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Is it time to take a knee on the Superbowl?

The Superbowl, being held again today, was once an event to unite people of all backgrounds and levels of interest in sports. People looked forward to get together with friends to watch top athletes compete in one of the clearest examples of meritocracy. Today, after years of being a venue for political activism, some of the glimmer of professional sports have been tarnished. Is it enough for you to turn away? What do you think?

I will (or did depending on when you vote)...

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Admin 8 Feb 7
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As an Asian, I'm outraged that 70% of NFL players are black and only under 2% are Asian. This is outrageously racist! We demand affirmative action for Asians! Until NFL fixes their racism I say cancel all NFL games not just the Superbowl.

Word has it Inuits are feeling dissed too..Surely if you can deal with a 1200 lb walrus, the Watt brothers should be a piece of cake.. C'mon man!...

You gotta' git bigger fust.

@TheMiddleWay That would be linemen not linesman troll, your welcome

You’re making it much too complicated. Just self-identify as a black, male, 275 lb linebacker, and sit back and wait for the endorsement deals. I understand NIKE’s gone full-tilt woke these days.

@Edgework That's a good idea, but I'm still not good at football though. How can there be a sport that doesn't give Asians any physical advantages? Football is racist and should be banned. We should only allow gymnastics, Ping Pong, jujutsu and sumo perhaps. #MathisRacist, #FootballisRacist, #BeaAntiracist, #CancellitAll


Turn away - never take a knee for any political bullshit! Boycott sports which include politics!

w0tn0t Level 8 Feb 7, 2021

I second that.

I agree


Once Professional Sports was about Professional Sports Competitors ...
The “Players” lived and worked among the people they recognized as “Fans”.
Then, the Owners decided that “the Game” was about profit and not so much about about the paying customers.
Then the Players decided that Money was more important than Fans ...
Then some Players and some Owners decided that Pushing Propaganda and Social Messaging was more important than what the Fans thought ... they decided they could “Teach” the Fans what to think.

Thankfully, when the Teams and Players turned away from the Fans, I lost interest in following them ... in being a “Fan”.
Over the years this has saved me Tons of Time better used for things of Actual Value and Importance.


In the words of my grey haired old granny, fuck ‘em!


Superbowl? What's that, lol?

@TheMiddleWay More like a mega bowl...

@TheMiddleWay Wow I’m almost slightly impressed you posted something that actually may make a little sense, congrats troll


I tend to laugh at the hypocrisy of listening to people talk about social justice and diversity, and then watch a bunch of dark-skinned people making hundreds of thousands of dollars - if not millions - run out on the field to play a game.
Being that it's the same hypocrisy as the media soft-balling Biden and the politicians that were all upset about the "capitol riots" were the same people that instigated the "peaceful protests", I figure at least watching football means three+ hours of big burly men in tight pants getting all hot and sweaty on the field...

Where's the hypocrisy? They kneel as they are opposed to police brutality.

Them being rich doesn't change that.


Never watched sports before, still don't have any desire to watch a bunch of rich PRIVILEGED crybabies who don't appreciate the fact that they can do just able anything they want. The only thing close to sports that I sometimes watched (not that often though) is the Olympic ice-skating events.

Thank you for saying that. I keep getting slammed for saying they're privileged...


I haven't watched a football game let alone a super bowl game in neatly 50 years. The only reason I watched it before that was to please my father-in-law. Professional sports are the second half of bread and circuses . . . something to get people to buy couches, chips, pizza, and beer.

What’s the first half?

@GeeMac LOL. I gather you don't watch football either. LOL. No seriously; bread and circuses, the first half is bread, all the money wasted on the business. Sorry, I am a person with a strange mind and a strange sense of humor.

@lawrenceblair 😂😂😂
Thanks, I totally missed the obvious.

@GeeMac A sense of humor. I like you. LOL!


Don't watch it as I live in NZ, and your Football is strange .

Hand egg.


I am/was a huge NFL fan. PSL/Season ticket holder for the Carolina Panthers. Since the NFL has become the Social Justice League, I have significantly lost interest. The pre-game coverage is on in the other room but I just find other things to do (Tom MacDonald has dropped a couple of awesome songs the last week!) Sports, movies, tv shows are supposed to be an escape.. not an immersion therapy. When I wander through the room, I overhear some of the social justice playlist and I have come to the conclusion that the NFL thinks too highly of themselves and their impact on everyday people.

I was a fan too, back in the 70s Fran Tarkenton/Minnesota Vikings days, got disillusioned with all of it by mid 1980s especially Pepsi and proud supporter of the M. Jackson Victory tour, and all of it went downhill, I would say spiraling out of control but it was all social engineering.


