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Talking about why trans women should NOT be in the women’s sports.
I personally agree. Saying this as a trans woman.
Years ago, I myself was told to play in girl’s soccer team by my high school PE teacher. I was clueless so I did what he said. I played on girl’s team. I saw myself largely dominated them and in that match I was much more physically stronger than all biological women both in the same team and the opposing team.
At that time I was already starting my Estrogen.
But the next day I played with guy’s team. Guess what? I’m having about the same physical strength with them.

This video down below shows clear examples in pictures and videos in many sports worldwide.


Atitaya 5 Feb 4
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I personally disagree respectfully. It's not that I just disagree with you, I am very strong and very athletic and have been that way all my life, your story is still interesting to me, however, as I grew up and I have had the body of a man all my life, I found that by comparison with girls, they've always been able to best me at things no matter how good I was. I was training all my life, and then one day I just happened to be in part of my P.E. class the first year of middle school 6th grade, and then there was this girl, I was already the fastest one in my whole entire P.E. class, but this one girl from day one she just blew me away absolutely. I spent the majority of the whole year just trying to catch up to her and she was just already naturally that fast. But that's not the only reason why I'm saying I'm disagreeing with you, because later I went on to do three years of athletics, and I had been in athletics with boys, whether I was able to dominate them or them me is wasn't even on my mind at any time, I was always the most powerful man in athletics, but my speed wasn't just because of how my legs were, there were just some boys in my class that by far could surpass me in squat strength, but I was just as fast if not faster than them too, by comparison, comparing them to actual girls that I've trained against, there's little at any at all difference between them. My English teacher one year weighed as much as me at 120 pounds, she was a Houston Rockets cheerleader and she could bench 250 lbs. This little girl was the same size as me and a woman and who against me that has had been working out all his life couldn't even compete against this girl. I knew a black girl once, that she was able to bench over 500 lbs. One thing I hated was, when I was actually in elementary school, I had started working out at age 7 and yet a yet this other girl, Elizabeth, she was still faster than me at even trying my hardest.

But that's not it all that I can tell you, you should read the post that I just posted up on here about how to be transgender for more information as to why I say such things if you're interested. I can scientifically refute your claim.

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