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What did Trump do, if anything, to incite violence?

This question is sincere as I'm trying to find out myself. I'm a fairly active reader of news but have only seen outrage in mainstream news outlets about the DC protests and not specific claims of what Trump did or how the protests were more violent or dangerous than the months of BLM protests last year. The attached video by JP Sears seems to suggest that Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, and Google have teamed up with Liberals to censor dissent and promote that Trump is dangerous via propaganda. In the video, he shows two tweets of Trump, shown below, that he says is what the fuss is all about - is that right?

Bonus question: Nancy Pelosi says that the protesters have chosen their "whiteness" (see " Is "whiteness" required for a healthy modern society?" ) over democracy. Is the support for "whiteness" the same as violence?

Did Trump incite violence?

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Admin 8 Jan 13
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President Trump did NOT incite violence, however a number of leftist Congress critter have done so over the past 10 years.

It is sad that JP has been forced by current events to move from poking fun at vegans to political commentary. This may be a canary in the coal mine sign.

Yeah, but he does it with such panache. 😛 I just hope he's really ready for the backlash this will cause him. I loved his video on how Liberals talk about the freedom of speech. Best line I've heard in a while was when the first guy says: "I hope I never have to hear another thing I have to say... ever again."

@jamesdomus1861 I hope he has alternatives platforms set up.


Trump's comments that were considered inciting calls to violence is a matter of opinion, he never directly made such calls to violence.

Use that argument for the guy that stabbed Seles. Is Graff responsible for stating that Seles is her biggest opponent and that the stabber honestly felt he was doing Graff’s will?

Graff said numerous times she loved her fans of which the stabber is one of them.
Trump never said he loves the people who did the damage at Capitol Hill. He said he loves his supporters.

Seles at the time was the most hated tennis player in the world due to her temporary dominance over Graff. It was not just one opinion. Media was blowing it up, just like they do now.

Many players including Graff said the use of screaming during play was offsetting and unfair. Officials said it is not.

Trumps speeches are not filled with violence as your own post show. It is far less violent than the calls by other politicians to support BLM and anti-Trump protests.

Media and left politicians have been warned that if they continue to try and ostracise and alienate a large portion of US people, it may lead to violence,

So using your own criteria, no, Trump is not responsible, however the main stream media and left wing politicians are significantly responsible.

I used the Graff / Seles as an example to show how absurd your claim that Trump is to blame, while exonerating left wing politicians who has been pushing BLM protests and media that has blown this up as much as possible.

Did Trump specifically say he loved the people who illegally occupied the building and broke laws?
Or did he say he loved the people who came to support him, and by saying to stay peaceful and go home implying they should not break the law and hence excluded those who did so.

Spot the difference?

You think either of us objective?
What a joke.
You are very subjective, so am I (even though I am much less so).

All you have to compare is to what other politicians have said and what actions that brought. CNN famous protesters don’t have to be peaceful... AOC and the squad calling for riots... etc etc.

Now you have an “objective” baseline you can work from.

Then of course all important context, his words there are all in response to violent actions employed by others in the first place.

You have lost all claims to objectivity long ago when you insisted that the election should not be audited. That any calls for audits are “calls for violence”.
Even South Africa audit their elections.

So don’t tell me about objectivity, you have very little.

Funny that, I read the transcript of his speech and did not interpret it that way and have not read any conservative commentator saying that is what he meant.

However, I will give you that, both conservative commentators and myself are biased so it is our subjective view.

I will also give you that Trump could have been more vocal to his supporters not to break the law and stay peaceful.

You will then also need to consider who has had the largest contribution to these events: Trump vs the media and left politicians who hate him.

These people did this, not because the election was “stolen”, but because they are angry about four years of false investigations into Russian collusion’s, political impeachment’s and for being called white supremacist even though Trump on 38 seperate public occasions denounced white supremacy.

You stated that the people did the violence because Trump told them the results are crooked and needs to be audited. Officials till today refuse to audit the election.

Look a bit back at our Graff and Seles discussion.

