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Should American voters be given a GOOD third or fourth party for elections? []

ariellescarcella 7 Oct 20
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First, we should be given GOOD candidates (for a change) from the two current predominant parties. Having said that, additional candidates of quality should also be welcomed into the political realm. I think it would result in more people participating in the political process. And I think it would also diminish the growing trend toward political tribalism.


No. With no experience, that’s not gonna end up well. Government isn’t a playground.

Atitaya Level 5 Oct 25, 2020

We already have a great third-party candidate. His name is Donald Trump. He runs as a Republican just to troll the Republican establishment, which hates him.


In 2016 the Libertarian party held many debates with many candidates.
Too bad few watched.
Let's have more attention for the Libertarian party.


By the Arrow Theorem, there does not exist a perfect electoral system.
If there are more than 2 candidates then different election systems can give different results,
and 3rd-party candidates can have an undue influence over the election. Or, a candidate could have the
most votes in a 3-way election but not have a majority. This is how Jesse The Body Ventura became governor of Minnesota and how Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor of California.

The best way to mitigate this is a system of "Devil take the hindmost".
For example, start with 16 candidates and then trim it to 8, then 6, then 4, 3, 2, 1.
You have to go through stages of trimming or you could get ridiculous results.

Libertarians should formally join the Republican party and enter the Republican primary, as did Trump.


We were warned against a two party system. It's not effective so I believe it should die.

avan16 Level 5 Oct 21, 2020

What we have now is a choice between the lesser of two evils. Neither candidate is worth a damn to me. Trump is an narcissistic jackass is most ways and appeals to religious moonbats. The best thing about Biden is that he is almost certainly too senile to last, but that means we get Harris eventually. She was a crooked prosecutor, both soft on crime like most of the Bay/CA, AND her office was hammered for serious ethics problems in defending convictions that were deeply flawed. (And the D party has gone completely insane on gun rights, moving well into totalitarianism, while at the same time becoming apologists for violent criminals based on intentional fabrications about society, race, and policing. Fuck that.)

The problem with additional parties is that none of them will get the traction to be successful under the current conditions, and all they will do is divide the power in such a way that our structure will get worse and fail, like Italy. While we are all generally better off with fewer laws being passed, a complete impasse resulting from having too many flavors is not likely to be a good thing.


3rd Party YES!!!! Choice is a good thing. I am not even gonna vote bc it’s chosing between which clown is least bad. Trump ain’t gonna help with medical. Biden will let all the Mexicans take over. It’s a lose lose choice.
>>>> I am a Nationalist Socialist. You help people IN your country and you pay for that by not wasting money on OTHER countries
>>>>. Really simple


I don't consider them serious parties.


Interesting but Lousy Question.
First off, you can’t simply “give” Our Political System a Third or Fourth Party ... never mind a specifically “Good” one.

Aside from the Democrat and Republican Parties, there are three additional well recognized but with insufficient following to classify as a “National Party”.

Parties are created when there are enough people ... a large enough percentage of the people ... supporting them. It actually seems that the Democrat Party is becoming so fragmented into smaller subsects that it might not actually survive.

“Three minor parties were recognized in more than 10 states as of September 2019:

Libertarian Party: 37 states
Green Party: 26 states
Constitution Party: 14 states

Although there are dozens of political parties in the United States, only certain parties qualify to have the names of their candidates for office printed on election ballots.


Nobody sez any party "works" It is just the difference between just a cheech and chong system.


The Ds and Rs would never tolerate a viable 3rd party to take root. They are an example of sibling rivalry in the public forum, fighting nobly for righteousness against the heathen opposition, but willing to defend their mutually beneficial duopoly behind the scenes. Remember how Speaker Ryan and company railed against the ACA until Trump won, then it was "oh, shit, wtf are we gonna do now?.." They showed their cowardly colors shortly after and quietly diverted to other causes. They're certainly not working for us. They have made themselves into legally sanctioned organized crime families to prop each other up. Everybody in the parties gets a piece of the action, and we pay the tab. This is why Washington despised the idea of political parties.


The U.S. desperately needs a strong, centrist party. If neither of the existing parties can fill the bill, a third strong party is warranted.

Yeah ... not that easy. We were a One Party System for quite some time. Recall, for instance, that prior to Lincoln there were no “Republicans”.


I think it is time. Standard issue Re-publicans will support anyone that will ring their cash register, including Mexico and China like they already do. These parties are a flaccid joke. Anymore to me it is only Americanism and Traitors. I have to vote republican to get TRUMP 2020 in, but don't like to vote the GOP Going Oversea Production party.

The GOP RINOs and DNC DINOs are not “Republicans” or “Democrats”.
They are simply the Establishment Political System pretending to be opposing “sides”. All they are is Anti-USA, Anti-Conservative and “Pro” ANYTHING that gives them More Control.


no - because this would create a plurality and would almost ensure ascendancy of an inferior candidate to a position of great responsibility and power.
Besides it is a fact that regardless the quality and sophistication of any system that system is only perform to the level of moral integrity of the people who own it, use it, operate it.
The expression "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link" comes to mind

iThink Level 9 Oct 20, 2020
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