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Hi everyone! Long post incoming! Recently Arielle posted an Instagram story asking people for traits they recognize in both abusers and those who are leftists, and I can personally identify at least 5 similar traits/actions both abusers and leftists tend to put out. If anyone else has suggestions, put it in the comments. I'd love to hear from you all!

  1. They're a Narcissist: most abusers always flip their abuse to be about how YOU hurt THEM, and THEY'RE really the victim. It's all about THEM, the abuser, with next to no input from the victim. I see this a lot with white leftists in particular, especially in the racism discussion. They always flip any sort of comments about a minority facing some sort of racist actions to be about THEM "learning how to be a better ally!" In the case of me, many white leftists have used this exact tactic on me to try to get on my good side when the conversation had nothing to do with my race or anything like that.

  2. They gaslight constantly: For those unaware, gaslighting is an abuse tactic used when an abuser sees their victim acting out in a normal response to abuse (such as getting angry at threatening comments or crying when an abusive memory is triggered). They typically call you "crazy," "stupid," "naïve" etc for even having the gall to reject abuse. Does that not sound familiar when right wingers and anyone not towing the line gets banned and we're called "conspiracy theorists" for getting angry about it? Need I remind you all of the burning summer of 2020, when small businesses were burned and destroyed yet told they had insurance while these privileged people went home and were able to enjoy life?

  3. The silent treatment: emotional manipulation at its finest. Abusers use this when they don't get what they want and expect the victim to read their minds. This is also used when the victim had "done something wrong" in the abuser's eyes and decided to punish them with no contact. Leftists do this when you share the wrong opinions and they thought you're "one of the good ones" when you have just usually nodded your head just to get them to shut up and move on. Victims do this when they're scared of expressing their own feelings, but when they do they're punished with the silent treatment. Leftists will ignore you and act like you're a bad person or even block you, which leads me to the next tactic.

  4. Isolation: abusers will always try to isolate you from your friends, family and other loved ones because they're too scared to let you have a life outside of them. Leftists will not only isolate you from building bonds with people you may not always agree with (mostly non leftists/anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders or Ellen Degeneres), but they tend to also do the isolating themselves by way of Cancel Culture. Commit Wrongthink? Too bad, you're not allowed to explain why you think that way without many people blacklisting you from friend groups and isolating you as a whole. To think this is the mean girl clique you've always hated in school, but politics edition.

  5. Shouting down verbal abuse: I'll end this with an example from my own experience. Back when I was 16 years old, I was in a Facebook group about supporting and meeting autistic people. They had a mentor esque vibe and I wanted older autistics to reach out to me about social skills, but that all changed when I dared to question the need for fourth wave intersectional feminism if many laws have been put in place to protect and support women while men get the short end of the stick. Numerous people over the age of 30 sent me threads of hate and called me names. One older man in particular (as in 60+ years old) said to me "why don't we take away your rights and see how fast you'd come crawling back to feminism and civil rights?" They knew I was black, closeted Lesbian and struggling with my own self esteem, but these grown adults hurled vile hatred at a teenager for daring to disagree with them and wanting to hear other perspectives on the issue at hand. I will never forget this moment as the exact moment I started to question many leftists' thinking more and more.

Thanks for reading, if you got through to the end. I love you all!

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I agree with the first point. The narcissism is pretty crazy. I think they do things for image, because they sincerely believe they can never do the wrong thing. And I have experienced so many people who are all about being an ally. They seem to forget that ALL groups need to consider how they impact other groups. The end.


YES YES YES. Thank you! Using some of this for my video on the topic


Well, hello.

Listen I cannot confirm or deny what you say to be accurate, mean while or not, and, I don't know if what you say is true to me like would you actually know what you're talking about or not, I only think of you as just a girl trying to make a point right now. But, if you would allow me to talk to you, I mean, this is what I would say.

I don't really know what this is for, is this to know? Well, on 1, I don't fully how can I say promote, I guess that idea, hold on, of course, it's the most likely and probable prefrontal for abusers to abuse, but I won't say that the line of thinking is entirely understood by someone like yourself. Really, you'd think that about solely those that honestly like to hurt, abuse, people, but come how it really is, is that, I'm gonna say this, people who abuse and like to hurt people, they don't do it just because they believe that you've hurt them, people that who do abuse others they don't do it because they care, it's because they don't care that they would like to want to think that they can, that's why I wouldn't like to call just people that do it out of belief that you've done something to them real abusers, if I was going to abuse someone, I wouldn't do it just to make them believe that they hurt me first, I'd do it because if they didn't agree that I know what they did, then I would be the one who to that would make them know what they did just because they don't accept that they have hurt me, I mean, if that was me. But think about it, just for a second, I've not ever, just, I never even knew anyone like that before that to do such a thing so, in, a way, yeah, you're absolutely right about that thinking right there, however, I only know that to be true but because, because, the only people that I've ever known who to that like, want to and be who to have ever tried hurting another person, people yes, they have all been just like me, it's not because they care that they're hurt or hurting yeah, that, that they choose to desire to hurt others, it's because they just don't care.

