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What did you learn in 2020?

It's an understatement to say that 2020 was an eventual year. Starting with an impeachment trial, 2020 continued with a pandemic, BLM protests, crazy wildfires, close and heated election, and the final curtain for Eddie Van Halen and Alex Trebek. But hey, we survived. Congrats to all those who participated.

What surprised you this year? Did you learn something about yourself or others? Is it true that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger?

For those who remember the "Y2K" panic of Dec 31, 1999, this Nike commercial seems more apt for 2020. Best wishes to all in 2021!

How do you feel about 2021?

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Admin 8 Dec 29
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I learned that all of our cherished assumptions are groundless, and that all our suspicions are, in fact, real. Turns out, in an insane world, paranoia is the only sane response.

The media had already abandoned objective reporting in favor of advocacy journalism, but this was the year they graduated to full blown propaganda, lying about inconvenient facts that conflicted with the agenda. Whose agenda? That’s just it—they have become puppets, doing the bidding of their masters.

This is the year when science was totally politicized, rendering the maxim “Trust the science,” just one more authoritarian piece of manipulation and control.

This is the year when people who still believe in this country and support its founding principles woke up, and realized how long, and how deeply we’ve been asleep. Long enough, and deep enough that we can no longer rely on the FBI, the courts, or our legislators to have any interest in the rule of law. Corruption at all levels is too tame a word to describe what has happened to the country.

The election fraud has been on full display. We wouldn’t have believed that treason on such a breathtaking scale could be possible. We had to see it. We had to listen to people we thought were reliable and honest look at the obvious and say, “Nothing to see here.”

This was the year that we discovered that we are in a civil war.

This is the year we all took the Red Pill.

And what of next year?

2020 was the beta test run. Now that they know what people will tolerate, the big guns come out. 😂

@Edgework Absolutely! Game On.


I’ll just leave this here...

Just like 2000 just fizzled when we expected sooooooooo much more 🙂


These days hardly anything surprises me. Yeah, it's been said often that what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, guess that might apply to me where 2020 is concerned. About a week and a half ago I suffered a severe hypoglycemic episode, and had I been by myself when it happened I most likely would have died.

I remember the panic over Y2K, thankfully that ended up being a dud. 2020 has been one dysfunctional year, and I'll sure be glad when it's over. Of course, no telling what's to come ahead in 2021? Things can always get worse, so I remain somewhat pessimistic.

Damn! Glad to hear you dodged that bullet @SpikeTalon!!! Take care.

I too am glad you made it through that episode. Take care.


I worked Y2K and it was nothing at all like the turn of the millennium people were concerned about computers going down. This year it has been people that are the problem. We have seen people who hold high office to be as corrupt as any street corner thug, people we once admired exposed as monsters, the influential only self-interested...the social fabric has been rotted by ego, greed, and lawlessness. Where once the nation was admired as first in the world, it is now the example of how great civilizations collapse - from within.


This time last year, people were saying the same thing about 2019. We couldn’t wait for it to be over. Well I guess we didn’t know how lucky we were. So let’s not complain too much about 2020. Things can always get worse.

At first, many people thought a worldwide pandemic would help us see our real priorities and push silly woke crusaders off the agenda. The opposite turned out to be true. The left regrouped and reframed the pandemic as an opportunity to push harder on climate change and — gag — “build back better”. Progressives seized the moment and dominated the rest of 2020.

It was a golden opportunity for the right to pummel the left for exploiting pandemic misery to further their ideology; but predictably, the right let everyone down and failed miserably. The right, rather then coming to the aid of the sick, the suffering, the unemployed, and our frontline workers, instead turned it into either a hoax or a conspiracy.

Yes, there’s reason to question masks and lockdowns and economic impact; but the reaction of the right to the pandemic was immature. The reaction of the left was exploitative. Disappointing all around.

GeeMac Level 8 Dec 30, 2020

i don't think the right really does much to aid the sick - more make a viral video of not wearing a mask on a plane and then have people say it's epic and triggered the libs etc.


Things could go either way but I'm not too optimistic because...well... history.
We're at a point where, the western world has thrown it's entire fortune on the table and about to roll the dice on a double or nothing bet. The house (almost) always wins, so...

Tom81 Level 8 Dec 29, 2020

Too bad the Democrats have the house...

@Admin And if the Georgia vote on 01-05-2021 goes the same way the vote on 11-03-2020 did, the DEMs will also have the Senate!!!
And if Joe & Hairass get into the White house, there goes the Constitution!!!!


