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Thought: Anyone else notice how it is pretty much always bisexuals/pansexuals telling homosexuals and heterosexuals to base their attraction on gender identity, rather than sex characteristics? These people will never understand binary attractions because they've never experienced it. It's not biphobic to say this, which unfortunately (in the current LGBT community) people will think it is. People are always told to stop "speaking over trans people", because we'll never understand what it's like to be trans. These are the same people speaking over straight/gay people, telling THEM how their attraction works. Another example as to how the toxic LGBT community cares more about the T than the rest. I'm a gay man. I'm homosexual. I'm attracted to male sex characteristics. People always say this is transphobic, but I see it as the exact opposite. It's saying I can still be attracted to trans guys if they have male characteristics. It also proves genital preferences are NOT transphobic, since genitals are sex characteristics.

dylanhope951 4 July 12
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I'm bisexual and you're right. I don't get being attracted to binary sex. That is not phobic in any way for you to say that! What a lot of people don't seem to get is that I wouldn't date some toxic, phobic extremist because they're a toxic, phobic extremist who has a garbage personality and needs to CONSTANTLY be a "valid" victim.

I absolutely support same sex attraction, and straight attraction. I'm married to a straight man. It is awful to try to control who people are attracted to. It's getting to the conversion camp point all over again.

Thanks for this comment. I'm glad a bisexual does agree with me on this. Of course I can't speak on behalf of bi people; this is just a trend I've noticed exploring the extremely irritating SJW sides of twitter and instagram, which I should really stop doing lol
And I'm glad it didn't come across as aggressive or antagonistic.

@dylanhope951 Yes, I don't claim to be the ambassador of bisexuals XD
But, I do think a lot of bisexuals feel this way, just because a lot of people (increasingly) seem to be feeling this way! Woke nonsense is getting so tiresome!

@PTElephant it really is- I just learned yesterday that one of my friends wishes to “abolish” gender...


Tbh I think it's actually just Trans people and sjws. Not to say there's no bisexuals who are like this, but those same people probably also have blue hair and call themselves genderqueer aromantic bisexual shapeshifting unicorns lol

Oh yeah, definitely. I didn’t mean all bisexual people. I meant bisexuals who are also SJWs. I say this because every time I debate someone on twitter about this, they always have either bi or pan in their bio. My friend is bi, and also thinks it should be based on gender identity even tho I explained how that doesn’t work


or even straight people lmao! who call themselves queer. you being attracted to male characteristics is NOT transphobic. its GAY lol

I know! It's ridiculous! Although I had no idea straight people do that too. The hypocrisy hahaha. In the last 3 days, I've been blocked by 5 people on twitter for saying defining sexuality by gender doesn't work, because a gay man will not find Angelina Jodie attractive even if she came out as a trans guy! At least we, the sane people, have people like you using your platform to fight against this. So, thank you! You're actually one of the reasons I want to start my own channel at some point, discussing issues like this 🙂


So I'm bisexual myself and I'm only attracted to males and females whose primary sex characteristics match their secondary sex characteristics. For example, I wouldn't be attracted to someone who has breasts and a penis. Or someone with facial hair, no breasts, and a vagina.

That isn't to say that I think people with bodies like these are ugly or disgusting, I just wouldn't be interested in having sex with them. Since I don't know what someone's genitals are right away, I can easily see someone who looks typically male or female otherwise as attractive. But when pants are off, if they don't have typical male primary and secondary sex characteristics OR typical female primary and secondary sex characteristics, that attraction is gone immediately. And again, I can't stress enough that it's not because bodies that don't meet that criteria gross me out- I'm just not interested in engaging in sexual activity with them. I almost feel guilty for verbalizing this because I don't want anyone to feel bad about their bodies, but I just can't change that about myself.

I totally agree that I will never understand binary attraction like you do, but I would argue that expecting people to base their attraction on gender identity rather than sex characteristics hurts bisexuals just as much as homosexuals and heterosexuals. Can't speak for pansexuals though. I'd like to see someone who is pansexual weigh in here.

You own no one an apology for being/not being attracted to them. What drives attraction is some complex set of responses of which we may not even conscious, or not conscious of all of them. I am not inclined to judge, even if I disagree with the attraction.
I have to deal with a woman professionally who is ... reasonably attractive, but a completely toxic jerk. A couple of my female colleagues/friends really hate her, way more than I do, and for cause. The net effect is I could not see myself willingly engaging in sexual activity with her. I just avoid her as much as possible rather than any other choice.

@Warm_Fuzzy Thank you, I really appreciate the reassurance. I know that I don't have to apologize for my attraction, but I am wrestling with how to explain it without implying that other people's bodies are gross or wrong because that isn't my intention. My intention is to use my experiences to show that biological and the manifestation of characteristics matter even to bisexual people like me.