I have to be able say freely what I've had to say about this though, though to be honest what I mean is, I simply just don't even like the idea that for one, one, that you'd try blaming how an abusive person one that likes to hurt people how he behaves on, this, that I mean not like blame but insinuating that because a person abuses others that they're anything like real persons that do hurt people and like to, and or also, that just because a person abuses others that the right really real explanation of it is that it's because they feel hurt, I mean it's not what it sounds like when I say it, it's like this, when I do desire to want to hurt someone, and I do even if they aren't truly abusing me, you know what kind of response that I always get from that, hell it's not even a response because it does literally happen every single damn God for saken time to either tell someone that they are the ones that hurt me, do hurt me, or to them that I mean to argue, to fight back basically so you could say, they're always the ones, ones that try saying that I just can't hurt them so then they'll try saying something like it's but what I should be the one to be feeling bad about, in my experience it's the complete opposite other way around for those that try to hurt me, but, as for those other people, see this is exactly why I don't really know that being like I am makes me just an abusive person or anything, however except, I'm the only one like this and I know those people are not like me, because that's just it, it's always other people that want to try abusing me by believing that there's anything they can do to me, that can hurt me. I, just would like, want, would want, to ask you this one question alright, what makes you think that those people who that, who you say abuse you or would know to say they would, that there could be another answer to why they would want to than because they just don't care, then how do you explain when the people that who hurt you, are the people that you care about? Because, this is the only thing that I can understand about people that would ever want to like to think that they can possibly hurt me, for one thing that I know is it's not by that they care or even could, it's because they don't, and that's the only way that it could be explained since that as a matter of fact there is no other reasonable way to explain anything about that, that in any world at all it could ever be right in, within, that's what I'm only left to believe, I don't believe that the world in the way you have to say it operates like.

I had to say that before saying anything else.

So. Uhmm. Number two. They gaslight, will gaslight. I'm still not the one to be able to know this myself I don't know if it's because I'm like abusive people or they're like me, that or if I can't get hurt or because it's usually me that does the hurting. Because I do that, I mean at one point one abuser is about to try abusing another abuser, and this is the only way they can communicate, like I had said however there is no explanation or or right way to understand it, but you have to know that's exactly why that it's never acceptable, sometimes there is just, no way but to it's not like reasoning with a crazy person has ever convinced a crazy person wasn't insane dude, you know, it's like seriously the only way to get your point across with this person, and that just happens to be that they're not being reasonable and that you will hurt them if that continues. Does it happen to be only that this is the mark of an abuser, I don't know, I'm not a person that abuses someone unless they know it and I can't be hurt by anyone so, I just know if anyone bothers me I'm going to be the one that does bother them more, because fuck that person, it's just, sometimes it's not a matter of being a victim or if being simply an abuser is ever written somewhere in stone that it's just that a bad thing, I don't think so, I don't deny that I'm the Devil and my job has to has been before to hurt people, abusing people isn't that bad what's bad is being a bully and using the fact that you are to suppress those you bully, a bully is not the same thing as an abuser just like being an abuser doesn't mean for the matter that you're just a bully but being a bully is just as bad as being an abuser, the question is, what happens to be acceptable or not being bullying and being an abuser? The answer you will always find is, nothing is wrong with being an abuser but being a bully is always bad. If you get abused, then I would assume it's because of a reason, therefore I won't need to make you know it, but, if you're getting bullied on the other hand that means that there is nothing good about it so then it must be wrong though then right, exactly. And that's why even being a bully without even knowing what being abused means is never something that you should ever do.

Me, I don't bully people, I just happen to abuse them because I'm an abuser. Because I don't need to bully people to let them know it's just that bad for not being a bully, actually, if I was a real bully, I'd just do it to be a bully, my point is that I'm not a person that would accept being bullied or abused, because I am the abuser because I am the abuser, if I just decided one day knowing all this, then yeah, if I was going to abuse anyone, then I'd abuse them simple as that, if I was to bully them instead, then I would have a reason to be a bully then and it, no it wouldn't just to be their abuser either.

Number three. Oh that's right yeah the silent treatment. I fail to see how this if any is any different from abusers and normal conflicting people I mean you shouldn't act like you're the one being abused based on the actions of others. That is quiet basically the same thing that abusers do then, when you just give up and refuse to rationalize your reasons for making them understand, you don't think that's the same thing as abuse, because it is though, it doesn't matter if anyone agrees because that's wrong just like the reasons that really let it happen too. How is that not the same thing? I don't agree that an abuser would be the one to give you a silent treatment if you had any care to understand them at all though, if you thought you could did understand them but still can't explain why it is how you thought by thinking you understand, then it's not that it's wrong or bad if you don't, it's that probably you should have a heads up because your the abuser, if this person could really understand then he would care about himself, if you truly don't believe you did anything to deserve what happens, then you should care, because there's no way they can possibly hurt you and then being an abuser is bad, but if you're just not going to listen to why something, or anything isn't as bad as it seems, then you're not helping yourself or anyone else either and at that point then you're just being an inconsiderate hypocrite.