I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn't lose any voters, OK?" Trump remarked

@TheMiddleWay "if it is the opinion of those that participated in the Capitol Assault that they were doing Trump's will, that they felt Trump told them to do this, that they had Trump's support in doing what they did.. or something to the effect...
... then does Trump bear any responsibility for so many people holding that opinion?"
If they took his requests to be peaceful and non-violent to somehow mean assaulting the Capitol then that is on their own heads.
Of course the protesters following Antifa plants into the Capitol were the ones who left for the Capitol before Donald Trump could incite anything even if he were of a mind to. Remember how far the Capitol is from the Speech podium. You'd have to be a damned fast runner to make it in the window of time available, and that's not taking into account making your way through the crowds that either weren't moving, or were moving at a sunday afternoon BBQ pace.

@TheMiddleWay "and since there's as much evidence for antifa leading Trump supporters as Trump supporters leading antifa, they both must be true!"

Not at all, because there is no evidence of Trump supporters leading antifa, but lots of evidence of the former.

And that's ignoring that Trump supporters are not naturally militant or organized, whereas Blantifa is well funded, ideologically aggressive and very violent.


He won the presidency in 2016, despite efforts to steal the election for Clinton.

That was his crime. From that point on, lies, deception and theft have characterized everything they’ve done. Filling the front ranks with Antifa thugs thinly disguised as Trump supporters on January 6 was exactly their MO.

Didn’t you get the memo? Trying to investigate the biggest criminal theft in history is now defined as stealing the election.

As for the Pelosi nonsense, why don’t you spend a week listening to Ben Shapiro videos and get a clue about how to avoid letting the left frame all your questions?

Is support for whiteness the same as violence? Yeah, in Pelosi’s wet dreams. The question is unworthy of a response.

Fuck ‘em all.

I must disagree! The front ranks were NOT filled with Antifa thugs thinly disguised as Trump supporters on January 6! Some of them were BLM racist thugs...

Heads, tails, same bad penny

Well, put. Sometimes, in the propaganda haze, I forget what a nightmare the left has become.


Liberals repeatedly inciting VIOLENCE against Trump Supporters. Encouraging "punching us in the face", assisinating the president, encouraging unrest in the streets, blowing up the white house, creating crowds and telling us we are NOT welcome anymore, anywhere!

It's funny how they said all that, then cowered behind their bodyguards when a couple of dozen people came into the Capitol, none of them armed, from what I could see from the various pieces of footage. Where did their toughness go? Oh, yeah, they wanted someone ELSE to commit the violence while they stayed safe in their homes. Real tough guys.

@jamesdomus1861 The first person I thought of was Jake Gardner after hearing so many Democrats saying how scared they were, how they thought the broken glass was gun fire, how they feared for their lives, and how relieved they were that their service men were there to save them.

One service member shot and killed Ashli Babbit. She was unarmed, but trying to break in, much like James, who was shot and killed by Jake, after breaking his bars windows and after tackling Jake to the ground.

Violence is tragic, senseless, and heartbreaking for everyone involved. I don't condone it, but I have no sympathy for politicians who view their brief brush with the mounting civil unrest that has been raging in our country for months on end, as being unforgivable, yet our continued violence against one another is viewed as acceptable losses.

@saramarylop3z When it's directed against their enemies, it's all well and good and normal. When it's directed somewhere in their neighborhood, they cry like babies.

@dd54, it is indeed.


Inciting violence...Maxine Waters

"If we can't protect the children..." So come out as anti-abortion. Simple. Save the children.


Trump had the unmitigated gall to break into the elite good ole boy club. They don't like outsiders.

Spot on.


Stop and think. What would a real call to action from Trump look like?
What would be the outcome. If Trump put in a call for civilian infantry what would happen?

You quicikly realize the answer to the above question is a resounding no. The left is using us any way they see fit. All of us, not just populists or Trump supporters. You want change fine, lets not throw the baby out with the bath water. Can we please not become a communist country. Pretty please.

Tarpon Level 7 Jan 13, 2021

He would likely say "stay indoors and protect your families. Give the white hats room to do their thing." Trump would not dream of putting Civilians in harm's way.


Trump can say anything and the MSM will convulse and throw hissy fits to sell news to the wokes, BLM, and that awful bitch Pelosi!
The pendulum is over there now but it will return and some business people are going to crash!

Rick-A Level 8 Jan 13, 2021

Not that I saw. I watched the speech and did not hear one inciting comment. If anything, with him being late and his speech running long, I believe that most people were more concerned with getting walking to warm up.

What I saw of the March, it was peaceful as well.

I had seen a timeline posted on the internet that apparently shows the capital being entered before the walk even reached the capital. Not sure how accurate it was though.


