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Read this and tell me if you can agree with this. I don't think you understand females as much as you think you do. You say from what I've gathered is that the culture war happened because of a group like females, that it's females that tend to make escalating issues in society continuously, but that's not entirely true, females don't cause the culture war, the culture war happens because it's the men that can't make up their minds about matters of great importance not even without a crazy illogical girl shoving them in his face, that's always been the case, like what you said about prohibition, it might have not done so much good but it was necessary, the woman who started the prohibition campaign had her father die from alcohol and she started going to every single bar in the country and smashing all of the alcohol bottles, to you that's supposedly over the top but men can't do that, you have to have a reason to do anything like men have to have to know that what they do is right, it's not like that with females though, and that's why females get shit done, the only reason that it's a problem right now is because there's more problems to do with men than women for men to work through if they stop doing things using persuasion and start doing things because they actually want to listen to what women would be saying, it's not a problem that's just going to go away from saying that it doesn't exist, you can't just say that all women are just the burden and the reason for the problem, that's another thing that men can't even make up their minds about too, women are here to cause a problem just so men can get their shit together for once for themselves, it's not even like I'm saying that men are worse than women, there's definitely a reason for everything, and, the reason for that just happens to be that because I'm not going to lie the problem was women because they didn't teach men how to act like proper people, but they aren't just simply to blame for everything, if women don't teach by doing something about men, then nothing changes without the reason in men's minds to make it happen because otherwise men just like normal people that aren't only to blame like women would know that and actually make up their minds without there having to be a real problem at all. You get this magnificent shit show you see before you when you think women don't do like men do, this is the reason right here.

I'm saying that it's not women that are extremely violent, that's men, only men.

You cannot say that what men would do is make change happen without to them there absolutely having to be a reason for it, that's why it seems to you as though men aren't as extreme violent as women can be, but that just makes what men do that much more violent in nature, because you can guess why, because, men aren't going to stop drinking alcohol and beating their families, just like men aren't going to stop joining the mob to shoot people in the streets because of anything good worth doing unless it's something that they have convinced themselves to do because of an actual problem that never gets solve no matter how much or whatever men try doing, because men can't just make up their own minds without justifying everything that happens, and that's not the problem with women. You wouldn't even be able to have women be the scapegoat for you right now, if you didn't already know that it's true right now, women are not the problem, women are the solution. You just blame something on someone else when something already blew up in someone's face. And, why? Because people don't know how to make their damn minds dude. Does that sound like someone else by any chance to you that reminds you of, you can complain about why all these changes that weren't entirely all that so beneficial, but you're just another foolish man if you think that by doing nothing and having a bunch of civil discussions with your men cohorts that things will get better, then you're wrong, and perhaps the most likely only one to teach you that then, would just happen to be a real woman, what you forget is that women don't need any help from men or special traits just to not be a douche and fuck shit up for no reason, like talking how you are about how men aren't as violent and actually push the culture further, bullshit, and women aren't going to do anything to solve the problem either as long as men just like the stupid sex they are doesn't do, the change, who blames something always something else, doing just the stupid shit that men do all the flabbergasted time. So go on and think that what you have here is a real reason to complain about this, but remember that you don't have a real reason to talk even about the things that you call problems that you thought you could figure yourself being just a man, without women, that doesn't make you more conscious, that just makes you more of a fool for trying.

caseyxsharp 7 July 11
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The ladies' downfall is they backbite each other like fiends.

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