Isolation. Yeah, I bet, maybe I do think that is true, at least for those that know how to be a good abuser to say the least. I would. Because, like I said, I am an abuser for a reason, I literally have to plan to be this is what I do I tell those other people they can fuck off because they are wrong, I am the only one on the planet that gets to abuse what's mine, if I were to simply let people do what they wanted, then bullies would exist and I would just be one Devil out of a job, my being depends on my ability to make others hurt because unlike others I don't just not care I actually like it, my job is hard enough alone, if I just have to be the Devil to make my point known someone fucked up since it wasn't me so they're either about to for it or I'm about to make them wrong for trying to disturb me and then I will be the one to make them know it was me, so what, I have to be the Devil to make even stupider people understand what they did wrong, I know, I shouldn't have to really, see, that's not me going to give anyone, do you see, anyone, my silence treatment, because if I don't like what you're doing, then I'm going to be the one to say so, I don't think cancel culture is bad, no one should be made to feel bad for just simply not liking something, I don't think that makes them abusers, bullies more likely probably, that's a bully and everyone I believe should already know how bad a bully can be, but they do exist and they should not be underestimated. Bullies are bad. I don't think that the people that do decide to make their own beliefs known should be but to be called anything like a bad person because they abuse people. That's not a bully, what that is means that's actually really a bad bully, understand. Do you speak out about what your beliefs are? Stop calling these people abusers, just listen to what's next.

Four. No, oh five. Alright. Is shouting and insults a bad thing? I know that you might not like it, you may not even agree that it could help, but the fact is that, that in this world, the world that we all happen to be living in, it might really not be so much of a good thing but, that is, that just means that you have to fight even harder then, you should be mad and you should be shouting, because of that reason right there, whether you like it or not someone or something is going to be making you out to be the bad guy because someone doesn't like what you do, don't knock the idea of cancelling culture, don't attempt to pin it on those people because you don't forget then remember that it's because of culture that all of this human shit can even be spoken of, and to me that's the most wonderfulness thing in the world.

Alright. So. I don't have any main beliefs this way or that way about politics. I don't really need to, my job is to prove everything that the human race tries seeing determining to be right is wrong, I'm the one that actually created this world so I must say that I do love this is my job, I just point my finger and then take off in that direction destroying anyone's beliefs that get in my way. I don't need a political belief to tell others they are wrong. Just like to be a real bully. Why would I care about my enemy's beliefs, I mean, these people they don't even listen to each other to know what to even care what the other person is saying, I can't work like this I want them to know just how wrong they are about everything, I can't do that if they don't even care enough to listen to each other. They're all wrong even the right. You're supposed to care about fighting for what beliefs you share together, not what you believe just to shut everyone else out from out there, I fight for me, there is no conflict with me because I always win and if nothing else works well then you can simply know that there's always this guy to destroy those people that bother him, me. So, you see, I don't need anyone to understand me, because all I have to do is win by beating them, it's not humans versus each other or even other humans, it's me versus all of you the people of earth. I'm not a person that feels bad, I'm the Devil and if anyone thinks about challenging me, oh they'll know that it's because I'm the Devil when I win. Nothing can hurt me, if I wasn't going to be the Devil and do this, then I wouldn't be him right now, I can just snap my fingers, and boom, I decide what is right and wrong in this bitch.

And I remember you. I'm a woman, toxic man, I was born a woman and a woman I have always been, if you think that is what I am, so be it, you're nothing all that greater than me, this right now is why I don't like girls like you, if I were a woman and this way, would you still say that about me, not really just joking I wouldn't say anything bad about you girl, haha, because the joke is even if I was a man you'd still be the bitch that thinks I'm going to let you talk to me like that and just get away with it. Sexist woman. I happen to be a female living in my body that is the same body as the Devil himself, I'm just letting you know, don't ever talk to me like that because you don't know what you're talking about and you can't defeat me even if you tried. There is nothing wrong with how I talk either. There's nothing wrong with me, I'm being straight up with you, you know how you felt all your life that a good and powerful man exists and is somewhere out there, but that, you never knew one that to just exist, those men exist because of me, and I've said the word bitch more than anyone has ever said it in human history or would ever care to, and it's not because I don't like bitches that are girls, it's because of bitches like you, but wait, wait one moment on that thought, what are you thinking about doing bitching all over me like a girl that's wanting to be a bitch would do, you miss, I cannot dare to care anything about, but this isn't compassion and mercy, the reason I'm like this to you at all right now is because of what you said about me, it's not funny I'm not a bad guy and you're a bitch, like on the God defined line of being a bitch that's how much you are a bitch right now to me, well, you know what, at least if I'm such a bad guy as much as you're a bitch right now anyways, I know I'll still have a real bitch that doesn't even think about why she's fallen in love with this such toxic man existing. Bad girl, you don't treat men like that. You know exactly what I'm talking about, just stop being a bitch to this man.

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