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I noticed with people who want to be the opposite sex as a trend or way of escape are mostly young girls aged 13-16, gay women with internalized homophobia, gay men with internalized homophobia, people assigned female trying to escape repressive gender roles and the way men sexualize them, autistic individuals or other mental disorders who are confused or see it as a way to escape, confused individuals who get influenced by the far left anyone can transition cult and sexual harrasment/assault victims. It is sad the far left dismisses these people and even worse they are called "transphobic" therefore shunned by people and LGBT people being blamed and dragged into this when they want nothing to do with these crazed extremists. Strangely many "transtrenders" are over sexual dressing in clothing that shows there cleavage and mini skirts. They present hyper feminine despite saying they are male. I think its strange the correlation between romanticizing a mental disorder and hyper sexual behaviour. In fact many of these people who are mainly teens hate majorities and may include stuff in there social media bio like "fuck cisgender, white, straight, and neurotypical people." Before I found this confusing because these teens usually tend to be female presenting showing no signs of GID, white, and many appear straight and neurotypical. Not saying every confused kid is like them but these girls are certainly a part of the confused gender population. Anyways I thought about why they would be so rejecting of the "majority" then realized they hate themselves for being "normal" and blame all "majorities" hating them because they are one and do not feel special. This sounds strange, but many teenagers want to be different and feel special in this day and age where being a minority to some degree is trendy in this case gender. I was talking about these young girls with my friend and how sad it is. In fact one of my friends met some of these girls in college. He tried to help them but they just called him "transphobic" and tried to ruin his life. This shows how much of a cult the far left is. In the end these girls when they get older just end up getting hurt and so do people like me who are actually the 1% who have classic DSM-5 GID. The point is the far left is hurting there own cause. It's ironic because they push for LGBT acceptance. In fact the far left ignores them throwing them out of the cult once they grow up and realize they made a mistake and they are demonized as transphobic when many just realize the truth and want to stop others from making the same mistakes they have. There is no way to know what it is like to be someone else they are just speaking from there experience and this growing trend of gender escapism I call it. As for the hyper sexual behaviour from part of this "trender" population I observed also seems to come down to self hatred. Some people treat there bodies as a piece of meat when they hate themselves therefore present them self to the world as a sex object to be used. I seen some of these young confused girls even ending up doing porn with there bio saying things like they/them, trans, it/itself etc.

fthemedia 5 Jan 11
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Differences between species in regards to instincts come down to how much of a slave the organism is to their instincts. Even an amoeba makes choices, moving away from danger and towards food but those chooses are more or less binary. The more intelligent the organism the more choices it has. In complex organism the instincts are by "design" detached from the decision making mechanism. Not only are instincts detached from the decision making mechanism in humans but humans learn to exploit them for pleasure. All higher organism have a propensity for gluttony, lust, greed, envy, wrath, and sloth but humans have the means or freedom to fully explore them.

The language itself shows the problem. Instincts are called feelings or emotions. And while they are moderated by consciousness, self interest, and socialization they remain for the most part the drives that were selected for. The problem is that predispositions such as the sex drive are not assessable directly through the higher brain functions. That is why they came to be called feelings as most people only become acutely aware of them through physiological changes, thus the term feelings. That leaves a lot of room for confusion and perversion of the original instincts on top of mutations to the nervous system which are of course fairly universal. There is no such thing as normal sexuality only behavior that falls within some sort of arbitrary norm.

A big part of the problem is that we have become entranced with naturalistic philosophies. At least in part because of the tremendous benefits bestowed by natural philosophy (science). The irony is that culture on which science rest is anything but natural. The morality that makes civilization possible is impossible to justify from the amoral perspective of nature. It's not surprising that the natural philosophers are reluctant to admit to amorality considering how religious persecution was and to some extent still is proving hostile to science. Those that understand the abstract nature of civilization are unlikely to convince the natural philosophers of their error. Science and religion are destined to remain enemies. It doesn't help that the religious cling to the idea of natural law. They have set themselves up to lose the argument because of they are not experts in natural philosophy. The result is chaos and confusion not just at the level of the individual but throughout society. Western philosophy has simply failed and there is nothing to replace it.

wolfhnd Level 8 Jan 11, 2023

Yes I realize there are adults who also can fall into this ideology but teen years are on average a time of confusion and self exploration.

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Posted by fthemediaI noticed with people who want to be the opposite sex as a trend or way of escape are mostly young girls aged 13-16, gay women with internalized homophobia, gay men with internalized homophobia, ...

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Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

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