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Should pedophiles be allowed to have "child" sex robots?

What about access "virtual/computer-generated child pornography" or text stories containing pedophilia? It's natural to assume that this could put more kids at risk if the potential pedophile becomes motivated to act out on his fantasies. But what if it leads to less sexual exploitation of children? However, this topic hasn't been formally researched due primarily to stigma related to promotion of anything other than punitive or prohibition measures. What do you think?

Allowing (potential) pedophiles access to virtual forms of pedophilia is likely to...

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Admin 8 Dec 23
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The tough part will be convincing your wife it's really a Resusci Anne CPR practice doll... "No honey, I wasn't kissing the doll. It's called 'Rescue Breathing!'"

that's fucking hysterical


Pedophiles? Nothing is more effective for those than a bullet in the head.

Also, affordable.

@Schlub A lot more affordable really. I still support the idea of letting illegal immigrants chase down pedophiles for their citizenship and calling it "Aliens vs Predators"


You realize that the very question and ideology is pushing indirectly for the sexualization of women and children and is supporting the agenda of Planned Parenthood International that was published in the 1990's as their agenda for sex education and normalizing sex with children? That the groups who are pushing this globally also trade in women and children on a global level and that Netherland is right now trying to get rid of the sex industry as they have found that it actually does more damage to women and not less and aids in the drug and crime issues not help prevent them.

Not a road to go down as the evidence historically and via other research and social activity has shown as other forms of deviant behavior are normalized the more crime and social destructive behavior increases. History is full of examples and no we are not better then our ancestors at dealing with it.

Id like to see your data from the Netherlands to support that idea. I contend that it isn’t the relaxed attitude towards sex that is their problem but the literal invasion of migrants to whom the victimizing of women is accepted - so long as the victims are Caucasian

I would like to see where you're getting your research from because I found the exact opposite of all this when I search.

@Oomile Not Wikipedia and not Google. Mostly from professional and national documents. The media is a poor source at best and Google has been putting PPI propaganda to the front for over 7 years that is documented. It takes doing more research then just the easy route (online search engines) you end up going into a lot of documents and finding out which were done well and which are either opinion papers or cherry picked data. There is a lot on both sides. the majority of well done research support the natural family unit and that hypersexualisation tends to increase violent trends in societies. Not just those dealing with certain cultures. Unfortunately this is shown in multiple studies and also the current breaking up of large rings engaged in just this type of criminal activity. often in countries where it is legal or partially legal.

If you have access to Medline, Mantis, and the UN WHO papers (not the summaries, the full papers). as well as documentation from the Dutch government would be good places to start.


NO! Give them a toy and they'll be satisfied... for a while. But for how long before they want to escalate?
Encouraging any sort of this behaviour justifies in their minds that its ok. First 'just' cartoons, that's harmless. Then photos, because it's 'only a photo, doesn't harm the child'. Then a short jump to videos, because 'if you're taking photos, might as well film'. Everything in baby steps, with an eventual goal far from the start.
Dolls will only normalise, and encourage escalation and progression.
Would you do the same with other forms of sexual abuse? Would allowing groping stop rape?
There have been a few studies of how porn effects groups. There's enough data to show that allowing 'child sex robots' is only going to normalise child sex and lead to assaults.

Tom81 Level 8 Dec 23, 2020

I agree. There is no “cure” or reform that have worked for pedophiles. (I am not counting the unlucky 18 y/other dates a 17 y/o and gets registered as an offender). Normalizing sex with children virtual or not will only lead to more children being abused.

Hello there.
"There have been a few studies of how porn effects groups. There's enough data to show that allowing 'child sex robots' is only going to normalise child sex and lead to assaults."
Which study are you referring to, please? I would be interested to read related materials.


"Should pedophiles be allowed to have "child" sex robots?" - yes, but I don't think it'd be beneficial. The goal for a healthy society is to promote couples into a stable marriage that produces children. Pedophilia is not necessarily permanent and appeasement is not a treatment shown to work for any psychological defect (or anything). "People with [both prepubescent and pubescent children] attractions can sometimes be nudged into focusing on adults..." "However, pedophiles who fall under the "classic type," and are attracted only to prepubescent children, usually under age 11, often don't change their focus...", "In these situations pretty much you can only repress things, and you would use androgen [drug] therapy to do this."


