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Remember when the leftist said Trump would shake Hitler's hand?
Well, here is Adolph Hitler (of Namibia), and I am sure Trump will be fine with shaking his hand.
The leftist must not have much butt left after all the bites that have been taken out of it over the last few years, and they must really, really enjoy it.

TheHerrDark 7 Dec 5
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The news story: []


Holy crap, I just googled it and realised you were referring to his actual name 🤦...
There's one (also a politician) in India called Adolf Lu Hitler Marak😂

Tom81 Level 8 Dec 6, 2020

hahaha i saw this story! what a name for a dude living now. so strange.

Isn't it interesting how in the 1920s and early 1930s, men lived in the US named Adolph Hitler. The mustache was a common/popular style, and showing the swastika was not a big deal for it had good meanings. Then a few years later, it all became synonymous with evil, so much so those named Hitler went out and legally changed their name.


Those countries are poor because of communism not communist because they're poor 😂
What you stated the US where doing (partnering up to stem HIV/AIDS, conservation, trade etc.), wasn't the UN doing that?
I heard news that UN were spreading pamphlets that said basically 'you don't have to tell people if you have HIV/AIDS, it's your choice', and had some pretty creepy 'education' stuff aimed at very young kids. Know anything about that?

Tom81 Level 8 Dec 6, 2020

There were different programs from religious and humanitarian organizations directly from the US; then the UN got involved when it was finally realized it was a worldwide issue. Unfortunately, many news outlets and other organizations do not have much online before the mid-90s, so it isn't easy to get a complete timeline from archives. Most of this work took place in the mid to late eighties, and very little news coverage.
The US was doing what in the midst about it; most of the UN's research was from the US.
I do not know about the UN pamphlets or the kid education but in the US. Some students at college were kicked out "for the safety of the student body." I remember hearing about a high school student who had to do basically a homeschooling, and the school told the family not to worry about returning the text to burn them. Then there was Ryan White.
Many schools created policies that an HIV+ student will get a free pass on gym class and not participate in school sports. They created alternatives for home-ec, shop class, vo-tech, or any activity where blood or body fluids can be exposed to other students. One school even set-up a bathroom stall and sink in each bathroom for HIV+ people only and provided cleaning materials for it to be cleaned and sterilized by the person using it.
People were scared and tried to deal with something they didn't understand, and at times in the worse way possible.

Concerning communism/socialism, it always comes when the general population is struggling to survive and/or suffering.
When Communism can get in, it promises a better life for the common person, and everyone will benefit with food on the table and a roof over their head. That will look quite appealing.
Communism and socialism can never get a foothold in a country that has a decent stable economy.
FDR, the New Deal, was created to stop the inroads of American socialists and communists. The beginning of the depression saw the member sign-up increase and meeting attendance (since the meetings were free in a building plus the doors opened hours ahead and provided refreshments, it was very appealing to someone broke, homeless, and hungry). And once the food work programs started, the Social Security program and the food stamp program was initiated, it slammed the breaks on the Socialist and Communist movement in the US.

Today, they suspect that HIV has been around for at least over a hundred years, possibly centuries. There was no true internet until the 90s there is a lot of information that we do not have and is dependent on a lot of it from the memory of those who were there and anything they may have written down.


???eh, what is your point?
Trump has never been pro-authoritarian or racist. He definitely hasn't been anti-black.

Conmunists, on the other hand, have tried to infiltrate and dominate Africa for decades, using black vs white ethnicity politics to divide and conquer. They have definitely installed some despotic leaders.

Tom81 Level 8 Dec 6, 2020

Back when Trump was running the left was saying he would shake Hitler's hand, this elected Namibian official is named Adolph Hitler, in a country that shares with the US "commitment to democratic principles, including the rule of law, respect for human rights, independence of the judiciary, and freedom of the press. The United States and Namibia are partners in the effort to combat HIV/AIDS, stem wildlife trafficking and promote conservation, and expand trade and development opportunities."
The joke is that definitely, President Trump would shake Adolph Hitler's hand.
Communist/socialist is funny because they are more in poor countries in Africa, the more successful countries seem to lean more to a Democratic multi-party system.

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