That's some pretty hate filled speech. To call out a single demographic, a single race and to seek to denigrate them for being evil because of the color of their skin is racist. Oh, yeah, that was Pelosi and she was calling out white people. Totally legit. My bad.


Of course as per usual, we are supposed to take the mainstream media's claims at face value, which I don't.

The main stream media has been used for decades to sway opinions, this is no different. The only change was that Trump called them out, which infuriated them.


If you take the Democrat position at face value, anyone who questioned the outcome of the election incited violence, irrespective of whether they had a Constitutional right to question the outcome.

I mean, they are - as we speak - trying to expel lawmakers from Congress for "inciting violence" by supporting Trump and his assertion that there were irregularities. Never mind the fact that we've lived through four years of Democrats citing irregularities and a compromised election.

You mean like trying to get Jordan to say the election was fair by browbeating him to "repeat after me". How about the raft of Dem reps demanding that over 100 Republican reps be removed from office? How about Forbes insisting no one hire anyone who had in any way or at any time been associated with the Trump Administration? Elise Stefanik (R-NY) removed from a senior advisory committee at Harvard's school of government for questioning election integrity? And all of this is just the tip of the iceberg for the evolving PURGE .. and all are considered guilty of inciting violence.


Do we get to go back and look at what past presidents have said and impeach them too?
Just curious...

ktpinto Level 7 Jan 13, 2021

Who would you suggest and what did they say?

@N0DD Oh no... I'm not jumping into that pit of snakes.
Simply put, you nitpick at anyone's words, you will be able to put your own negative spin on it.

@ktpinto so the answer is NO! You're right not to jump in because your fallacy was to beg the question. In other words there never was an answer that could be "nit picked".

@N0DD First of all, it's "you're"
Second of all, I have NO idea what you're talking about, but it's nice to know you don't need a second person to have a conversation, or even to understand what was said before responding. Funny thing is though, you completely proved my point. Thanks.
walks across the invisible bridge over the pit of snakes and ignores the rabid native on the ledge below

@ktpinto thank you for pointing out the typo, easily fixed! No way of fixing incurious " curiosity ", l think you're just posing but don't worry you've got the script and you're in the bubble.



The question is more, how much do the main stream media and left wing politicians through four years of making false claims and charges against Trump, need to take responsibility?

People who made these claims and continue to do so, how much are they responsible for the growing anger in the conservative US?

If a boy pokes a dog every day and eventually the dog bites the boy, is it the dog or the boy at fault?

Hanno Level 8 Jan 13, 2021

Thanks, I'll use that excuse when I lead the future communist revolution: the Republicans provoked me by saying things that made me mad!

Also, does the dog happen to be a white supremacist?

No, but the boy is one!


If I were to try to assign blame to trump maybe I could say he holds 3% of the blame. Democrats probably hold 17% and the remaining 80% is the mainstream media.

The people who stormed the capital building are responsible too. Their choice to break in.

@REN777 I would say they share 100% of the blame in reality, my other percentages were hypotheticals of what if you could hold someone else accountable for the actions of those individuals.


The Communist left - and the Repube parties became tacitly and explicitly violent when Trump had the audacity to WIN the election and took up residence in the White House.
His presence at the table of - the seat of - gov't did not so much "incite" violence as it triggered a level of hate and avarice and evil that already existed - Trumps Presidency effectively took those evil means out of the closet and thrust them into the daylight. Every time the Communists attacked Trump they revealed their own faces of contorted evil. The behavior of the Swamp people is akin to the gnasing of teeth and the wailing of the unrighteous ones at the end of an age.
No, Trump did NOT incite violence - he merely provoked evil men into acting out openly on their utter contempt for ideals of liberty, freedom and righteousness.

iThink Level 9 Jan 13, 2021

People are very happy to fall for the con of distraction, as everything Mr.President says is broadcast for opinion, as many forget the word "if" was debated before Congress and the Supreme Court by a president that people loved and hated. At times in speaking to a crowd the President has made sarcastic remarks of violence, but the conversation lead to the statement and was obvious to be sarcastic. He has always pushed peace with law and order without violence. So far I've heard those in government claiming the President responsible for violence are the ones that have publicly pushed and prompted violence during the last years. Fools support hypocrites.

@Garsco ya, they won't show the conversation, just a couple words, but only the conservative Republicans, and not a word about the Representatives on camera saying to attack an innocent.