I wish all athletes kept their politics out of sports. Those who bring politics in sports are killjoys.

Naomi Level 8 Feb 8, 2021

and BTW I grew up in Kansas City - live in a 'burb of Kansas City today and I have no interest in the Super Bowl game. I was never a big fan of football in the first place so it wasn't really much of a sacrifice when I vowed to never watch an NFL game back when Ray Lewis stabbed two men to death and went on to have an "all pro" "hall of fame" career. FUCK the NFL!

iThink Level 9 Feb 7, 2021

Superbowl Sunday is the biggest day of the year for human trafficking.
The Superbowl is a means of distracting most people while the evil ones do their thing.
Look it up !

@TheMiddleWay what makes you think Q-anon is a man - what makes you think Q-anon is a real person in the first place...LOL

@TheMiddleWay really? you have evidence that Q-anon is a real male person and not a psyop?

@TheMiddleWay I remember Q... he used to pop in and out of episodes of Star Trek the next generation.


Funny how people didn't seem to care about "cancel culture" when we removed "French" from French Fries (remember Freedom Fries), or when the Dixie Chicks or Jane Fonda had their lives ruined due to being against US foreign policy, or when Kaepernick and other NFL athletes were being silenced and the then-president was pushing for their expulsion... but of course Trump and Mike Lindell are kicked off of Twitter and it is the most egregious act in human history. Give me a break.

I won't be watching because I don't really care about football, especially if my teams aren't playing.

Ah.. can be a little clearer on how Hanoi Hanna's life was uh.. "ruined"?

There is a huge difference in the consumer making choices and those choices being made for them by politically motivated media conglomerates.

"We" removed French from French Fries? You mean some people removed that word and replaced it with the word freedom instead. I always referred to that food as French Fries, as did many other people by the way. It was a rather small group of disgruntled folks who wanted to rename the food, and that outrage didn't last long either by the way.

Again, who says Trump and Lindell getting kicked off of Twitter is the most egregious act ever, who exactly gets to decide that? I don't agree with any of them that you mentioned above (as in I personally do not care for any of the individuals mentioned above as for the most part they caused their own problems). Bottom line is... those on the left pitched a fit when Trump called to cancel the NFL, and now those on the right are having a fit over Twitter banning Trump, and on and on it goes with no conceivable end in sight. I'd venture to say many people took issue with Trump's comment regarding the NFL, just like many are now taking issue with some of Twitter's actions. Both extremes are hypocrites, give me a break...

Using the “racist” term “Dixie Chicks”, Jackson Knot?

I thought all the enlightened Marxists got the memo: Dixie is dead, and they are simply The Chicks 🐣 🐥 🐥

I can’t wait until they realize the term “chicks” is misogynist. Then, mercifully, they may just go away for good .... 😂😂😂



Rich people in the U.S. are so abused. It's why Trump had to be stopped at any cost.


its easy to not watch when you haven’t been watching all year

RobD1 Level 7 Feb 8, 2021

You can insult me and preach all you want but not on my coin. This is at base an issue of self respect and why I haven't owned a TV or payed a tv license for over 10 years and give short shrift to people who moan about it but then cough up and pay to be insulted.


Taking the knee is free speech which apparently many conservatives are opposed to.

They can free speech all they want... on their own dime. Not while they're on the job.
I'm sure if you walked into work and bitch-slapped your clients and co-workers, you would no longer have a job. The same should be for them. Just because they do it on a field instead of in an office doesn't make them better than; it just makes them privileged brats.

No free speech involved at all, its a gesture of subservience and submission.

Speech is with the mouth 👄& a🖊 last time I checked. Sitting on one knee first of all it looks ridiculous and the message behind it is so disrespectful to the ppl who honor the FLAG That means me and 300.0000 ppl like me. That is the objection. Do you get it! Or do you need us to draw you a picture!. It’s like you saying “ I protest the was in Vietnam so I invade Norway!! Why?? We

conservative and white people get cancelled / punished all the time for exercising free speech rights - and it doesn't have to be while on their own jobs to be punished - fired for it.

Not so for anyone who happens to exercise free speech of the leftist false narrative of Black Victimhood at the hands of Police and a White patriarchy.
Incongruent? more like hypocritical and certainly inconsistent. No? yes.

@iThink Ouch! Looks like I hit a nerve there. I get it, free speech is what ever someone says that you agree with. People misusing free speech are saying stuff you are opposed to. Legislators, on the job, can call for members of the opposition to be executed and that is free speech. Someone takes a knee, usually seen as a sign of respect, and they can't do it because they are on the job.

