how to answer this, as I have seen innumerable articles talking about statistical improbabilities (such as multiple districts being near 100% for Biden, something that's NEVER happened in any election); about reliable historical markers going against the results for the first time in history; about observers being sent home after being told that voting was stopping for the night only for it to continue after they've left; about observers being either kept 50 feet away or in some cases, having boards put up so that they cannot see what's happening; I have seen numerous videos that appear to show some very concerning things, such as a single ballot being run through the machine three times in a row. I won't even mention the dozens of affidavits - since you've already called them the flimsiest form of evidence - but I will again mention that multiple states violated their own election rules.

Now, if you don't consider ANY of the above to be worthy of concern or interest, I'm not certain how we're going to find any common ground. And I say that not as a partisan Trump supporter - although I did vote for him - but as an independent that has a great deal of mistrust for the political establishment.

"And I truly am sorry that you still see such massive malfeasance that it could turn an election when there is no proof of it."

I am not interested in turning an election around. I really do not care if Trump takes office or leaves; I voted for him because I felt he was the best of all alternatives. What I care about is that I do believe there was massive malfeasance - as you put it - and no one OTHER than the Trump supporters seems to be in any way bothered by it. I am concerned that for four years our government spent time investigating first Russian interference - turning up nothing - and then Ukrainian impropriety - again, turning up nothing - yet can't spare an ounce of that dogged determination to look into an election that seems to have improprieties right, left, and up the middle, because the "correct" candidate won.

That's what I care about and I am beyond puzzled why you don't. Even if you believe in your heart of hearts that this is much ado about nothing, the fact that you think even verifying is a waste of time is very concerning.

@Alysandir There are a few things we agree on, but overall see the issue from very different perspectives. I know your are honest about what you are saying and I wish you the best. Thank you for the discussion.

@Pand0ro - Be well, sir. Thank you for the conversation.


In the legal sense, it won't change much.
I can see a massive protest that will get bad press. Blm/antifa will come out and punch on with supporters, than blame supporters for the violence. After sun down, I think there will be shootings and stabbings targeting Trump supporters, which will be spun by the media to call Trump supporters violent thugs. Also, with blm/antifa around, you can be guaranteed that buildings and cars will be vandalized and torched.

Tom81 Level 8 Jan 4, 2021

It is interesting to read that "The Proud Boys" plan to wear the all-black outfits of ANTIFA in DC.

@Admin I think that's smart. It's basically urban camouflage.

@MichelleD Great idea. Have all armys wear identical uniforms, have all war equipment painted the same. It will really enhance the fun of watching people being killed in combat. That should be a new reality show.

@Pand0ro do you know what being a "grey man" is? Do you know that blending in is a perfect way not to be targeted?

@Pand0ro I LOVE putting M A G A stickers on blm and Antifa cars and watching them beat each other senseless

@Tom81 Good. It's time the #normies were forced to #FashOut. They keep thinking they can work within the system. Once they realize they can't, we'll see some real change.

@David42 Go for it. I'd like to see a picture of liberals beating each other senseless. You have to post them.

@MichelleD Absolutely. I am a grey man, both in age and temperament. It is most valuable in observing unguarded behavior in people to observe who they really are.

@Pand0ro true




We already have the answer, DIMS will do something to outlaw anything on the 6th...wait, they already did that. Notice when BLM 'protested' the political were fine with it, but, how DARE YOU think about doing the same 'right', we're ready for you. The left has a taste of victory and NOTHING will keep that from them.

Oh, and they also have 'moved' the inauguration...guess they thought it a bad look for NO Biden supporters to show up, and get booed from the stage by the 'right'.

I detest subterfuge! And I hate collaborators worse of all. THOSE who 'know' this whole thing is B.S. and blatantly LIE saying it was legit. I consider this group of individuals yellow bellied snake dwellers, they have NO spine, NO argument, an NO self esteem and they slither in the darkness waiting to put some fangs into someone.

IF, this had been a legitimate election, I would've hated the result, but, I would carry on. Knowing that if the the results had been reversed, NOTHING would shut the left up, they are the sleaziest of sleaze. So, F*&K 'em


All hell will break loose as it needs to. DC is full of corruption and is now at the breaking point. Time to drag the criminals out of their dens and demand justice. The conservatives really don't want to cause a commotion, but they have been given no option. God help you all.

How to know who the criminals are other than not agreeing with their views? Seems like both sides of the debate are using heated words.