@Garsco They've been doing this blitz at least since Clinton.


If he believes the election is fraudulent and all legal remedies are exhausted then patriots that agree have ever right to revolt if he is right. The problem is the establishment will not allow the election to be properly examined. In other words nobody knows if a revolt is justified.

Personally I think massive fraud has always been part of U.S. politics. Keeping that in mind I'm asking myself if this is time for armed sedition. I lean heavily towards a no. I don't think a better government can be constituted with the available leadership.

wolfhnd Level 8 Jan 13, 2021

That last is a really good point.


Politics is not my thing. I can't imagine anyone wanting to go through what Trump has. I can't imagine me going out of my way to defend the establishment. I'm going to let people see what they voted for and how they react then decide if I'm going to participate in anyway with politics.

As a conservative I believe reconciliation is quite possible. Not between us and the elites in Washington who would hate our guts if they knew we existed. But with our neighbors and family who voted for Biden.
My BFF expressed dismay at all the vitriol her white evangelical friends expressed. Low information voter. It seems she too has suffered but sees the world through another lens. Blaming everything that happened in 2020 on Trump.
She said talking about him causes her visceral disgust. I said, "Well then we just won't talk about him then." Our friendship continues.
She has proven herself a true friend in the past and has saved my life. I'll never forget it.
It's worth noting the BLM and Antifa rioters don't like Biden either and are threatening his voters in blue cities. I suggest alliances between those who want to live in peace. I don't like the alt right nuts myself.


"I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard." - Trump's 1/6 transcript recorded by Al Jazeera. Violence started at 1 pm Trump's speech ended at about 1:10 pm about 30 to 40 minute walk from the Capitol. The premise that Trump's 1/6 speech incited the Capitol Hill violence is not legally founded with the current known evidence (However, by the plain English definition, every political speech can be construed as incitement as can anything).

As for promoting the "stolen election" conspiracy, also not a legal standard for charging incitement. However, when you consider that the party that promoted the first "impeachment" is the party that will now own the legislative and executive branches because Americans love to be lied to and entertained, it would seem that impeachment is a win win. Should be interesting to see what they throw in the coliseum once the lions get hungry again.

@TheMiddleWay - it's not entirely an empty list - [] but it does require some sifting. The legal standard for inciting violence must be used if we are to maintain free speech. It is totally appropriate (and a bit of a cultural sport) that the citizenry be allowed to use inflammatory language towards our elected officials.

Whether people believe something or not has long lost its value except to gage the level of reason of a group.

@TheMiddleWay Although I am fairly creative and imaginative, I still often fall short of finding narratives that defeat my preconceptions. Your help is appreciated. Freedom of speech needs to survive. Been itching to look into the Sidney Powell Kraken conspiracy with an angle of imagining what forces could so mislead her. Probably have a go at it next week.

Lol #conspiracy


"What did Trump do, if anything, to incite violence?"
Come on, we all know that Trump incites violence simply by drawing breath!
He is the very antithesis of every single Democrat leader!!

Trump or anyone who voted for him breathing is "violence" to those guys.


Twitter stock went down 12 points. Parler may provide competition if they aren't kept down.

REN777 Level 7 Jan 13, 2021

Dan Bongino is working pretty hard to get Parler back up. He is a part investor. Seems I read somewhere that he was talking with Elon Musk about funding a new platform. I would suspect it is simply a matter of time before enough conservative wealth funds an entirely new platform on a massive scale to compete with the leftist tech gang. The leftists have also now clearly placed themselves within anti-Trust legislative territory.

@toronto_Georgia the Neo Left supports monopolies. Despite railing against it. What politicians stand for and what they say they stand for can be the exact opposite.
Thanks to the internet--hard to control unless we confine ourselves to a few platforms--I foresee new opportunities for Indie movies. The poor quality of Hollywood pics is due not just to preachiness of messages but lack of competition. Competing for customers leads to better products.


No, Trump didn't incite violence with his words, human interpretations of his words did!

Sure his words can be taken in various ways-either in a negative light or positive, however, with the current political climate as it is, more or less anything is seen as offensive, or violent, or racist nowadays.
There are many sensitive people out there getting offended at anything and everything, the term 'racist' for example has been very heavily diluted, so that even picking your nose, or scratching your behind in front of a person of colour is seen as racist (BTW: a non-white female here-in case somebody decides I'm a white supremacist, and just don't understand blah blah blah!)