I learned that my opinions and feelings (all very negative) about Gov't, Gov't officials and "authority figures in general are well founded. I learned that the so called Peter Principle is more than a silly myth or theory.

For reference here is a simple definition of the Peter Principle:

The Peter Principle is an observation that the tendency in most organizational hierarchies, such as that of a corporation, is for every employee to rise in the hierarchy through promotion until they reach a level of respective incompetence

This certainly applies in Gov't as much if not much more than it occurs in Corporate America.

I learned that stupid and ignorant people out number smart people with common sense at a ratio somewhere around 500 to 1...maybe more like 1,000 to 1.
I learned that I damn well must be prepared for things to get a lot worse looking forward and beyond my own lifetime. Woe be our children and their children...
I don't believe I am a pessimist at all but I am a realist. I call things as I see them not as I wish them to be.
We are a Country that lacks in morality and is much more "godless" than anyone would ever admit to being.

iThink Level 9 Dec 29, 2020

I learned that my paranoid belief that globalist conspirators were poised to destroy western society and replace it with a one world authoritarian ruling class kleptocracy while imposing Marxism/Maoism on the rest of us was not only completely justified but also sorely underestimated.

Andyman Level 8 Dec 30, 2020

The ball has not yet dropped on whether Biden will be sworn in ... leaving everyone holding their breath over whether we will still have a Republic. Trump to some extent shot himself in the foot demanding $2,000 stimulus payment AND the repeal of Section 230 and the establishment of a Fraud Investigation Commission. McConnell, the crafty old dog has tied all three together in a Bill which we all know will never be approved by Congress. Colorado has just announced a "super spreader" version of COVID has just been located in that State. Fauci is telling us the pandemic is going to seriously escalate in the New Year while the WHO tells us this is NOT the "big one" we need to worry about. John Kerry, and Biden's projected environment tzar has assured the World Economic Forum that the US will be into the Great Rest faster and harder than anyone can imagine. We do not yet know if Kelly Loeffler, David Perdue will be re-elected, saving the Senate for Republican resistance to Biden/Harris Administration's extreme left agenda.

Two U.S. Air Force B-52H Stratofortress bombers made a “deliberate appearance” in the Middle East on Tuesday to deter potential attacks against U.S. troops amid intelligence showing “complex attack planning” in Iraq pending the one year anniversary of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad, Iraq Jan. 3, 2020.

Further MSM denials of the bogus Hunter Biden story are surfacing again.

The European Union and China on Wednesday approved “in principle” a major investment pact that Brussels hopes will open up lucrative opportunities.

AND all of that is just the tip of the iceberg for entering the New Year.

In all honesty I am going into 2021 with the belief that 2020 was just a warm up for what is to come.

A crash helmut, flak vest, ammo and eyes wide open is how I am going into 2021.


On one hand I should be optimistic given that 2020 was by far the worst year I've witnessed, and where do you go from near bottom? Well, further down into the pit, I fear.

2020 wasn't bad for me personally, but I tend to view questions like this in a larger context, and I have deep concerns about my fellow brothers and sisters out there. It appears the majority of us have settled for the fast path to mediocrity. It doesn't help that the people WE chose to lead and govern us have failed at all levels. Yes, there are some good ones out there, just as the are good ones amongst us all. When it comes to the values I cherish most, though, I'm clearly in the minority now.


If 2020 has been a “Tunnel” ... Politically, Socially, Financially and in Terms of Government Abuse of Power ... then I see Very Little Light at the End of This Tunnel ...

I concur.


I won’t allow pessimism to cloud my hopes, but I know that it’s going to be a battle so I am going to do my part and stick to some basic personal rules.
I am not going to get the shoot now and in any case I’ll probably only qualify in a few months. So I can procrastinate on making the decision.
I going to keep informed based on multiple sources of info and be careful!

Rick-A Level 8 Dec 29, 2020

Personally I don't want another 2020... not in my lifetime even.
We started off with very bad bushfires due to Green policies and poor bush management, then we got hit by the chinese virus and also missed out on getting out of Labor's debt due to it.

The later 60's and early 70's were not good times either, check your history!!!!
WE survived that mess, patriots are resilient, hopefully there enough left to get through this mess!!!!

@Serg97 I didn't comment on the 60s and 70s... but I will now.... for me the 60s were fine, the 70s onwards there were changes that I didn't agree with but from the 80s onwards social and political changes became more and more irrational... they were aided by the march through our Institutions of the Progressive Left.