@Pand0ro didn't hit a nerve at all - just using my brain. Speaking up against or in opposition to others is NOT in any way shape or form an attempt to quell their 1st amendment rights. You can say any stupid thing you like - I'll just laugh at you and tell you that you're stupid...but I won't make any attempt to shut you up. I'll just walk away thinking what a waste of time and good oxygen you are! LOL

@ktpinto Shouldn't they be standing for the national anthem on their own dime also or don't they have a choice in the matter? Are they forced to do one thing and denied the right to to another

@neverover Taking the knee looks ridiculous? Tell that to the people who go to church. In what way is taking a knee disrespectful to the flag. Are we as free citizens denied the right to free expression of sincere beliefs. I think honest expression of belief in America gives honor to what the flag stands for.

@iThink In posts on this site I see black people being cancelled often for expressing their opinion. There is no doubt that the black community in general is being blocked from full participation in society. That being said, the black community need to realize that blaming others for their problems has a history of being ineffective. There are things they can, and only they can, do to make change in their community. Black lives matter not only in the white community, but in their community also. They need to address that problem first to improve their lives. The must also realize that they cannot rely on real, long term help from the white community, that the positive action must come from them.

@Pand0ro I'm confused by what you're asking. If you're at work, and you bitch-slap the majority of your clientele - which is basically what kneeling during the national anthem during an NFL game is - you would no longer have a job.
If they want to go to an NBA game and kneel in the stands, then go for it. If they want to kneel outside the white house while playing the national anthem, then yay! But they shouldn't be doing it while "on the clock" for the NFL.

@ktpinto Where in the NFL rule book does it say you have to stand for the national anthem. Office rule books say you need to treat your costumer and fellow workers with respect. Taking a knee is another way of respecting the flag and what it stands for. There are rules we have to follow or we are not free is an oxymoron.


*In posts on this site I see black people being cancelled often for expressing their opinion"
Prove it - show us evidence of this ridiculous assertion.

There is no doubt that the black community in general is being blocked from full participation in society.

another ridiculous claim - prove it . you can't because it is a completely fabricated (see lie) assertion.

Black lives matter is based on a completely fabricated narrative - a lie. Statistics kept by US Gov't DOJ objectively reveal the lie of that movement. But you won't bother looking will you. Nope can't allow yourself to be exposed to any objective truth can you...typical socialist drone behavior.

@Pand0ro I'm pretty sure not kneeling falls under the "morals clause" in player contracts. 🙂


I never really had the football "bug." Just me. Don't really know the game, but it turns out a lot of people don't. Used to get together w/ folks who thought that THEY knew the game, but of course it was really about food, beer, the commercials, and smart remarks. Really enjoyed those get togethers because it was just an excuse to socialize and see some cool moments of athleticism.

That feels like a long, long time ago, in a know the rest.


Sport and politics don't mix.... I refuse to watch any sport where Progressives steal the day and the sport itself comes in last.


Ignore it, it's a bit gay anyway.


Didn't watch last year either. Have watched often as possible prior to that.


Colin Kaepernick was an up-and-coming hot QB right up until he suffered a serious upper-body injury. Upon returning, it was clear just by looking at him that he lost a LOT of upper body strength and it showed in his product on the field. While his basic stats looked okay, his advanced metrics for his final two years placed him as no better than the 23rd ranked QB in the league. He was benched.

Since that time, Kaepernick:

  • Voided the final year of his rookie contract. He was NOT "kicked out" of the league, as many like to say.
  • Turned down offers to be the backup QB for Seattle and Baltimore. Sources familiar with the situation say that he wanted money more in line with being the starter and the promise that he would be allowed to compete for the starter's job. He was NOT "blackballed" by the league, as many like to say.
  • Put together a practice to showcase to league scouts his ability to play, but changed it at the last moment. Those who did actually make it to his new practice indicate that he looked like a guy who hadn't played for several years.

But none of what I just said makes a bit of difference to the people who ignore facts and embrace emotional victimhood narratives. To them, Kaepernick is a victim of racism and white supremacy who is good enough to start on most teams in the league, but is being punished for being an activist.

THIS is where the REAL DIVIDE in the U.S comes from, because the people who believe "facts don't care about your feelings" aren't going to abandon facts, and the people who believe that their "lived experiences" matter more than what the facts say - or believe that the facts are merely made up by white supremacists who are lying to the American people - will never embrace facts that disagree with their emotional narrative.

And with that, we as a nation collapse into chaos.


Perhaps it's time to take a knee on the GOP!


Actually - what do you guys find more offensive?

  1. people storming the capitol building and beating a policeman to death.

  2. Colin Kaepernick kneeling.

3 police dead and 220 days of storming and firebombing the justice center in portland. thats whats more offensive. 45 murders in the name of BLM and ANTIFA and a VP that pledged to use her campaign funds to bail these murderers out

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