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Should LGBT people and women carry guns for their safety? Is the second amendment outdated? Is it still important? Why or why not? What side of the political spectrum do you see yourself on, and what do you think?

Thanks for being excited about this new series "In Bed With The Enemy." I'm excited to start and continue needed conversations with all types of people.

ariellescarcella 7 Mar 28
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As a retied law enforcement officer when people would ask me about the idea of protecting themselves or relying on the police to protect them, I would remind them of how long it takes to respond to their call for help. We'll show up and put up the crime tape and draw the outline around your body but if you think we can get there and save everyone your mistaken. Like every thing else in life your personal responsibility is to do what you feel you can to protect yourself. Buying a gun alone will not protect you. Being a responsible gun owner by proper storage, training, and maintaining of the weapon will. I know that are people that could never bring them selves to shoot someone and that person should not be carrying a firearm. This is not a Gay/Straight question. This is simply a personal preference on protecting yourself or choosing not to, and you should be able to do which ever you are comfortable with and allow others to do what they are comfortable with. All of the constitutional rights like the 2nd Amendment, are for all Americans and they should never be viewed as applying to a specific group.

On another subject I am so glad that you are having these discussions. We learn about each other when we talk and listen to each other. I think one of the worst things in our society is the shutting down of speech. I have protected the rights of many groups to talk that I did not agree with but I love the fact in our country they have the right to speak. It scares me seeing colleges censoring speech when they are the places that should allow all types of discussion. If government has the right to censor speech you don't agree with someday they will be censoring your speech too. I will fight for the rights of the most hateful groups to speak, because it protects my rights to speak against them too. Passing on love and good thoughts from a Constitutional Conservative (aka, Not and Republican or Democrat)


Yes to your first question, and no, the Second Amendment is not outdated and is more necessary now than ever. Far too many crazies and criminals in this world who wouldn't hesitate to attack or rob someone who they may believe to be unarmed.

What side of the political spectrum do I see myself on? Certainly more on the right, but center right, my overall stance summed up would be fiscally/constitutionally conservative and socially liberal (not a progressive at all). The best term to describe said stance would be Libertarian.

i agree and disagree. i agree its necessary now more than ever but disagree and think its a little outdated in the sense that leftist politicians are trying to say "you can't have more than this many bullets in a magazine, you can't own this type of weapon, you have to do this and that to get a weapon." they are trying to tiptoe around to making it so you have to register everything and make it easier for them to confiscate from us if not now then a later generation. i think its time the 2nd Amendment is reinforced and further guaranteeing our rights and that no federal or state law can do anything or set restrictions on what we can use and how our rifles have to oufitted with for them to be "legal". i mean look at places like my unfortunate home state california and new york and others. its disgusting.


I am VERY excited for your series!
Should LGBT people and women carry guns for their safety? Yes, of course! Not just the LGBT community, and women, but anyone who values the ability to protect themselves and those around them.
Is the second amendment outdated? NO! How can anyone think of any of our Rights as outdated?
Is it still important? All of our Rights are just as important now, as they were when they were provided to us. No one can take them away.
What side of the political spectrum do you see yourself on? Squarely on the Right. Conservative, with Libertarian leanings.

StevenE Level 2 Mar 28, 2020

yay lmk what topics you'd like to see and if any people are good to be in the series!


First, I like the guy who says gays carrying don't get bashed. I am a conservative constitutionalist and US Army war veteran. Why do I mention this. My buddies and I did not fight and die for some section of American citizenry with certain labels, views, beliefs and sexual preferences. You are ALL Americans. You have a set of rights that are called inalienable of which the 2nd is part of. That term means that our government in no way shape or form grants you these rights, in fact, no person grants you these rights so they cannot be removed. So the only answer to Arielle's question on relevancy for any American is without a doubt yes.

Second, no, the 2nd amendment is not about self defense, target shooting or overthrowing tyrannical government (that would be the Declaration of Independence). It is a specific LIMITATION that government CANNOT infringe on we the people ie their masters - see above about inalienable. Yes, the old white dudes who wrote it did so because they expected ALL able bodied citizens to be armed especially if we need to exercise what the Declaration of Independence commands us should we deem it necessary to replace. For further reference read Federalist #10 and 49.

Finally, for those commenting that no one should have weapons and should just talk it out - good for you personally. I fought for all your inalienable rights and, in fact, watched some of my buddies die for you. You, personally, can do whatever you wish as long as it does not interfere with the rest of us. I can also assure you when talking fails and your life is threatened, we, your neighbors, will be there to defend you. It's what we do. By the way, with the petty tyrants regardless of party showing their true colors concerning those inalienable rights....


