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If this isn't the right place I'm sorry, but I think you guys here might be able to understand my frustrations. I'm pissed. More than pissed, really. I was on Reddit on the sub r/lgbt and I'm being unrightfully censored due to saying you need dysphoria to be trans in a civil discussion that didn't break any of the subs rules. When I made not one but TWO posts (after the first one was, again, unrightfully censored ((second one phrased even nicer for these people got removed as well))) about how my comment should not have gotten removed and that this is unjustified censorship. I even messaged the mods but nothing. It's a steaming load of crap these echo chambers. I listen and hear other people's opinions that I absolutely do not agree with but I don't try to take away their voice. I should be granted the same respect. Fuck echo chambers and screw all these people who ignore medical science. Facts don't care about your feelings. Transgenderism and gender dysphoria are medical conditions. If you don't have it, you're not trans. Get the hell over it.

Rein_Cloud 4 June 15
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I stopped posting a year ago there. Try Gender Critical for free speech but then expect that you had better be super leftist or not at all.

Everyone wants to censor views they don't like these days.


I'm a white male conservative in my 50's. I Love that everyone here is so respectful of each others opinions. Whenever I post something even mildly political, all my coworkers give me hate. I tried to have a serious discussion about the current politics of the time ( this was about 6 months ago ) and everyone just attacked me personally instead of discussing the issue. I gave up and don't post anything anymore, unless it's just bland chatter. i.e. Look I saw a bird! Neat!

4r0ggy Level 1 June 16, 2020

ugh from what i understand reddit is SUPER left wing and SUPER progressive. you can't speak sense to them


Hey! I'm a trans man. I have identified as trans for 12-ish years, been on T for 2-ish years.

I know where you're coming from. I was shouted down by my former friend groups for expressing ideas and opinions they didn't agree with. I wound up leaving those groups and wound up here. It really sucks when you patiently listen to others and then they won't give your POV any real consideration.

I don't know anything about Reddit or sub r/lgbt. I do know the "you need gender dysphoria to be trans" message. I more or less agree with that statement, but I don't agree with telling other people what they are and aren't. There could be a reason someone is claiming the label "trans," but not the label of "dysphoria."

If you want to talk it out and chat through some concepts, it seems like this is the right place! (You can also send me a message, if you want!) Too bad that other community wasn't open to talking about it, but at least you're here now, with cool, interested people!

@Rein_Cloud No worries. I might be slow too. Sometimes, Life Happens. Good luck with your surgeries!


I have mixed feelings. I think I know why you were booted but I'm not sure you will like the reason:
I can't know what you said BUT from the sounds of it it was genuinely upsetting. I think you're wrong but I talk with people who I think are wrong all the time (I literally talk to NeoNazis daily its... you don't want to know). But the problem is that if you said "ANYONE WITHOUT GENDER DYSPHORIA ISN'T TRANS AND ALL THESE TRANSTRENDERS ARE JUST DEGENERATES" then thats upsetting and I don't think it should be on r/lgbt. If its "Dear transgender people without dysphoria, I don't understand you, do you mind sharing your side" then even thats... on the edge of being appropriate imho (but undoubtedly a much better and something I'd love to see).

Imagine if a central post was "THERE ARE GAY AND LESBIANS. BISEXUAL PEOPLE ARE JUST GAYTRENDERS", or even "All girls are bi". Imagine also the mods on the other end of their phones, looking at this not knowing if its an alt-right troll or someone who just disagrees a little. I understand why they want to moderate these communities heavily cause I've found these spaces much nicer places to be personally.

However regardless, I do think there should be places to discuss things like this even if some places are more tightly controlled like r/lbgt, cause you can't change minds if you don't know them. Maybe something like r/lgbtfierydiscussions would be needed and the point is to engage in stuff that you know will probably upset some and no (relevant) topics/comments will be deleted.

If, however, I am just wrong and it was perfectly respectful then fuck those mods and you deserve an apology and an explanation.

@Rein_Cloud I hope you are having a good... time! too.

Yeah then it seems that if people engaged with you that deleting the comment and banning you seems too much.

I'd like to apologise for misrepresenting you and say fair play for being civil

However my example was mostly to illustrate the kind of emotion that can get recieved badly. I still think that two posts attempting to either rage post or argue/discuss post that "you need dysphoria to be trans" is justifiable reason for removal. Not cause of any correctness or incorrectness or civility but because it can ruin someone's day and that seems like the wrong thing to be on frontline lgbt subreddits.

The same would go for something like "you're not really lesbian unless you date trans women" (a purely hypothetical argument), cause no matter how polite you are somewhere like r/lgbt feels like a really bad place for that because what I would be doing is actively worstening the days of lesbians who aren't attracted to trans women even if the amount is tiny. I don't know if there is a subreddit like this but r/lgbt-hot-takes would be a better place.

I know it might sound like safespace nonsense but to me its really not. Its community gardening and to me every single bug in the garden is precious so I'd relocatre rather than squash... because even if the catarpillers will look lovely as butterflies I don't want them eating my lettice.

@Rein_Cloud okay then you're in the right here then. Even if its reasonable to remove the comment, you do deserve a response saying that, especially if you'ved asked a mod.

Thank you and you too 😀


Well don’t dare say anything remotely Antisemitic here!!! You will be booted.

Jewish is fine
Zionism is “gross”


There's no place for free speech in a socialist/communist environment. as a trans man I'm tired of all these "activists" talkin for me. Gender dysphoria is a mental disorder which needs to be treated medically same as depression or bipolar disorder what so wrong about that.

KrisP27 Level 2 June 15, 2020
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