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This is how transgender medical care should be based off what GID really is a mental disorder, not a trend and should be treated as what it is a mental disorder that needs to be fixed like any disorder. Kids should know what they are getting themselves into as well like how an adult would be informed. I wish all doctors were like her. Yes I am a "truscum" according to the wokies and proud as it means I have common sense

fthemedia 5 Dec 30
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Making a big cut is just the beginning of it!

sqeptiq Level 10 Jan 11, 2023

Back then I use to complain about gatekeepers all the time and hated being gatekept because I did not understand it. Now I do and realize I wish more doctors where "gatekeepers"


Try to explain or "educate" a child on "what he is getting himself into" until you're blue in the face. The kid is not capable of comprehending the implications of that idea. Looking objectively at the problem of "gender dysphoria" I believe that older teens, 20 somethings etc really do not understand it either. That is the reason it is a mental disorder. It is a departure from rationality / rational thinking and logic. Decisions motivated by emotions rarely work out for the better. For anyone who doubts that I suggest they do a formal inquiry into the "trans" lifestyle. Then come back and let us know how many people living that way are happy and comfortable with their lives. One of the worst misnomers ever is the word "Gay" for homosexuality. There is hardly a more miserable, self loathing, prone to self destruction, suicidal demographic than the homosexuals themselves. There is no reason to expect they would be any happier or more self confident and self affirming after "transitioning" than they were before.

iThink Level 9 Dec 30, 2022

I am "transgender" and intersex assigned female at birth but I have XY chromosomes and knew since I was young but I prefer using the term gender identity disorder with myself because the word "transgender" seems more negative now a days because woke culture and I do not identify with the label I feel more like I am just me and want nothing to do with the trans community. Transition helped me but its not 100% the answer there will always be problems in life no one is 100% happy. But this was in the early 2000s where there was no woke culture no kid in the right mind back then would even consider this a trend. More hospitals are filling up with kids who treat it as trend not the mental disorder it is because of what the far left feed ya. My choice of what I choose to do with my body is not out of "emotion" many people repress gender dysphoria and live as what they are assigned at birth look at Caitlyn Jenner. The logically thing for me was to transition but I am not everyone. My experience it was a straight answer. I was just mentioning that the doctor who said that she would only treat people who do not display characteristics of not having the disorder. But that does not solve the case where there is people who seem like they have GID at the time then change there mind because of an experience they had that made them hate there body like being sexually assaulted for example. I am only one human though. I do not know what the majority of people think but it seems like more people now then in the past are treating mental illness as a trend. I agree that decisions motivated by emotion never work thats why I had years to think about things. I just noticed her attitude reminded me more of how doctors where before woke culture. Now anyone can transition especially in the states cause there medical system is crap. If you are wondering if I am happier than before the answer is yes. But am I always happy with no problems in life no. Is anyone. My experience is just my experience I can't say the same for others just mine and people like me but I know other cases of detransition of confused youth or woke parents pushing this mental disorder on kids for attention.

I was just talking about the doctor's attitude I know nothing about the individual in the story or the whole story you can't believe everything the media shows for all I know this could not even be the full story and some kid being pressured by woke culture or does not know the real root issue of there problem. People with GID are rare to me he seemed legit just judging from what I seen. Although now a days with stories in the 2016-2023 Ara it's harder to really believe anyone anymore. Look at this woman who detranstioned and at the time she did experience gender dsyphoria just because she did not like typical experiences girls go through but in her case was to young to understand. It seems like that is much more people then the media shows however it is becoming more apparent with all the detrans stories and stories where you clearly see the parents pressuring the kids. You can only hide the truth for so long. Sadly the far left is doing more harm than good for the LGBT

In fact many people rush into these surgeries and regret it. Of all ages; Excuse my possible ignorance towards "transkids" its just me reflecting of what I experienced therefore I forget all the other stories. But people like me are the minority now it seems like

And if you are wondering I am asexual meaning I do not experience sexual attraction

@fthemedia In the matter of your sexual identity and personal beliefs all I can say is that as an autonomous adult you are free to believe and to live your own life as you choose. However you might rationalize your ideas and decisions has no real value on the facts of the matter. Biological fact of sex is immutable. Do what you will - take hormones, undergo surgical procedures, dress this way or that. You are and will be until you die the sex you were inside your mothers womb.
A person can, will and often do express or claim belief in things and ideas that have no basis in reality. But - hey - you have free will and authority of yourself and can live your own life however you like.
The point at which people try to foist their irrational, illogical ideas upon others - especially upon minor children - is the only place where I take exception.
I am not nor do I act as though I am here to correct you or anyone else as to their chosen lifestyle. Its not that I don't care about the things that other people do to or for themselves. Its just that I know that I have no power of anyone else. I can only control and manage myself.
I do vehemently object to and will speak out about this campaign to "normalize" something that is abjectly NOT normal and in doing so corrupting the minds of children.

