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Hey do you want to hear a really good story, I don't know why I didn't just do this sooner, check this out.

There's three parts of the story that interconnect. There was once two tribes of animals living on an island, heads up this is going to make Romeo and Juliet look like a fever acid trip dream, there was the lion's and the tigers, I was a lion, I had a wife, the lions didn't get along with the tigers, so then I one day met a tiger, lets call her Katy Perry, Katy Perry was my mistress on the side piece from my wife, yeah alright, so then I had a cub with my wife lioness, I spent time away and she didn't know that I was sneaking off to meet up with my tiger girlfriend, well one day that's what we had come together to talk about was that we wanted lions and tigers to finally get along, so she went back to her tribe and talked about it and then she came to find me but I wasn't there so she came to find me where I lived, well my lion wife didn't know anything about the agreement or the tiger because I had been away, I had went out to hunt when I come across these two people on the beach, that's why I wasn't there, I went back to my place to tell my people that there's something strange over there when what do I find I find that because of my wife thinking that she was only protecting her cub killed the tiger, so now me and her we're carrying this tiger up the mountain to throw the body into volcano, then we're sitting at the top and it's just me and her on a dark starry night, the cub ran off he ran off and finds this mysterious never seen before tiger just his age, we're still just animals you know, so anyways we come back down alright, I went off to find the cub, well you see I never told my wife about the strange people on the beach, and so it was this pirate and this woman,

So part two, I am a pirate on this ship, I'm sailing around but in the cabin just doing what I always do in my time at sea, I heard a commotion about they found a woman that fell off some other ship, so they pulled her on board and she sees me and I see her, she's tied the the sail post in the middle of the ship, I'm holding a sword to her throat trying to interrogate her, she tells me how if I spared her life she knew where to find buried treasure, so we're sailing to this island alright, so we gotten there and this volcano looks like it's about to explode, we're looking for that buried treasure, when this lioness comes upon us out of nowhere, she's trying to focus on why some girl is hanging around that man, because she never had a husband around right, alright then, so that's when he draws his sword and he stabs the lioness killing her, then before him me as the lion has the chance to return with the cub, he comes home to find that she's not there, and having lost the one he loves and now can't find her at the home that's there's, he raced to the beach to see if she had gone there, when.

Part three, he gets there to find his usual wife and not being in her usual place by being at his home, she's dead on her side too, except that's not the ending of the story, before he ever arrives at the beach at all, the pirate and the woman lost at sea that came to find treasure, found that treasure and now has buried his wife in the bed of where the treasure was found, they are now sailing away on this island just as the tigers are rejoicing over a rekindled reunion of tribes, the cub meets his beloved future queen of the forest, and, the lion sits alone watching the sunrise as he sees the ship with the strange couple sailing away and to never be seeing of that wife lion he has never gotten the chance to ever see again, just as the life of his mistress has perished to bring together a new life of a family and that volcano erupts to settle the debt being paid by all, the lion sees all of these things the king of his jungle alone and yet he's not alone.

So what did you think about that story? You want to know the more even greater unbelievable part of that story is, there's a story for each and every thing in that whole entire world of everything that could have happened that I could be telling you right now that did happen, like where did the girl come from or what happened to her, or what happened between the cubs, who was the pirate and how did he come about sailing on the ocean, where did that treasure come from and how did it end up getting buried on an island, there's a whole complete back story behind all of these stories that came together, it just keeps spiraling out like the Golden Ratio, I know everything that happens in the story at any point of time, I wasn't just that lion, I am the pirate and now I am the King of Space. The question is, where does the story begin and where does the story end? Not with the king. Whooop-whoop-whoop-whooop-whoop-whoop!!!..

caseyxsharp 6 June 2
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That's one hell of a dream! 👍🏻

sqeptiq Level 9 June 2, 2021

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Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

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