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I watched your video about how you think BLM and the LGBT are acting similarly. I agree. I’ve basically been excommunicated from the LGBT group as a transsexual man because of certain beliefs I hold about the trans community itself. They tell me that I’m not really trans since I don’t follow their group think logic or that I hate myself. BLM is the same way. I mentioned today in a Facebook post that I don’t agree with defunding the police. I think that there are other solutions that they can consider, but defunding the police is not the answer. I threw out statistics and facts that I’ve looked up and basically got attacked online by people who I had thought to be friends of mine for many years. To be told I’m a brainwashed sheep, and that I’m a racist Nazi. Just for thinking that defunding the police might not be a great idea. I had to block the on social media because they were harassing me. I joined the #walkaway movement after that. I even purchased a t-shirt. I’m tired of people silencing and canceling other people’s voices because if they don’t think like them they think they are the problem. Arielle, thank you for all that you do. You have been a voice of reason in these crazy times, especially for the LGBT people. Much love and respect for you.

ShaneRooker 4 July 6
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Your story sounds all too familiar to me.

I'm a trans man, 34 years old. I lost an entire friend group when they became an SJW echo chamber around me. I've always been a critical thinker, but when I posed questions or challenged viewpoints, I was ganged up on and called a Nazi, transphobe, fascist, misogynist, etc.

Eventually, I separated myself from them. I'm much happier now that I don't have to choose between silencing myself or being furiously silenced by all my "friends."

Send me a message sometime if you want. I bet we have a lot in common.

Absolutely, will message you some time. Thanks for the support. I get separating yourself from that toxicity. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am going to have to do that myself for peace of mind.

@ShaneRooker Let me tell you, I feel a lot happier. It was sad to separate from my friends, but the longer I was away, the more I realized they weren't a good group for me.

But maybe you and I will be friends! 😀 Sounds like a good thing to test!


there really is no teaching them. they have a victim mentality and i honestly don't think they will ever get rid of it. so i stopped trying to understand them. they don't speak facts at all. im sorry they treated you like crap too

Yeah, I think I am that point myself in I’m just going to stop trying to understand it. Thank you for the comment and support. You are awesome 😊


There's no fury like a leftist being told the truth which differs markedly from their loony tunes ideology!

angelo Level 8 July 6, 2020

I watched the video also - and commented over on Patreon, but add this comment: Political activists on the Left do NOT care about the rights of the people they say they 'represent'. They don't care for the entire community, only that part that supports their political positions. They don't care about rights, only political power. BLM was based on a lie. BLM is a marxist, anti-white, anti-capitalist, anti-US "organization" seeking to destroy, not help.

I strongly support #walkaway, blexit (and Brexit for that matter) because I support INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. Not group rights, not 'ideological rights'. And like so many others, I am vilified for it. So be it. I can listen and respect opinions that I disagree with - I can be friends with people I disagree with - I can hang with and support people I disagree with. And I have found, that many people 'on the Left', can do the same. But the "political activist" woke Left? Destructive, bigoted, hateful, intolerant....and in many regards (generally not physically) violent: riots, destruction of property, screaming hysteria.

Sigh - so much can be done, is being done, in the face of so much destruction and hatred by the 'woke Left'.

I believe you are 100 percent right. I see that more and more everyday that the left don’t care about rights. They say they care so they can get the vote to hold power. But they never doing anything after that, especially for the communities they think are victims. And I have been hearing that about BLM too. Even seen a video with one of the founders saying they were a trained Marxist.
I agree people can be friends and disagree. I feel like more relationships should be like that. It helps people grow and learn. I don’t think people should be vilified for having different opinions. Having different opinions is a wonderful thing and should be respected. Thank you for the comment and support. I definitely appreciate it.

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