If you have a way to make me stop being a pedophile, please tell me! I never chose this and I don't want to be like this, yet I am. A doll would be rather beneficial in my case, as I can dress her and treat her as a real child without actually hurting a kid. Not only that, but I hear TPE (the material used to simulate the skin) feels rather nice, which would make for a great cuddling companion.

@redeemed-demon if it is actually beneficial for you, then I'm for it. I just don't think that is the case based on what is known. Like an alcoholic who faces a bottle of whiskey every morning and decides not to drink, the self must be denied and the good must be chosen. No doubt this is a sacrifice of significant weight that I am unfamiliar with, but I pray that you press on towards redemption and continue to cast the demon out of your life.

@RobBlair Shockingly, that's not a great comparison overall. While some may feel like that, a majority don't. Many of us use fiction to cope with their attraction. But for people like me, it's hard to find things that are up to my standards. I've heard from others in countries where it's legal, they prefer the doll over a real kid, or think it's just as good. Its more like giving someone a mocktail (non-alcoholic cocktail) that tastes like a Long Island Iced Tea because they like how it tastes, but they're trying to stay sober. They get the taste they want, without the undesirable affect. For me, that would be something that looks like a child to get relief with, rather than actually hurting a child to get my rocks off.


the "robots" would only placate the pedofiles sick impulses and eventually would become passe'. Sooner or later the pedofile will give in to the impulsed to have sexual contact with a living breathing human. No, I think the best way to handle pedofiles would be to cut off their hands and render them impotent

iThink Level 9 Dec 23, 2020

I'd go for cutting off all appendages. Make them potatoes with heads.


@RitBorg Louis Theroux did a doco called 'A Place for Peadophiles', where it showed that even after years of incarceration and therapy (and even chemical castration), these pedos were far from cured and likely to reoffend.

Tom81 Level 8 Dec 23, 2020

OK, I saw that, it was an eye opener.
If they cannot be rehabilitated, maybe placating them with 'virtual' experiences might stop them actually offending, like giving heroin addicts methadone. (If you accept that that works, or is a good use of public funds ).

I'll go so far as to say, recidivism warrants a lifetimes incarceration, or even capital punishment.

@AdrianRainbow I'm inclined to agree. In general recidivism shows a conscious decision to continue whatever behaviour the person was found guilty of in the first place. There are arguments on both sides of the fence, citing environmental, economic and social factors in a general case, but those don't really apply to a sex offender of any sort as I understand it.


I don't know how you would know unless they've already run up against the law. And if you assume that anyone interested in such by definition is a pedo, then you create a whole new level of 'enforcement' that I can't think would be beneficial. As to the impact on someone with those tendencies - I would think it only encourages it, and eventually would be insufficient. However, it might keep some from harming children. On balance, I'd rather discourage the production of the dolls than try to enforce something 'before the fact' and that means the threat is real to children. A line I feel unqualified to draw - and I can't think of anyone that would be so qualified.

I believe you're absolutely correct. Human nature is to seek more, and you put it well to ask what happens when this is insufficient? A Reasonable, Prudent Person knows that porn of any type is fantasy, unfortunately there are some that can't make that disconnect and do indeed decide to attempt to create a reality out of it.


How often have we been told that virtual violence in video games/movies/music, etc., does not encourage societal violence? Are these same voices now going to claim that virtual pedophilia will not encourage child abuse?

Has anybody else noticed how much violence has increased over the last couple of decades?

I'm pretty sure your mind can be conditioned to accept just about anything, given enough exposure so that it becomes normalized.

Exactly! And, at the moment, western populations are being conditioned to accept permanent lockdowns, officially sanctioned random violence, corporate fascism, and government kleptocracy as "the new normal". Adding pedophilia to the list does not seem far fetched.

Games/movies/music don't encourage violence and the world hasn't become more violent its just more widely reported.

You are entitled to your opinion.

@WorldSigh but not your own facts.