@fthemedia if your chromosome is xy then you are male. period. but I really don't care how you present yourself to the world.

@iThink I was born with androgen insensitive syndrome meaning I appeared female at birth but have to uterus and internal testes. I was raised as a girl because how I presented a birth but it never felt right. I always gravitated towards traditional male things and it would feel strange when someone referred to me as a girl. During puberty I developed breasts and felt really upset as like how any guy would feel lets say if he developed breasts.
I never knew intersex was a thing and thought I was just transgender and biologically female but identified as male. I was super depressed and just wished I could be born in a typical male body. I repressed my feelings.
Developing as a girl felt like one of the worst things that happened to me. Imagine growing a beard or growing breasts depending on what gender you present yourself to the world. As a child I felt strongly about this but people with gender dsyphoria are 1% of the population or maybe even less. I don't know the real statistics of people like me out there. It's even more rare to be born with a DSD aka intersex.
I remember at 13 going to a transgender specialist who examined my body to see what stage of puberty I was in before prescribing anything. And for some reason he wanted to do a karyotype test on me. Which doesn't happen to anyone else with GID usually doctors would want to run that test if they think something is a miss.
My hormone levels where normal for a typical "female" and I was able to grow very little body hair but never had acne. Never had a period.
Turns out I actually had XY chromosomes and partially insensitive to testosterone so my body took on a more feminine route in its natural development.
Strangely I am stronger than your average biological female of my height even without hormones, my bones are denser yet not as dense as a normal biological male and my body shape is more androgynous. On hormones very little has changed because I am partially insensitive to them but something is better than nothing. I underwent surgery to remove my breasts and bottom surgery.
But I know lots intersex people do not want to change there body at all and fight against doctors trying to force them into a sex they don't want to be and preform non consensual surgery on them.

I never really felt at home with the "transgender" label but just use it because it might be easier for some to understand as I presented looking female at birth but transitioned to presenting looking male. But I really just want to be me who feels at home with being "male".
I know if everyone thought that way about all kids transitioning and forcing them into medication, mental institutions, and conversion therapy. I would have killed myself if I was one of those kids. I don't think its a good idea to generalize an entire population because the rare cases like me will have to suffer.

I do not know anything about this individual in the video. I am just going by what I saw and heard. All I did was agree with one of the doctors saying "I will not treat people who show signs its a phase or a trend" because many doctors don't seem to "gatekeep" anymore.
Back then I was put in therapy and "gatekept". Back then I hated it because I knew what I wanted and hated that people thought they knew me better than I knew myself. Now I feel grateful for it because I really learned about myself and thought about things in depths.
Now doctors are afraid to "gatekeep" out of fear of being cancelled for being "transphobic." This is doing harm to innocent children and even adults of any age.
I heard a story of middle aged people falling into the propaganda the far left pushes and transition then detransition.
It affects everyone but tweens and young teens are going through a period of trying to find there self and we have the internet now where communities on tumbler, tiktok etc are pushing things people that young should not be exposed to.
I think its better that the whole transgender thing for people who are serious about it and feel the way I feel to be kept in the dark more. I think all this misrepresentation by the far left media is a terrible thing for the world and even for transgender people.

Because even if people like me are a minority. I can just imagine another me being forced not to get treatment and forced to have changes to there body they do not want to have because of all the far left propaganda confusing kids into transitioning and people in general.
I missed the old days where gender identity disorder was seen as a disorder not a trend like being "emo" for example. In fact in the past there was barely any kids or people seeking help for gender dysphoria. Now the numbers have skyrocketed and its not because of people finding something out about them self.
People are seeing it as something like changing your hair. I know the damage irreversible changes on your body feels and I would not want it to happen to anyone trans or not. In fact many people like me are now forced not to get treatment because the clinics are filled with confused youth.

@iThink I never said biological sex could be changed. I was just saying people like me should have free will to do whatever they want as long as it does not hurt anyone and just went by what I saw in the video not the truth behind it.
For all I know it could be the mother forcing the kid to do this and all scripted.

I do not think transgender people are the biological sex they identify as. Biological sex refers to reproductive function which involves things like chromosomes, hormones, secondary sex characteristics and primary sex characteristics.

Because I was born intersex I know I am biologically not a male. I just live as one and identify as such. Identifying as a "man" or a "woman" are just labels we put on our-self. But biologically male or female are present at birth.

@iThink I only mentioned my sexuality because you mentioned confused gay people transitioning

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Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

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