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How do we feel about this? "Men and the rest" Why do men get the "safe space" toilet when they are not the ones who generally at risk?

ariellescarcella 7 Feb 9
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I have a great idea to this “problem” have toilets and changeing room one at a time simple


If transgender women what to use the women’s restroom SHE should because it’s HER right to do so the reason why cic women say it’s not a safe space because they are not educated with men if a transgender man when to use the men’s restroom men would care because men have more common sense and all this Predator stuff is load of bollocks


In some places in Japan, it is not uncommon to be standing in the men's room at urinal and have an old lady walk in to use the facilities. Apparently, it was custom once for married women to accompany their husbands wherever they went, and that included the men's bathroom.

And speaking in terms of the people most bothered about which bathrooms transgenders use, it's biological women who are afraid that biological men will pose as transgenders to invade their space.

These would suggest that the men's bathroom be the "etc" bathroom.

HOWEVER, the reason it isn't is because transgender men aren't the ones complaining; it's the transgender women who are. They want the right to use the women's bathroom because they identify as a women. Squeaky wheel gets the grease.


I have asked that question myself. Men don't care who goes in our bathrooms because we are not an at risk population. From what I have been told it is for the protection of trans women and gender variant people. They feel that males are more dangerous to "them" than females. There is a double standard in their logic. Women (females) are expected to gamble with there sense of safety, because males feelings matter more.
Womens rooms used to be safe spaces for women. I can't tell you how many times my sisters or a female friend talked about ducking into the womens room in order to avoid or escape an aggressive man. Now those men can follow women into those spaces without any repercussions. That is what women are concerned about.

In these discussion no one ever brings up trans men in male prison or mens shelters. That is because a vulnerable trans man is not safe in either environment... because they are female.

Let’s talk trans women out of this for a minute so it if the woman bathroom was just used by cic women they are safe? And no man can go in them at all?


I'd say it is actually to keep men in a separate space because we are the ones who make others uncomfortable/unsafe. We are the ones who do the majority of the predatory behavior. Just because I am not predatory in that sense does not mean I am unaware of the perceived risk we present. During the current pandemic situation, I spend most of my working day with women. We are close, friendly, and have pretty poor boundaries/filters and keep our little group mostly sane - but I have heard just enough to know that these women, like many others, have been preyed on to some extent. As such, I work pretty hard to avoid actions that could be perceived as dangerous/threatening.

That like say ALL men will assault rob attacked murder and all other bad thing to woman Whitchurch is not true at all

Men were most often physically abused by a stranger or an acquaintance, whereas women were most frequently abused by an (ex)partner.

@Terry1997 Not, it is not like saying all will - it is recognizing that women have MORE reason to be concerned about the risk we might present, NOT that all men present that danger. It is an important difference.

@Warm_Fuzzy both men and women can be a risk and a danger

@Terry1997 Yes, but: women may have the same potential to be violent offenders of all types, but by both general socialization and physical ability are not. While women are catching up to men in violent criminal conduct, at least in the US, they are not the same. I'm about 6" taller and 75 pounds heavier than a typical woman in the violence prone age group. Even as I am declining in power due to age, few women would do well in a physical confrontation with me. (I know one, and I won't even spar with her.)

When it comes to sex offenses, most women who get caught/prosecuted are not committing violent sex offenses (stereotypical forced rape) - they have some other pathology that involves younger male and female victims. I doubt Arielle (an example we can all consider) would cause fear in very many adults - I might. It's partly a conscious recognition of the relative risk presented - and partly our lizard brains.

@Warm_Fuzzy women do rape and get away with it and some women lie about being rared and it’s all about trans women use the female bathroom bollocks

Are you tired of watch what you say and do all the time?

@Warm_Fuzzy women that rape a young lad it called an affair


I only care because my wife does. She assigns my opinions to me 🙂 My opinion is that Women's bathrooms are for women. If a trans woman can pass for a woman in a woman's bathroon according to the women in the bathroom then they have won the bathroom poker hand.

wolfhnd Level 8 Feb 10, 2021

you seem to incessantly be looking for "inequalities" and unfair advantages where men have it better than women. What gives.
The fact of the matter is that it is the Trans MTF who demand access to womens toilets. Damned few men that I know could care less if the person standing at the urinal next to them is hiking up a skirt in order to take a leak. Well, we might find it amusing but we certainly aren't going to get apoplectic about it and go running to human resources or gov't because we "feel all threatened" LOL

iThink Level 9 Feb 10, 2021

They’re hurting women. In my area I saw a transguy who said he is “nonbinary” in order to invade women spaces


Nobody wants to share a men's room, and neither do we.

Good enough.

govols Level 8 Feb 9, 2021



The men’s room and the non-men’s room. You non-men figure it out among yourselves, I have to go. Like, now... 😂😂😎

GeeMac Level 8 Feb 9, 2021
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