There are studies supporting the connection between video games and violence, and there are other studies denying any link. It is worth noting that there are billions of dollars in profit at stake in the video game industry. As is the case with the pharmaceutical industry, biased studies may be a factor. At the very least, common sense suggests that repeated exposure is going to desensitize the brain to violence.

"An international study looking at more than 17,000 adolescents, ages nine to 19, from 2010 to 2017, found playing violent video games led to increased physical aggression over time."

"The research demonstrates a consistent relation between violent video game use and increases in aggressive behaviour, aggressive cognitions and aggressive affect, and decreases in pro-social behaviour, empathy and sensitivity to aggression," said the report."

"APA Review Confirms Link Between Playing Violent Video Games and Aggression"

@Gruntled You're correct. Many cases have used that as a defense, and come up short. How about the young man who said he got the idea to commit crime from the tv show Kojak, which he saw on television? The most important hole in that particular case is that Kojak was a good guy, so obviously the kid didn't kill two people to emulate the hero model.
The examples brought up are skewed by context. They bolster one side of the discussion, as was the intent, however I can find some that directly contradict those as well.
"A study published in Psychology of Popular Media Culture undermines this claim, suggesting that violent video games do not increase violent behavior. Instead, the researchers argue, duration of play is what matters."


Studies can and have been proven to be biased. They all have to be taken with a certain degree of skepticism. That's not to say they aren't valid to a certain extent, just that you can't build an indefensible case based on them.

If the argument is made about billions being made with that particular market, it doesn't wash either. There is just as much, if not more, money to be made in games that do NOT have violence or sexual themes. Nintendo has proven that if you need an example.

I believe a reasonable, prudent person can tell the difference between the fantasy(tv, video games, movies) and the reality of a given scenario and will not act on it but there are exceptions to that, and they do have to be dealt with.


A country that thinks of rights and needs of pedophiles ahead of children is in deep trouble. Children are future of any healthy nation, pedophiles are not. Simple as that. And if you have been molested or know someone who has been molested or have children of your own who could be molested by pedophiles or preyed upon, than the answer should be perfectly clear. Pedophiles are predators, they are not less harmful to society than sociopaths or psychopaths. Any society that have embraced any of these types, payed a heavy price for it and was ultimately unsustainable type of society. The answer is obvious and most defiantly no, pedophilia has no place in society that is anything but completely decedent and at the verge of collapse.

Pedophiles are normal people who possess the ability of self-control. They have a right to be considered innocent until proven guilty, therefore you cannot persecute them if there's no proof of criminal intention. If a pedophile has not committed a crime in hurting children, then they are innocent. Claiming that it's in their nature to offend is ridiculous, as it implies that non-pedophiles should be persecuted as a risk to adults. Most non-pedophiles are not seeking to harm adults. Pedophilia is simply an involuntary romantic attraction to children and the pedophile knows that pursuing any kind of relations with children is wrong, as it is traumatizing.

@Nikwunu That is the first step isn't it. Normalizing pedophilia like netflix and Hollywood does. Even promotes it with movies. Trying to create sympathy. Just like you. No, there is no place for pedophiles in a society. None. But off course when you normalize trans insanity, which is biologically impossible, and psychologically insane but politically correct, the next logical step is pedophilia. And we have seen how that goes, didn't we? All those pedophiles priests. All the sex trafficking rings, protected. Pakistani grooming gangs rampaging and raping hundreds of thousands of children and trafficking them for prostitution all across Scandinavia and Europe and off course UK. The woke countries. Where is the same protection for children? Hmmm?

No, there is no place for pedophiles, none. Only in a degenerate society can that even be open for discussion. And if you are so worried about "traumatized" pedophiles, why is there no worry about the victims, which are numerous. Have you seen what they do to children? This fucked up ideas of "sympathy for pedophiles" are not acceptable. Look how it goes with abortion. It went form exception in case of rape to cottage industry of millions of abortions, selling body parts of dead babies, and even suggesting than unwanted children should be killed after birth, because, you know, what are you going to do with them. Fucked up feminists going from my body my choice to caring signs I love abortion and Children are parasites. And pushing for "gender is just a social construct" to mutilating young children's healthy bodies in that name of "transgender" religion.

