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Woah. This is beyond madness. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
β€œThere’s a lot to unpack here.”

Atitaya 5 Feb 4
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I think adults can do whatever they want in the privacy of their bedroom. Or living room. Or kitchen floor. I don't judge.

But I also think when you take that out into the world and start slamming and shaming people for not acknowledging the nuances of which of Baskin Robbins' 31 flavors you happen to be and how they must in turn respond accordingly, you've turned your identity into politics for the purposes of controlling other people...and that's crap.

If you want me to refer to you as "she" or "xer" or "Zod"(1) that's fine; I will do that as a courtesy for YOU because you asked me to. But don't try to have me canceled because I didn't put pronouns in my profile because I personally do not feel the need to.(2) Trying to bully me into your personal beliefs is no more acceptable to me than the Westboro Baptists protesting a soldier's funeral.

(1) Not that I'm kneeling before you in any respect.
(2) Which is how the whole ball got rolling with the cancel mob going after Gina Carano.

That's how I feel too. But, I'm also pretty pissed I have to continue to deal with my daughter and other children being confused because they are shamed if they are normal.


I think this picture fits the conversation I just had with my daughter. It honestly hurts my brain but, evidently... my daughter identifies as a boy but knows she's a girl. She wants to look like a boy sometimes and a girl other times. Whether she is dressed boy or girl she says she's not gender neutral, nor is she gay (she likes boys) but, also wants the him/he pronouns even if she is wearing a dress and kissing a boy. So, I said, "we should watch the movie 'Victor Victoria'" and explained the movie. Then she said yes, think of me as a transgender who is straight. Now, my question is, is she a transgender boy or transgender girl πŸ€•

As a trans woman, I’m having the same stance with Arielle Scarcella that every trans people must change his or her own body medically or else you’re not trans. From what you explained, I think your daughter is a woman. If she’s not an adult, then it is not a debate. Children don’t hv a consent to say about being trans.

@Atitaya yes, I agree she should not have anything permanent done until she is an adult (adult 25 or older). She needs to wait till her brain is fully developed. I even tell her not to have children till that age for the same reason. But, I think she's more aligned with transvestite, not transgender. It's honestly hard to work out because she's as fickle as her hormones. Being a mom is hard these days, especially if you have conservative values. But being a teenager would be worse.


No, Jackson. Pansexual is a made-up term to erase bisexual men and women. And um lesbians are also under attack.


Pan-, a prefix from the Greek Ο€αΎΆΞ½, pan, meaning "all", "of everything", or "involving all members" of a group.

So being pan-sexual means you don't care what gender identity or sex a person is. Bi-sexual usually means you are only attracted to your own gender and the opposite gender. Pan-sexuality doesn't erase anyone else's sexual orientation.


Plain old lesbian would be boring.

sqeptiq Level 10 Feb 4, 2021

What's hard to understand? One is a homosexual (attracted only to same gender) and one is a pansexual (attracted to all genders).


a homosexual relationship by any other name is still a homosexual relationship and a psychological anomaly - not normal - common but not normal.

iThink Level 9 Feb 4, 2021
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