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So, is fat phobia only an issue if the recipient is a leftist, or a woman.

I’m morbidly obese myself, and I’m trying to get healthy. Dieting and exercise. So I think the fat acceptance movement is largely harmful, blah blah blah. If we can’t discuss the risks of being at my weight, we are condemning me to an early grave. I watch movements like this closely.

I’m trying to figure out which part makes it acceptable to taunt Trump for being overweight as opposed to Tess Holiday. Is it purely politics? Or is it because he’s a guy?

Casiah 4 May 19
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Standard weight loss advice doesn't work in about 98% of cases.

So criticizing fat acceptance and offering standard weight loss advice as a better option is about 98% useless.

People try the standard weight loss advice and it doesn't work for them., and it makes them feel weak/miserable/a failure. Fat acceptance is better than feeling like that. The alternative is often (about 98% of the time) beating yourself up about being fat and trying weight loss approaches that simply don't work and ending up fatter than if you hadn't tried to lose weight in the first place.

There are ways to eat healthier and lose weight that might work for a lot of people if they hadn't been taken in by years of bad advice.

Crikey Level 7 May 26, 2020

Right, well having tried the “be confident in your body” thing, it still leaves me lonely. But that is aside the point.

Why is it ok for the fat acceptance crowd to laugh at how Trump is “morbidly obese”? Over the weekend we had an article come out about how Trump isn’t a “Real Man” for not conforming to stereotypical gender norms, and most people who passed it around my TL were the same people who decry traditional masculinity and restrictive masculinity as toxic masculinity.


It's because he is a Republican politician.

I am, by medical definition, morbidly obese. Though I do not show it, I am, now just under 300 from a high of 394 and I was 362 when I started the current effort. I carry my weight better than most. I walk 3mi/day amongst other exercises.

I don't get much in the way of ANY type of crap from people. I've been told I have a look that can kill - and that I use it liberally. That said, fat-shamming is ignorance. Ok, ALL shamming is ignorance. And when I see it/hear it, I tend to IGNORE that person's future commentary.

I can't stand stupid and the most common form of stupidity is willful ignorance.


oh shit. are they giving him shit for being bigger? i didnt see this.

Yeah, Pelosi said he was morbidly obese, and people got a hashtag “PresidentPlump” trending earlier.


Yeah as a leftist I'll agree this one confuses me a little. Maybe if they push ideology(/ies) that push intolerance towards (say) fat people, then you can mock them for it... but that seems weak cause you must still think that being fat is funny to mock them? Which seems like what we're trying to avoid.

I'm not as plugged into the fat acceptance movement, but here is a perspective from like what most of us leftists who are vaguely fat acceptance but not plugged into it think:

>morbidly obese people should not have their lives made hell by social pressure and people telling them over and over and over to get thin.
>fat people should have representation
>the window of "healthy" should be extended so that people with normal but tubby body types aren't driven to unhappiness
>this should be done while encouraging healthy things like exercise and good eating.
>in America more than Britain, but in both, making foods healthier as a standard, thus making health
>second most importantly, making weight primarily a personal thing that you have a self discussion and can find all the information on, but are not made to feel like shite because of.
>aaaand most importantly; understanding that fat is a social phenomenon rather than a personal failing

to me some people screaming "I LOVE MY BODY" on twitter is a harmless result and more positive than negative cause of reasons above

anyway sorry for the rant, feel free to educate me on the insaneness of the fat accept movement

Oh, I agree that someone saying “I love my body” is cool and all. But the idea that the same people who will chide me if I buy a pack of cigarettes find it a moral terror to say “Adele is looking pretty good, I’m in awe of her willpower to lose that weight” pisses me off.

But it shouldn’t surprise me, y’all have “we need to tax sugary beverages so people don’t get fat” Cuomo.

I’ve had people try to shame me for losing weight (I’m down ten pounds, actually! Woohoo!) and telling me that I’m embracing patriarchy for wanting to do so. That it is horrible for a doctor to point out health risks of obesity. That my ex should be shamed because she isn’t sexually attracted to fat people.

I’m fine with people saying that they like how they look. But their happiness doesn’t mean I can’t be unhappy about how I look. Damnit it’s my body and I will lose weight if I want to.

If you want to see some of the absurdity of the fat acceptance group...

This video shows some of the worst I’ve see

@Casiah Well done on your weightloss! Glad its making you happier 🙂

@Casiah yeah I agree with you. The only one I'd disagree is that (while I'm not American and am no fan of the Democrats) the suger tax is probably a good idea, but fizzy drinks seems like a very specific target and it would be better to take it out on the whole of the food industry caaaaaaause:

  1. tax raises money which can be used on stuff like healthcare
  2. it raises the price just a little bit which could hoepfully dissuade people from buying the product
  3. if applied to the producers directly, it hopefully forces them to reduce the unhealthiness of their products and so products become healthier overall

but cons:

  1. tax is a brute force method and doesn't make producers make healthier products
  2. instead they could just make the products cheaper to produce and less nutricious to overcome the tax thataway
  3. it also reduces the effective spending power of primarily poor people and to offset that you'd need to make other products cheaper, cause if you don't then you're just making poor people poorer

@Creamegg they also limited the size of the sugary beverage you could buy. And when Bloomberg was asked about your point 3 con his answer was not stellar.


And I do need to make a correction, Cuomo was against the sugary beverage tax. It was Bloomy.

@Casiah I mean... if you come over to the far left I'm not sure you'll find many bloomberg fans over here... while I don't care to keep up with him very much it wouldn't surprise me if he just hates poor people

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