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Arielle Scarcella’s new hot mom video did leave me with some questions. While I understand some people’s concerns with the video (she’s leaving her child with family and could possibly have a child growing up lonely), I do understand that it is important to take time to yourself. My question would be, how often should you take this time? How long should you leave your kids at one time? So many questions on my mind.

Gothic_RSE84 1 Aug 3
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That's a good question and I think one that every parent struggles with. Whether you are a single parent or a couple it is very important to make time for yourself. Becoming locked into your kids is not healthy and will make you a worse parent. It is important to not be dependent on your children for your identity or happiness. Or dependant on your children for anything.

Ultimately I think it is up to the family. Each child and parent have different needs. A family with special needs children are going to have a very different answer to that question.

Taking time doesn't have to be "away" my wife and I established regular bedtime for the kids early and take the evenings to be together.

But we also get a sitter and go out and most of our time is when they are asleep anyway.

I also think it is healthy for kids to be away from their parents. It gives them time to explore and grow and develop independence.

I don't think I answered the question, but my ramblings may have helped develop a thought process. I hope.


i think a few hours a week is great for time for yourself. mental health is super important.


I don't think there's an ideal amount of time. Young children can't really be left alone, that being said I don't think there's anything wrong with taking an hour or 2 out of your week for some alone time. Especially if you have a partner, gotta keep the romance alive. =P

Lilu Level 5 Aug 4, 2020

That varies so much by the person and their resources that I am not sure there is a good answer that applies to all. If one is part of a tight knit family and you have parents/siblings you can trust, a weekend or so a couple times a year is no big deal. If one is surrounded by irresponsible party animals, probably never.

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