No, not bisexuals. TRAs do this. It is homoSEXuality, heteroSEXuality, and biSEXuality as far as sexuality goes. Beyond that it is preferences. Long hair, short hair, black hair, blonde hair, beefcake, lanky, etc.

I don't think actual transsexual people are out there trying to remove agency and choice. It's the new special snowflake gender nonbinary otherkins doing this shit. They took over "Everyday Feminism" and changed the definition of intersectionalism to include everyone who isn't a white male, basically. My suspicion is that this is to introduce pedophiles into the alphabet soup. They changed it to "MAPS" got people like Dan fucking Savage to stan for the gold star nonoffending pedophiles and have physicians saying that it is a sexual preference.

The Jonathan Yanivs are not "trans" IMO they are pedophiles looking for sympathy and if they have to wear ugly wigs to gain access to kids thats what they'll do the same way other pedophiles became priests and school teachers.

I knew so many cool trans people prior to 2013 and then all of a sudden the Danielle Moscatos and Charles Clymers appeared and the community got overrun by these assholes trying to run from sexual assault scandals and gain access to women using the cloak of nonbinary feminism.

Yeah I agree with that. I personally feel it's a mix of both. Like 99% of all non-binary people I come across online also identify as bisexual/pansexual, simply because they are buying into the whole new gender ideology of agenderflux demigirls and think "well, I'm not attracted exclusively to those who identify as a man so I must be bi". And it's these people who are basically erasing binary attractions by bringing gender into it. I really don't care how someone chooses to identify, but the think everyone should accept your gender identity which has absolutely no basis in actual science is crazy. Blaire White put it perfectly- they can identify as whatever they want, but they need to accept that it's only valid in their own head.


I am bisexual but fully agree with you. Although I will never live through being only attracted to men or only to women, my attraction for men and women are such different things, just with some overlap. I like a woman for certain reasons and I like a man for certain other reasons

Yeah, I feel I worded it wrong. I apologize if it came off as antagonistic to bisexual people. Most of my friends are either gay or bi, and one of them (a bi girl) had no idea what I was talking about when I was trying to explain that sexuality isn't based on gender, and disagreed with me on the fact that it's based on sex characteristics.


I’m a transsexual man, I don’t think having genital preference is transphobic at all. It’s something that people can’t help being attracted to. I agree with you that the LGBT has become very toxic, mainly due to the trans community. The trans community has pushed some dangerous narratives. Things like sex is a social construct, there are 97+ genders, and if people aren’t attract to them that makes them transphobic. By trying to push that sex is a social construct they are erasing the experiences of people who were born biologically with the gender they identify as. Also, there are no 97+ genders, there are only 2 (male and female). Some people don’t prefer trans people that don’t have the genitalia they are attracted to that is okay. That doesn’t make you transphobic in the slightest. Don’t listen to the trans community, they are nothing but ignorant bullies that berate people who don’t think they way they think. There are many trans people that aren’t crazy like the trans community that are fighting against all this like Blaire and Buck Angel. Hell, even Arielle has been speaking out about bullshit like that.

Very few people will listen because you were talking foo much good sense. 🙂

"Support Slug the Free Speech Site" Group

OMIGOD, yes! These young Tumblrina's are so disrespectful to people like Buck and RuPaul. It's like "Listen kiddos THESE are the people who made it possible for you to be you to the world instead of hiding in the closet. How dare you try to cancel them!"

No one, NO ONE would be irritated with trans people if they were like Buck or Blaire White. It's these crazy Charles Clymer idiots that spoiled the punch.

i love you. you get it.

Thank you! I love this website, because it's always nice (imo) to interact with more reasonable members of the LGBT community. This is why I love Arielle and her channel, and Blaire too. Most of my friends are more "woke" (for lack of a better word) than me, with most of them believing gender is a spectrum and all that stuff. So it's nice to be able to interact with some people who don't believe in the new gender ideology. I like to use the term "LGBT traditionalists" to describe this community.

@dylanhope951 Oh FFS. I can understand attraction having a spectrum ... that makes sense to me. I'm a straight male and about as attracted to men as Arielle is (hah!). I know people with broader attractions and don't care because it is not my issue. But gender as a spectrum? Please.

@dylanhope951 Do you remember when RuPaul was still a LEGEND and not a transphobe who hates black people?

These kids today have no respect for their elders. None.

@Warm_Fuzzy I completely agree with you.

@Warm_Fuzzy, @ThomasinaPaine I hadn't heard these claims of RuPaul being transphobic until now, googled them and I realised how ridiculous the claims are.

@dylanhope951 He hates black people, too.

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