@Lightman If you had been in the states, it started in the 60's, trust me!!!!!
But otherwise, you are dead on!!!!!!!


What I learn't was in 1998 at uni that western civilisation was collapsing. I thought we would have 70 years or so but that time frame has been shrinking. All the indicator boxes for the fall imo have now been ticked, including the one preceded by a plague or the reaction to it.

its one of those theories that I hope to be shown to be wrong or I am just a demented doomer. Going to need a miracle now. Trump has done the right thing by moving the GOP TO The left of the Dems to morally re-energise civilisation but I fear to little to slow and late plus the risk of DNC over reach is massive,next few weeks/months are critical.


I am optimistic because I know that the Lord's will will be done. All will come out for the good for those that are His. As far as the nation and the world's problems from a worldly point of view it is all downhill.

I thought that was the Lord's prayer? Could you cite scripture. Could you show how it will be 'good' for believers when I read of a 'time of trouble, and when I read Jesus saying FEAR NOT he who can kill the body...' and the persecution, torture and deaths of Christians is at an all time high? Scriptures please. Thanks

@2FollowHim I know that this world is not all there is. Philippians 1:21 "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." Of course, those who believe that this world is all there is will not believe that. []

In the end it is our faith in God and the knowledge that He is in control of all things, including the devil, that is the true fount of our strength.


Pessimistic, unfortunately, but that old ad had me in tears.😂

Seriously, though, who knows? I may have a different perspective in a couple months. Maybe 2021 will be amazing. I'd just rather not get my hopes up.😅


@Admin - you know how houses go, when they're not built on stable foundations...

Tom81 Level 8 Dec 30, 2020

2021 is gonna suck, but we must pass through adversity before we achieve our greater goals. I welcome each day which brings us closer to that time. I'm content with my place in history. There can be no great achievement without struggle.


we the people need to stand up demand to be heard or we'll all be begging for help which is what they want, defy the lock down open the business, start working again


There's many levels: societal, political, financial, emotional, spiritual, and then, personal.

I see it bad in all ways EXCEPT top 1%, elites who get the bounty for pennies on the TEN dollars. Their increase will be astronomical while middle class shrink to almost gone.
This is the goal, no middle class: just the few controllers and compliant slaves.

Emotional will be suppressed by drugs, spiritual will decline or just disappear.
Political may actually change into more of Soros dream, and one world government. Soros is destroying along with CCP, Canadian leadership and others.
But personally, it is better than ever before, getting closer to
my own values, putting the Lord ever more central, inclusive, seeing
prayer far more clearly, doing it, studying the word, prophecy.
Social distancing from unbelievers while encouraging those I meet to consider God, what's most important.
So while darkness increases, so does the brightness of light in my life: warming me, encouraging me, directing me.
I've never been so much in awe of the blessings bestowed; I just
tremble sometimes that I won't be worthy. Oh, yes, I know I'm not.
But when you're given much, much is required, and justifiably so.
For me, 2020 was a wake up call to smarten up, get far more serious(I was always fairly serious).
Just as no one could direct or control 2020, and the solutions only line the financial pockets of drug companies, no one will be able to direct 2021.
But I believe there will be PERSONAL, individual miracles, and that's what will be wonderful.
Well, we'll see. Important question, @admin!


2020 started with Iran literally just after the New Year began.


Part of me wants to take the rhetoric at face value; meaning that if the so-called "experts" are saying we're going to spend all of 2021 in lockdown - not even getting a sniff at normal until 2022 - then I take that seriously because our new overlords have demonstrated they don't give two figs about the economy or whose lives the lockdown destroys.

The other part of me believes that there will be a "miracle cure" in Q1 of 2021 that will bring us almost immediately, abruptly, back to normal; for which there will be much backslapping and self-congratulation by our new overlords having "brought us through the crisis by virtue of their leadership." That is, almost as if by magic, COVID-19 goes from being this "it'll kill us all" threat to, "c'mon people, go back to work, it's just a serious flu," because it's no longer politically necessary to treat it as such.


I'm pessimistic about 2021 because I became aware in 2020 of the extent of Chinese influence in American life, from cheap wares to political graft to the infiltration of educational institutions to the boardrooms of tech and finance. The Chinese Communist Party is everywhere they want to be and we American taxpaying citizens have been caught flatfooted; sold out by our politicians, educators and our industrial leaders.


I believe 2021 will not be much different from 2020, more likely even much worse. But it's always darkest before the break of dawn.

