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"Super Bi", “Super Gay”, “Super Lesbian”...
So, is there anything wrong with "Super Straight"?
Are you offended by the term?

Naomi 8 Mar 12
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I promise you if I could choose my sexuality I wouldn't choose to be straight. But I can't so I'm stuck with liking guys.

Mtray Level 2 Mar 17, 2021

If I am perfectly honest. #superstraight is probably the least homophobic, sexist, or transsexual-phobic thing I have seen in years. Look what happened, they brigaded against the young man and then they harassed his mother. I have seen so much homophobic bull crap coming from people his age coming from the LGBT community I never considered harassing their mother. Women have seen so much sexist crap coming from the LGBT community... they never thought to harass their mother.

Why was it acceptable to attach this kids mom? It is because his mother is female. One thing that #superstraight is going to prove is women based on their sex are not treated the same as men. That goes for trans women and trans men. Trans women are platformed, strong and brave etc... and trans men have to be celebrity former lesbians or they have to create their own platform. The general message the LGBT community send the loudest is males matter more and should receive preferential treatment.

I'm not sorry if this offends anyone.... I just reached my maximum bullshit capacity a few years ago and I can not lie about these things. If you disagree ask yourself this simple question... what is the difference between gay male YouTubers that discuss sexuality and Arielle? Arielle was inclusive but because she is female she can't have a sexuality that does not include males. Where as gay men who talk about sexuality are MALE ONLY, and not inclusive.... but they are male so it can be all dick all the time. At the same time as Arielle was condemned as a TERF a gay man did a song about liking dick, male bum, and balls... he got nothing but love. At the same time as Arielle was declared the TERF Queen a gay male youtuber who never had a trans man on his channel was commenting on male porn stars big dick... NOTE: Never inclusive at all. Why was Arielle targeted... she is a female homosexual.

I am not a hypocrite... If a gay man can be male only a lesbian should be able to be female only. Women should have female only space. We have grown an atmosphere where straight men have to declare their sexual boundaries... baby we have a problem. I'm a male homosexual... heterosexuals should have the right to be heterosexual.

Hello there. Thanks for your input. Yes, I read somewhere that this teen's video was taken down (alright, it was on TikTok. Still...), he and his family were harassed and even received some death threats. The overreaction and invasiveness of LGBT+ activists is unacceptable. Other LGBT+ people are irritated by them, saying "My sexuality is my business. Leave me alone."

@Naomi the split you speak of (and maybe you know, kinda giving clarification maybe for others) is very real, it's now:


The liberals who have #walkaway
progressive tyranny


Offended, no. But I certainly roll my eyes at it. I know I wouldn't want to base my whole identity around some random teenager's TikTok video.

The movement is much more than this one man, I recommend looking more into it as the LGB have been dealing with it for years.

My heart goes out to all the #truetrans at this time and the difficulties you are facing while the #ttallies #SSLGB work it out.

Please #woketrans and #wokeallies please stop, you're being rapey!

@Sarakin42 Amen

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Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

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Posted by Naomi"Super Bi", “Super Gay”, “Super Lesbian”... So, is there anything wrong with "Super Straight"? Are you offended by the term?

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