I really have no idea. Unlike the "not my president" protests of 2016, the majority of big tech, social media, and MSM are heavily biased to the left. Anything positive about the Trump presidency as well as any legitimate concerns over voter fraud have been omitted from a bulk of left media narrative. So, what's left is conspiracy theories, clips of COVID deniers, and endless Trump tweets, that the media plays over and over. It's very frustrating.

This is a bit off topic, but something I've been trying to wrap my head around for the last month. So, I've been hearing a lot of talk and bluster from the Democrats over the last 4 years that Trump is killing our democracy. I shrugged a good chunk of that off considering the sources it was coming from were extremely progressive. Now, I'm hearing if Trump does not get a second term, our Republic is in danger. Again, I'm mostly hearing this from right leaning sources, but even those like Bret Weinstein and James Lindsay have spoken their concerns about how far left the Democratic party has gone.

Is there any truth to either claim? Additionally, if it is true, I don't think the answer is manipulating our election process to either elect Biden by fraud (or propagandistic means), or overthrow an election based on suspicion. (I'm not saying there is no evidence, I'm saying I haven't seen enough to overturn the results)

If people truly feel this election is the one to push our country that drastically in either direction, then that is a cause worth protesting. However, I'd be more inclined to side with the center as far as keeping both parties intact, rather than destroy the balance I feel we need more, than a singular vision one president can provide. Unfortunately, each side is currently being represented by those who have no desire for bipartisanship. I wonder how much of a center even exists anymore.

I'm working on another post where I claim that the US has two incompatible, yet each justifiable to their side, visions for the future of this country. With the Left winning with demographic change, the post-Trump side is running out of options under democracy.

@Admin #FascismForTheFuture

@Admin An asymmetry needs to be identified between the factions.

Suppose both factions want to do the same project. Great! Do it.

Suppose one faction wants to do a project and the other doesn't.
A conservative says: Then don't do it. A leftist says: We MUST do projects! And everyone
must participate.

Conservatives would like nothing more than to be apart from leftists. We'll do our way and you do it your way. Conservatives see this as the moral stance. Leftists see it as amoral. Leftists demand that everyone has to do things the same way, and of course, they demand that it be unilaterally their way.
They're not even trying to identify a balanced position.



arresting proud boys already lol

"After admitting to burning Black Lives Matter sign outside historic Black church, Enrique Tarrio arrested in possession ‘high capacity firearm magazines’ as nation’s capital braces for violence"

oh planning terrorism is it then, what a shock!

seems like the last big waily tear from the MAGA faithful. No doubt some violence that will be ignored by the people on here who like far right terrorism etc.


Another superspreader event from " find me 11000 votes" Donald, nutters!

N0DD Level 7 Jan 5, 2021

Chances are high nothing much comes out of it, guess we'll find out for sure soon enough.

Between this post on here and the same post on Agnostic, I've observed paranoia from those who align more with the left (predictably enough), and either a go-for-it take on the rally or nothing much being achieved from those who align more with the right. Small wonder why there is so much division in our country.

The political elites are having a right good time keeping us divided as a nation, and these pride and identity-based groups from both political sides are just playing into the hands of those causing the division, and the disturbing part is there seems to be no conceivable end to it. I've reached a point in my life where I refuse to live my life in fear of the unknown... will ANTIFA go on another criminal rampage, or will the Proud Boys instigate a fight that gets so out of control that martial law will have to be declared, for example? Doesn't matter much to me anymore, guess I'll deal with that if and when the time comes. In the past I played into the division, but I'm tired of being a good boy and play along with it, while I sit back and watch the two extremes slowly destroy this country. Given enough time gone by, something has to give eventually, and when it finally does our lives will be forever changed and certainly not for the better. Hope I am wrong about that, but as I mentioned before only time will tell for sure.

Couldn't agree more. Your comment about unity is on the's the most important issue that has to be addressed asap. That one is in our hands, fortunately. We can only be divided if we allow it.

The Democratic Party was a liberal , progressive party when JFK was at the helm. It has since lost its luster.
Obama finally took them to the dark side and liberals started voting for leftists.
It’s only logical that the right counter with extremists if their own.
It’s time to find a better, less divisive way to select a better class of representatives. Get rid of republicans and democrats and biased media.
Stand up for your country, because no one else will.


Nothing will be accomplished other than the propaganda media will get some photo ops to misrepresent to the public. This is a hostile takeover of our country by both domestic and foreign enemies and they are now entrenched into every echelon of what used to be our government. The only thing that will effect real change will have to be physical force and I don’t see that happening.


They protest in Hong Kong also. Sometimes it isn't the results that count.

Yeah, 2047 came too soon for HK. Then again, 2050 seems to come soon here too...