No, that degenerate insanity is wrong. Call me when you show 1/100th of the concern for the children. So far I've seen nothing but psychotic self destructive depraved maniacs and useful idiots arguing for the pedophiles. Where is the concern and protection for children?


I know that society no longer supports the type of activity I am about to describe!!!
In the mid-1950's, I was still in grade school and lived in a small town, in the middle of nowhere, where everyone knew everyone!!!
An adult male was seen molesting a boy!!! Before the Sheriff could get a signed arrest warrant, the suspect was pulled from the river DEAD!!!!!
END OF PROBLEM!!!!!!! Never heard of another similar incident in that area!!!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 Dec 23, 2020

OH, did I mention, NO FURTHER INVESTIGATION!!!!!!!!!

@Serg97 those days are coming back around quickly enough

@MichelleD Do you mean "NOT" quickly enough?????

@Serg97 I don't know if I have an opinion about it as I've never seen it in action

I have to wonder how much of this is actually still happening, just not being reported for one reason or another. I'm not saying it's being brushed under the rug, just that it's not making it's way in to the main stream.
I know many people who would advocate, if not actively participate, in this kind of thing. I'm not a parent, so I don't have a frame of reference for someone abusing "my" child. However, I am an adult, and as such I hold the opinion that a child should be able to grow up w/o the threat of abuse or worse at the hands of another adult. This does include physical as well as mental abuse.

@MichelleD YOU know, I just received another reply to my comment and after reading the new reply, I read your second reply again!!!!
If you do not have an opinion on this matter because you have never seen it, then you would have fit perfectly into society in Germany during the early 1940s!!!
You would not have had an opinion about the Concentration Camps and Gas Chambers, BECAUSE you would NOT HAVE SEEN THEM!!!
SO, what does that make you????????????????????????

@Serg97 Here in Oregon, my experience, or lack there of, comes from watching SJW do similar things with terrifying results or listening to stories from my father. Stories from my father can be similar to the story you told, which I would see as a powerful way to uphold what's right, morally, ethically, and legally but, I've heard stories where those same people would act against justice and do something based on personal prejudice, like racism (at least in Oklahoma and Texas).

Society has changed and not for the better. Right now we do not have a country with a strong Christian spine and morals are questionable. People act more with their emotions and less with their head most days and that can be dangerous. I haven't seen good judgment from people lately. I haven't seen the type of justice your speaking of because we are no longer in a well adjusted, level headed, rational community/society, at least not in Oregon.

I've seen similar types of citizen justice and they are as void of goodness as the minds of those acting. Maybe once I move back to the south, I'll see something different but the west coast is a SJW cesspool that rots brains and I wouldn't trust them with the justice you talk about.

@Serg97 It just occurred to me that I was speaking of this issue on a broad sense, whereas you might be specifically envisioning situations of abuse. With situations of clear, undeniable, and witnessed abuse, I would be, as a mother, angry enough to stand with you on this, without question.

@Serg97 The same happened to Maya Angelou's abuser. She was raped when she was 5 and her family murdered the man.

@ZuzecaSape Were any charges filed against the family?????

@Serg97 Not that I'm aware of. I'm unsure of the details. The Wikipedia entry simply says:

*At the age of eight, while living with her mother, Angelou was sexually abused and raped by her mother's boyfriend, a man named Freeman. She told her brother, who told the rest of their family. Freeman was found guilty but was jailed for only one day. Four days after his release, he was murdered, probably by Angelou's uncles.

Apparently he was beaten to death.



When I was young, I was firmly against the death penalty. No longer.
There are crimes that require the removal of people from society.
This is not about punishment. It's about those who are incapable of controlling their actions and urges to hurt others. It's also about those who deprive others of their lives to advance an idea or belief. Remove them altogether.
Like all things these actions can be used by some to exert power over people though fear. Considering humans will be incharge there must be checks and balances in place.
I look at what I've just written and shake My head at myself in disbelief.
I know killing is just wrong but letting these people kill and maim is also wrong.
The death penalty means no re-offending.
All goes to prove that the human race is "BATSHITCRAZY"


Dolls should absolutely be allowed. I know for a fact of be quite happy with a doll. I don't have to worry about hurting a kid, I can be satisfied, and dress her up without her throwing a tantrum.

