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Hey Arielle!

Just watched your latest video on BLM and how the mentality is so similar to that of radical trans topics. Loved it, by the way - your guest was great.

I wanted to share this with you, in case you haven't seen it already.

On page three of this HRC resource document, you can read new word definitions like:
"Front Hole" - which is to say, "internal genitals" which can sometimes lubricate themselves.

And, the kicker is this: A Vagina is no longer a woman's body part. Oh, no no no... a vagina is "Genitals of trans women who've undergone bottom surgery."

See what they did there? So crafty those language ninjas.

Seems like Govts. of the world who are in the UN, are receiving their dictates from said body and decimates the propaganda in their respective countries, in the most effective way for that particular country.

Here in Canada, it's all about being nice and respectful. Sure, you don't need to understand or even agree with whoever is telling you red is blue. The problem is we seem to apply that way of benevolent thinking towards govt. changes in policies, and culture changes as well.

In the U.S. they've attacked your pride and made you feel like horrible people if you weren't agreeing or at least, keeping your mouth shut... as you've said. So, they're trying to make you into us... well, don't let them!

I love the United States of America and its constitution. The idea and the experiment of it... the fruits it bared far outweighed its corruption until the corruption became to obvious to miss.

Quebec, my province, tends to be a bit more like Americans in that way. More combative, defensive of our culture. Of course, we're also called the most racist province in the country by the other province - or so the media would have us think. Anyway, I digress...

I felt chatty and thought I'd send you that link - I almost fell off my chair when I read "front hole", not gonna lie. lol


wribit 3 July 7
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ugh ive seen this and i HOPE it's only language to use when trans people are speaking to other trans people in a "safe space" because there is no way in hell ill ever call my vagina a front hole.

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