Dont know. If its peaceful the risk of the USA coming apart increases with any DNC over reach. Which I see as unavoidable. Isn't the National Guard being deployed?


The protests are largely misguided. The process on Jan. 6 is largely procedural. The States have already certified their electors. There have been Congressional challenges in the past, but most were in the 1800's or when the vote count was close, Florida comes to mind. If the protesters were concerned about fraud, they should be protesting in the States where the alleged fraud was committed.

TyKC Level 7 Jan 4, 2021

Treason trumps everything.


We'll see what happens.


It is possible that, much like the Tulsa rally, interest in the rally is heavily inflated online, and only a fraction will actually show up. But those who do show up I am sure will be the unwavering Trump sycophants. You will have many armed "y'all queda" cosplayers, Q conspiracy nuts, and plenty of COVID-deniers who will be cramming together and causing a fun super-spreader event. I am sure they will walk around acting tough. You'll probably see some white-power Nazi salutes. If there are counter-protesters, I am sure there will be plenty of armed threats against them, and I am sure violence will be started - of course the Trumpers will be the instigators. Also pretty sure we'll see those former "back the blue" people do a nice heel-turn and start complaining when the police start to deploy the same tactics against them that they did with BLM protesters.

And in the other corner will be the grumpy metrosexuals trying to decide which bathroom to use, but then pee on the street, and purple haired fatty penis haters, throwing crap at people screaming hateful anti-American slogans.

@onlybecause12 hey, I'd prefer some upset people who happen to be overweight or gender fluid, simply marching or yelling. When Trump won in 2016, people simply marches with signs and pink hats. This time around, the Trump supporters will be armed and threatening to murder Democrats.

@JacksonNought You mean like the democrats, BLM, and antifa who HAVE murdered those who they disagree with already??? A bit of projection going from the Herr Goering school of politics and propaganda?? The left has always been the more violent section of society as history can most readily prove. When those attacked by the left get tired of it the left usually pays in loss of power but very rarely in the loss of life that they themselves have caused.

Funny how the Left and the Right accuse each other of being Nazis and I'm just over here like ... YOU BOTH FOUGHT ON THE SAME SIDE AGAINST THE NAZIS IN WWII! 🤨


I’m not sure what effect the protest will actually have outside of an expression of solidarity for the Conservative Right and the Pro-Trump Party (whatever that is it isn’t “Republican” ) so I think that overall its a good thing.
If the Left wants to make trouble at the Rally/Protest I hope the Rallyers are ready and ... I hope the Leftists get a drubbing. Not that I believe they will ...
I believe the Press will spin it in the worst possible light for the Pro-Trump People and the DemLeft will simply reinforce the message.

I’m more concerned about the outcome of the Election ... or “Confirmation” ... itself.

Honestly, if President Trump remains, I think the BS we’ve experienced for the past 4+ will wind up looking for a rehearsal for the “Main Event” and the next 4 years will be much worse with little getting done except ... maybe ... some Real Voting/Election Laws being created to prevent the Cheating and Fraudulent Voting that has come out in this election. (Maybe Voter ID Requirements and elimination of Unsolicited Mail In Ballots?)

If Biden is confirmed?
Honestly, I believe that will herald the End of the World (Republic) as We Know It. I expect there to be a seriously Hard Shift towards Leftism/Socialism/Communism and rules enacted to ensure the DemLeft can NEVER Again be “threatened”. Worse, I expect Biden to get the USA firmly into Bed with China ... as the Junior Partner ... not to mention get the USA into every New World Order Agreement and every Horrific Trade Deal out there.
While We may not see “Actual Flames” ... the DNC, the DemLeft, the Liberals seem to be intent on Destroying the USA from within and carrying on the Destruction set into motion by Obama.

In other words ...
If Trump ... Rugby and Confusion
If Biden ... Totalitarianism and Anarchy


If they have any balls, they'll burn DC like it was 1814.


The Apathetic will be rules by communists


As rallies get smaller and smaller , haters can attack them in greater numbers.


Ah there we are: MAGA and proud boys rioting and fighting with the police.


I'm sure we have some excuses?

the police are antifa!
the proud boys are antifa!
they are patriots stopping the steal!
it's ok to assault the police when WE do it.
Antifa are worse!

etc etc etc


It is, just like the”Not my President”, childish behavior, and will accomplish nothing. I am not happy with the election. Yes, I believe there was fraud, but any more wide spread than any other election in the history of the USA? You can’t overturn the election results on a “potential” issue. There has been no evidence put forward that indicate a magnitude of fraud sufficient to turn the election around, and so there is no basis to continue the protest.

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