When you take the 'they will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form' it can be interpreted in many different ways, if you want to see violence in those words, then you'll only see violence.

If somebody sees the posts from Trump as inciting violence, then I'd like to ask them to explain what some members of black lives matter have said about white people and the 'patriarchy'.
Yes it's not the same as Trumps posts, but still explain to me what the words of some BLM members towards whites/the patriarchy mean!

You cannot have only one side or one group of people as being seen as evil whilst seeing everybody in the other side or group as right, or virtuous-people are people and there are good and bad in every group.

Incitement to insurrection is the charge, violence or incitement to violence though serious is not material or necessary to the issue. Trump is toast.

@N0DD Well, no, Trump isn't toast. He's retiring. The clock is ticking against impeachment. McConnell knows it and that's the end of it.

"Just because you're you" isn't grounds for impeachment conviction. The Turtle isn't going to spend time or energy on more "Trump" when he can shine a spotlight on what the dems are supposed to be doing for 80 million disaffected voters in particular, and America in general.

@Terence57 Sedition, conspiracy, and incitement to insurrection are the offenses being investigated. I wonder how Republicans actually feel about the optics of the Confederate flag being marched through the Capitol? By that question I mean actual Republicans not racist white supremacists or KKK.

It's simply over. Trump is the only unifying thing the dems have. They can only milk it so long.

@Terence57 I'm afraid your just engaging in a combination of denial, evasion and wishful thinking. That's understandable but what about my question what does it mean for Republicans to have the Confederate flag marched through the Capitol ? ( Im not a Democrat by the way)

@N0DD sounds like the Alt Right was involved. The Boogaloo and Q crowd. Kind of the right wing version of Antifa.

This is toooooo good. The Confederate Flag being marched through the Capitol may indeed, mean something, once we know (if ever) who was carrying it.

But really, the irony of a guy/girl using a Guevara Avatar asking that question is too delish!

@Terence57 you know everybody loves to tell me all about the image of Che, but nobody at all has a squeak to utter about an insurrectionist parading through the Capitol with a Confederate flag! Speaks volumes.

Unless and until somebody puts a name w/ a pic...well, there just isn't too much TO say. I mean, a guy could use a murdering communist as an avatar, but that wouldn't make him a murdering communist.

@Terence57 is there a failure of imagination, or something else in literally being unable to form a response of any kind, especially from people who profess to be Republicans to the Confederate flag being paraded through your Capitol. Not an iota, not too much, fair enough, but absolutely nothing. On this site of patriots, MAGAs etc. What is it? Is it too shameful? Its down right wierd.

You're not getting it---deliberately, I'm sure. The failure of imagination is yours alone. You aren't getting the answer you want, so you pretend you aren't getting an answer.

You may not be a dem, but you're a lefty, an operator. If you're really that challenged, reread the thread until you understand that unless you know who the flag carriers are, your charge that they were R's or even Trump supporters makes for pretty weak tea.

The GOOD NEWS is, the readers here are seeing how you operate. A backhanded compliment, but take them where you find them.

But, really, what's with the Che love? Plenty of historical figures from the left who weren't cold blooded killer/"poets." Howabout Chomsky? I mean, I hardly agree with anything he purports to believe, but I'd never say he doesn't have brains enough to embarrass me, whether he's right OR wrong. And he never murdered anyone.

@Terence57 why no answer to a simple question? Just think about the question, forget about the questioner, just think about the flag not the bearers identity, think of it as a thought experiment. Be curious try some reflection.

Still at it...okay. Here's your problem---
If you don't know who was carrying it, you don't have a context. If you don't have a context, you don't have any parameters. Your thought experiment becomes a "musing," if you will.

And, NODD, really...if you want to be listened to, let alone taken seriously, you need to lose the Che thing, and you need to come to the table w/ less adolescent hubris.

"Be curious[,] try some reflection" isn't sage advice or even a good way to increase your capital in a forum, public or not. It's small.

I can tell that you have many more years ahead of you. There's plenty here you can pick up.
Let the need for "positioning" go.

@Terence57 you simply can't do it.

I explained my position and you are absolutely correct! Cool!

However 99 percent of the media felt about him, Trump was their "best friend."

And, like the crack whores they are, they blame him and everyone else for their addiction.