I think it would reduce CSA by giving people like me a safe outlet. I almost offended because I have no safe outlet and was pressed into a "doomed to offend" mindset.

I'd like to mention, I'm also a survivor of childhood rape, molestation, and sexual exploitation. A doll is not a real child. If you think a doll will cause more abuse, then airsoft guns cause school shooters.

@redeemed-demon Serious question here, and if it's a sensitive topic, feel free to tell me to get stuffed. You mention you're a victim of abuse, do you feel that this impacted your current situation? Do you feel that maybe if that had not happened, that you would have become a different person? I ask because there are many who feel that your particular circumstance is where a lot of this starts and can create a circle. Child gets abused, child feels the need/desire to follow that behaviour as an adult, abuses a child..

@Czaidan No, I'm very sure I was born like this. My attraction has never changed and has stayed within a consistent zone, even as a kid.

I would be a different person, but that's because I wouldn't have a lot of the mental issues that come with it.

But I can firmly say, I have no plans of harming a child, which is why I want a doll. I'm not attracted to adults at all, so it's very difficult to get decent relief.

I know as a kid, I didn't treat my siblings good, but we've all apologized to each other for that.

@redeemed-demon hey, thanks for what seems to be a well thought out, reasonable answer.

@Czaidan You're welcome! I try to be as reasonable as I can be, especially when someone approaches civilly! So thank you for wanting to understand. I really appreciate it!

@redeemed-demon I appreciate your courage in discussing your predilection. That can't be easy with people having strong (homicidal) feelings towards people who admit such desires.

There's very little research into treating pedophilia disorders (good luck getting funding for that!). Most treatments involve steering the patient away from acting on their impulses towards children. You suggest you were born this way, therefore, I'm curious about some things.

  • Do you believe a therapeutic intervention early in life would have resulted in more conventional sexual desires?

  • If there was a treatment, would you seek it out?

  • What motivates you to refrain from acting on your desires now?

  • Do you experience psychological discomfort being prevented by law and ethics from acting on your desires?

  • Lastly, when do you first recall being sexually attracted to your preferred partner's gender? I have an hypothesis about this I'd like to collect some informal data on.

Thank you for your time and thank you for making an effort to refrain from acting on your impulses.

@ZuzecaSape Most people like me try to stay silent due to the intense stigma. I've already been accused of grooming for trying to help a teenager out of his psychotic episodes by providing him the support that I can.

To answer your questions!

—Not likely. Just like how a homosexual is born homosexual and cannot be changed, pedophilia is the same. We're just age focused, instead of gender/sex focused. It won't change, however it can help those struggling. Many pedophiles find out they're pedophiles at the age of 14, and a majority even attempt suicide at that same age because "No pedophile can ever be good. They're a ticking time bomb." That can really damage a young teenager! A note, a 14 year old can be a pedophile! A lot of people will sometimes accuse adults dating teens of pedophilia, which isn't entirely the case. You think a 14 year old being attracted to a 12 year old is normal, bit I'm talking about a 14 year old who's attracted to 4 year olds!

—Im already getting the only treatment we can get. Currently, since it's unchangeable, the most we can do is be taught how to accept our attraction and learn better coping mechanisms. Ever since accepting my attraction and realizing there's nothing wrong with it, as long as I don't act on a real child, I've coped so much better. The issue comes in with the fact that we have to constantly be afraid of being reported to the police because of mandatory report laws. We will be raided, and if we're minors, our parents will find out. A minor could be disowned or even worse! Their abuse could worse. I have a friend who's 12 (who needed support for her abusive family saying she deserved to be groomed) who just wants to be accepted and feel like she's not a horrible person. She had to pretend she's no longer a nepiophile (attracted to infants and toddlers) so her parents would stop abusing her.