"Two Bible Verses Every Christian Man Should Live by in 2021!



We could go Asimov-style psychohistory on this and attempt to predict the
future. Anticipation of the future is necessary for constructing policy
today. Baffling that politicians ignore the future. People with a successful
record for predicting the future should be heeded and those that don't should
be shunned.

What are the driving forces?

Excommunication: There is a set of intolerant people that socially excludes
conservatives, and this will lead to a social schism of American
society. Excommunication is a powerful weapon until the point where the
excommunicated form their own protestant church, then it's game over. The set
of excommunicators used to be small but now it's large, large enough to achieve
critical mass and to drive conservatives extinct at many institutions. The
situation is so extreme that conservatives will be forced to create their own
institutions. We will see new Institutes of Technology in red rural land.

Tax: California has the highest state tax and Texas has none. Moving vans flow from
California to Texas. California once exported technology products and they now export
businesses and rich people. In general, blue states have higher tax than red states.

Debt: Blue cities and states have vastly more debt than red cities and states. Debt plus
exodus will lead to the bankruptcy of many blue cities and states. It's as inevitable as
the collapse of the Roman Empire and of the Galactic Empire.

Party instability: What's worse than a 2 party system? A 1 party system. The
American 2 party system used to be stable because if a party went too extreme,
the voters would choose the other party, to restore balance. Such an electorate
would today vote to keep the senate republican, just to balance democrat power.
Now it's the other way around. Democrats make no attempt to appeal to
republican voters, and leftism evolves leftward, by nature. The democratic
party will escalate leftward until moderate democrats find themselves
refugees, and they will flee to the republican party. In general, the farther
you push a system from its balance point, the harder it fights back.

Once upon a time, parties didn't try to destroy each other, because
mudslinging backfired. Now it's different. The democratic party will use
their power to tilt the playing field so that republicans can never win
again. This forces the secession of red states. Secession is inevitable.

Ways that democrats will tilt the field:

Create new blue states, such as DC and Puerto Rico
Make it easy to cheat in elections
Censor conservatives
Destroy small businesses
Destroy the middle class
Destroy American industry by weakening America's export prowess
Excommunicate conservatives socially
Destroy the hydrocarbon energy sector, which is America's principal source of wealth
Expand government. It's much easier to expand government than to shrink it.

DC and Puerto Rico have colossal debt. Puerto Rico's debt is large enough to
bring down the USA. How did the debt happen? Corrupt democrat politicians.
Many Puerto Ricans fled to the USA because of the debt.

Government workers tend to vote democrat because democrats expand government.
It's vote bribing and patronage. Big government creates a permanent democrat
faction. Wisconsin Governor Walker understood this and conducted a mass firing
of public workers. The government workers fought back with a recall election
and Walker won. That's how he earned podium at the republican presidential
debates of 2016.

There should be term limits for elected offices and there should also be term limits for
appointed offices (all government workers).

When cities and states go bankrupt, the democrat public workers lose their pensions.

Energy: Most of the hydrocarbon energy is in red states, and this incentivizes

Whereas secession is inevitable, how will it proceed?

There are 2 kinds of red states, those that are hobbled by a big blue city and
those that aren't (the Stout red states). The stout red states are Idaho,
Montana, North and South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, Iowa, and Alaska. These will form the
core of secession and they will steal rural territory from neighboring states. Leave
the big cities behind. A secession party may also happen in Canada, and Red America
should form a league with Red Canada.

Once upon a time college football had a conference realignment party.

After secession, will a civil war happen?

Fort Sumpter: Before the Civil War started, after the states seceded, there was
the possibility of moving forward as separate nations, and war could have been
averted. Then the South attacked Fort Sumpter, inspiring 10000 people to
volunteer for the North Army, and war was on.

What will be the modern Fort Sumpter? It already happened, when the small town
of Kenosha was invaded and destroyed by big-city leftists.

California taxes people after they move out of the state, the tentacle tax. If
you spend more than 60 days in California then they claim you as a resident and
tax you. California is extending its out-of-state tentacle tax to a duration of 10
years. In other words, if you move out of California and make money 10 years
later, California taxes it.

Get out now! It can only get worse. After the first wave flees, California will
escalate taxes.

Analysis of Civil War II at []

In Civil War I, the North had vastly outpowered the South in industry, steel, rail, and telegraph,
and Northern victory was inevitable. In Civil War II, the Reds are vastly superior to the
Blues in economic prowess.

Rhett Butler: All the South has is cotton, slaves, and arrogance.

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