@ Admin How "sincere" is your question? Trump has been impeached on grounds of in inciting insurrection. This is an important distinction because it does not merely apply to his speech on the day. The violence is what triggered the response by law enforcement but the crimes being investigated are sedition, conspiracy and incitement to insurrection. Assuming you are a Republican what do you make of the Confederate flag being paraded through the Capitol, and pertaining to your supplementary question vis a vis Pelosi, would you consider the choice of the Seditious flag as a proclamation of "whiteness".

N0DD Level 7 Jan 14, 2021

Your comment suggests the impeachment was an impartial review that determined 'facts'. It was no such thing. I don't, and many others don't, accept the 'fact' that he incited anything.

I consider the Chinese flag and the Hammer&Sickle flags to be worse than the Confederate flag...but that is me.

The hundreds of riots over the summer certainly meet the criteria of sedition and insurrection.

@tracycoyle my comment suggests nothing of the kind, metaphorically waving a hammer and sickle or the flag of China is a bit feeble in response to a straight forward question. I would suggest for most Americans the Confederate flag holds a lot more significance either way than the flags of big bad Communist countries.

I infer that you are also in favor of prosecuting Assange and Snowden.

@pbuck0145 I infer you don't wish to respond to the question, but of course we know how that goes.

@N0DD I already answered the question yesterday:
"I have seen no evidence of inciting violence. It is easy to see, though, how BLM and Antifa activists, and some Trump fanatics, could incorrectly interpret his words which, IMHO, were intentionally vague."
Here's a question for you: "Are you in favor of prosecuting Assange and Snowden."

@pbuck0145 No that wasnt the question, and no to your irrelevant one, both Assange and Snowden are out with American jurisdiction any way, if you must change the subject.

@N0DD What was the question? I assumed it was the one in the poll.

@pbuck0145 question to @Admin on this thread vis a vis "sincerity" of question referring only to incitement of violence and what does it mean for Republicans to have the Confederate flag paraded through the Capitol?

@N0DD What makes you assume that I could answer a question on behalf of @Admin?

@pbuck0145 not assuming anything you waded into the conversation with your own non-sequiter and irreievant inference.

@N0DD Your comment: "I infer you don't wish to respond to the question, but of course we know how that goes." implied the expectation of an answer.

Would wearing a Che T-shirt at the same rally be provocation?

@pbuck0145 and....?

@N0DD And!!!

They could have impeached him for being an alien from Alpha Centauri here to steal all the rutabagas, as long as enough voted yes.


The massive blunder here was Trump putting himself in a position that is open to interpretation: We are going to walk down to the Capitol... he said, not to wage an assault but to cheer on Republicans questioning the vote. Even more problematic, as he sent them off: You’ll never take back our country with weakness, you have to show strength.

I don’t believe Trump wanted the chaos that ensued, but the fact that he’s a central figure in it, is a profound failure of leadership.

Historians may look back at this day as the beginning of the end of the United States. Don’t laugh. We saw the Soviet Union disintegrate just 30 years ago.

The Take-Back-Our-Country speech is a powerful, and unearned victory for Democrats, woke-progressives, socialists, and everyone who hates America. How can we criticize Antifa or BLM after this?

The newly fired-up Democratics, while calling for unity, are doing the opposite, working night and day to racialize the attack, changing the narrative from election fraud to white supremacy.

The fiasco also helps the left achieve another major goal: to categorize Trump supporters as armed terrorists who are in the same league as Hamas, Hezbollah or ISIS.

It’s also empowered what was a weak incoming Biden Administration.

The big loser in this chapter, rightly or wrongly, are conservative values. In the space of a few chaotic hours, a handful of people wiped out almost all the achievements of the past four years.

GeeMac Level 8 Jan 13, 2021

Walking is hardly violent or even marching.... honestly as for staying strong that is the sort of language you use to support the bereaved... you have to stay strong...
Nothing he said was incitement.

@TheMiddleWay He was speaking for the #PatriotParty and the #MAGA party. FUCK THE GOP. I doubt POTUS Disagrees.

All of that is interesting, but the Capitol was breached while Trump was still speaking, so it wasn't done by his audience at the elipse.

Another point... when talking about the Democrats and their LW Progressive base you need to say leaving himself open to deliberate misinterpretation.


By the legal standard for incitement, he did nothing. For the political standard of incitement, all he had to do was still be president, or have been president in the last few years, when the riot happened.

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