—My own trauma from grooming, molestation, and sexual exploitation is what keeps me from acting now, as well as friends who have told me about their own trauma and how it has affected them. They're all very kind people who never deserved such trauma. A child will always be traumatized by a sexual or romantic relationship with children. Even the 3% that suffer the least amount of trauma still grow to have several anxiety disorders.

—Not really. My goal in life is to protect and help children. I don't ever want to hurt a child. Do I wish they could consent to such? Of course! However, I don't mind not having romantic or sexual relationships with kids. While I may exclusively be attracted to 4-10 year olds, I do have an adult that I romantically love very, very much. He knows and is very supportive, so long as I don't hurt a kid.

—Personally, I'm a transgender man (FtM) who likes both genders/sexes. Though, I have a heavy preference towards little girls. I started having those desires around 14 years old, but it was only 2 years after I was molested and I pushed myself very hard into denial. I had to face my attraction head on back in July, when I accidentally encountered Child Sexual Exploitation Material (CSEM) and felt the results of my attraction. I did report the site, and I haven't run into it since. I was very, VERY distraught over what had happened and I felt like a traitor to myself for being attracted to kids.

I'm glad you have questions to ask! I'm always willing to answer civil questions about my attraction. My impulses are easier to ignore, thanks to years of therapy.


@Naomi - I can't remember where I saw this (as it was over 10 years ago), but basically-
A crew went out to a place in a more remote area in Africa. The place didn't have electricity, but some places did have generators, and TVs
(the place was pretty poor and a large part of the community would gather around to watch an hour or two of videos every night). The local markets were, for some reason, flooded with hardcore porn videos, so that's pretty much all that anyone watched. A big part of the town was interviewed (of varying ages), and it came out that the videos had normalised hardcore sex, especially to the younger people. People were copying what they saw, and (because young kids had been exposed to it), the general age that people began to have sex at, lowered by several years. You had 14 year olds being interviewed stating that they were expected to do the same things you would see professional porn stars do in the most hardcore types of porn on video. Not surprisingly, sexual assaults (particularly in the form of date rape) went up dramatically too. Dramatic changes in the space of about 3 years, just due to the introduction of porn videos into the community.

Tom81 Level 8 Dec 23, 2020

Interesting. Well you provided me with a brief background and enough keywords. I can probably find it. Thank you!

@Tom81 You're describing average Africans. They've always been like that.


Then use heterosexual porn research as a proxy, if that exists, or the issue may be the influence of porn thats taboo not a sub set.


Food for thought.

While I have an issue with Pedophiles in general, as in it is NOT acceptable behavior, I have more of an issue around the laws and the abuse of the laws. I absolutely disagree with feeding the impulses or fetishes, whatever you want to call it, but where is the line? For example, if you look at CP you are deemed a Pedo, if you look at snuff movies, are you deemed a murderer? If you watch murder movies are you a murderer? Arguably they also feed impulses and desires, as does any porn or violent movies. Do you watch rape videos? Are you then a rapist? If you watch the Fast and the Furious are you deemed a danger to others on the road? Simplistic yes, but the reason still stands. If a person can be charged for seeing CP, having CP, or buying a CP doll, then what stops the law from charging you with murder (because you might one day murder someone), or stop the sale of performance cars because you might speed? Before you dismiss that as ridiculous, it is and has been debated in law school around the western world recently. The jury is not out yet.

Not sure if that makes sense. As Adrian said, an emotional topic.

Hello. I think you make a good point. Recently, a man married, all legally, a sex doll he's had for a few months. I know people like him exist, and they are not/do not necessarily become sex offenders.



As you say, the research has not been done, so any comment is going to be an emotional one, because people are, in general, reactionary melts who think that compassion is a virtue.
It's perfectly natural to be repulsed by the idea in the first instance, and the vast majority will never go any further than that because they are uncritical, and still prey to their emotions.
Your poll already illustrates how people would dismiss any research into the actual effects of virtual pedophilia because of their feelings, their compassion.
Compassion is an act of selfishness that does nothing but spare the feelings of the compassionate.

John Douglas did some research in to this argument in the 80s, because there was a case being argued that tv and porn are potential triggers. He argued that if just looking at porn (any kind, but the specific case was about bdsm if I remember correctly) was a trigger, then all men are potential predators and rapists. It's simply not been proven, and there is a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest it's not the case. Porn has been suggested to be about "instant gratification", which can lead to a confused outlook and abuse because the person becomes accustomed to that, and when it doesn't happen lashes out. While this not the norm, it can be shown that it does pose an issue in many cases.
I can't suggest an answer or point to a solution in the adult cases, but again, if the system encourages or allow this type of behaviour, it by proxy legitimizes it, and actually empowers those types to continue in that fashion.

@Czaidan I've been looking at porn for 40 years and I'm still not a rapist.
I would hazard that people who practice BDSM, and pedos, will have different mindsets, and one vague study, by one man, into unrelated sexual proclivities, is proof of absolutely nothing.
Conjecture, built upon conjecture.

@AdrianRainbow I'm in complete agreement.

@Czaidan Well merry Xmas to you Sir!


I hate to use the words "enable" and "normalize", but unlike consensual relationships between adults, I can't quite think of better words for making dolls for pedophiles. So, I think it kind of comes off as a "first step" rather than a "deterrent" to engaging in the actual act.

Also, those dolls in the picture remind me of Mannequin😂


I'm sure any and all parents would agree that it's better they play with plastic dolls instead of molesting real people.

Satch Level 7 Dec 23, 2020

How about castration for these deviates if proven beyond any doubt in a court room?


Julian Assange once advocated for free and widely available access to child pornography. Despite our gut feelings to the contrary, he argued a good case. The idea was that some people are stricken with the sickness of pedophilia, and will support the abuse of children to produce such material. If such pornography is unavailable in some regions, then it creates a market demand to produce such, placing more kids in danger and increasing the incident rate of actual child abuse.

Satch Level 7 Dec 23, 2020

I hate to do it, but I'm going to bring up the monetary element here. If that kind of material is made available, then someone is profiting off of it, be it in the production or in the distribution. That would mean there would be money being made on the exploitation of children. It's a tough line to draw but it would have to be brought to the front of any such discussion. Where would the line be?
If I'm following that line of reasoning, it's okay if John Doe is attracted to children, and is able to get his fix by watching porn, but the production company is immune for the exploitation of children to produce it? That's not a line I'm wiling to cross under any circumstances.


On a side note... is it just me, or are those sex dolls rather creepy looking?


Might have rather minimal effect if any at all, but suppose it's worth a try. Let the pedos have access to sex dolls, maybe that would be enough to satisfy their perversion? Won't know for sure until such would be tried. Sex dolls are inanimate objects, better they be used than children any day.


All these stories about offenders receiving their just desserts, giving the appearance of loose ends being tied up are extremely naive.
Statistically the figures of children being abused by parents or carers are quite shocking, something like 1 in 6, so before you run ahead with "justice" fantasies just remember that most violators are known to the victim and in most cases present as a "normal" family.
Just remember that when you look around at a school or church gathering. Its rarely a shadowy figure lurking beneath a bridge.


I am still waiting for Mormon video games about the Doomed , and medival dragon themed board games made by Jehovah's witnesses ; to " turn children into violent school shooters" as claimed by wealthy non-denominational television evangelists (who seem to have forgotten why they were so upset about the simulated animal cruelty in Pokemon pinball casino games ).


It's almost like asking if IBM was right about supplying Nazis with labeling devices against the victims of holocaust.

LukeGP Level 7 Dec 23, 2020
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Posted by Admin What did Trump do, if anything, to incite violence?

Posted by Admin Is free speech dead?

Posted by Admin Is free speech dead?

Posted by Admin Is free speech dead?

Posted by Admin Under what time and circumstance is the use of violence warranted?

Posted by Admin Now what?

Posted by Admin What do you expect to be achieved by this week's pro-Trump DC rally?

Posted by Admin What did you learn in 2020?

Posted by Admin Should pedophiles be allowed to have "child" sex robots?

Posted by Admin Do you have a "line in the sand" regarding political or social change?

Posted by Admin Should big tech firms hire more Blacks and Hispanics?

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