Hey everyone! First I want to say thank you to Arielle for being so open and wanting to carry on the conversation. I believe that women and members of the LGBT community should carry if they feel comfortable. I am a 23 year old girl and I'm definitely on the smaller side. I love to run and I want to carry when I go out and for home defense. My dad is in law enforcement so I grew up with guns in the house and I knew basic firearm safety as a kid. Going through the process of getting my pistol permit and taking firearm lessons really opened my eyes and helped me learn even more. If you are unsure about where you stand on the gun debate, or even if you are against gun ownership, I highly recommend going through the process of getting your pistol permit. I was pro-2A before getting mine and read about the process and talked to my dad about it, but actually going through it is the best way to understand what happens. Just because you get your permit does not mean you need to buy a gun, and the permit will expire. I believe the 2A is not outdated and is still important today. There have been court cases where it was determined that the police do not have a duty to protect citizens. In a life or death situation, I don't want anyone to have to wait for help to arrive and then not even get any help from law enforcement. On the political spectrum I would say I'm a conservative or libertarian depending on the issue.

im glad you have it to keep yourself safe!


I grew up in a pretty liberal home, but I found that as I got older, I didn’t agree with a lot of opinions on the left. I don’t know anymore where I stand politically, but I do know that I am open to listening to anyone. I don’t get offended by different opinions.
I’ve never been very interested in guns, but I think if people want them to feel safer, then they should have access to them. As a gay woman I never considered owning a gun in order to protect myself, but now I’ve become interested in that.
Can’t wait for the new series to grow! Love your content Arielle!


To preface my answer with some experience, I served 10 years in the Army as an Infantryman and deployed a total of 4 times - three to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. In short, I have more experience with firearms than your average American.

That said, the importance of the second ammendment cannot be understated. The founding fathers, having just defeated the world's largest empire at the time in open warfare intimately knew how vital an armed populace was. They knew that only way they could keep their hard won freedom would be to enshrine the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

It is therefore my position that owning firearms and being armed in public should not only continue being enshrined as a right, but should be taught as a civic responsibility no less important than voting. Without the ability for good people to stand violently against tyranny, it becomes not only possible, but probable that the powerful would oppress the weak.

K3719er Level 2 Mar 28, 2020

As long as they have proper firearm training, understand that they may have to take a life, and fully understand the legal ramifications of a self defense shooting. I not only approve of it I would encourage it. 2A is and always will be a basic human right and works with the other rights to ensure freedom. I am a fiscal conservative but vary from conservative to liberal on social issues, depending on the issue.

Theory Level 1 Mar 28, 2020

i think im leaning that way too


People should have the right to carry firearms, but only after a full background check. I think there should be a National Firearm License. There should be requirements like a background check, must complete responsible firearm training, safety tests, written tests, and a practical test.

I also do not see any need for regular citizens needing military or law enforcement grade weapons. I myself have no interest in owning or shooting a gun... I get uncomfortable around them and see no use for owning one... but I'm also terrified of heights and snakes... but would never tell someone to not own a snake or enjoy a high rise view.

I also do not see any need for regular needing military or law enforcement grade weapons.

Actually that is the EXACT reason we have a 2nd amendment. It's not for hunting rights, or self defense rights per se. Both are justified under the 2nd, and both benefit from it.
But the actual reason for the 2nd is so that Citizens can defend life and property against a foreign invading force, or from an abusive tyrannical government, using the exact same individual weaponry the infantry uses. Remember the line that says, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State"...That's not talking about the Army/Air Force/Navy/Marines, it's talking about the actual Citizens who rise up in the event of such occurrences to defend their country. "A well regulated Militia" doesn't mean they are regulated by the government. At the time the Constitution was written, regulated was another word for trained or experienced. So in other words, it means A well TRAINED/EXPERIENCED Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State...shall not be infringed.
Another reason the Founding Fathers wanted this amendment was so there could be cross usage between the Citizens and the military if they were called into an incident. A well trained/experienced Citizen familiar with using an AR-15 but who's own weapon becomes damaged or is out of ammo, could pick up an M-16/M-4 or a full magazine from a fallen fellow military person and continue fighting. Or vice-versa.
These things DID happen during the Revolutionary War so our Founding Fathers wanted this to continue as long as there is a United States.


People should absolutely NOT carry a firearm unless they're trained on the range, understand and obey the safety rules, have 100% respect for the danger firearms present, and have explored their own capacity for potential violence (shoot/don't shoot).

That said, for those who meet this "sheepdog" mindset then yes, responsibly own one for self defense and/or carry according to the laws of your state. The 2nd amendment is crucial to the survival of our republic. Maybe that's why it's listed 2nd only to our most valued rights?

I'm a former socialist turned liberal turned republican turned independent. I did a lot of walking away as I morphed into an adult. 😉 I'm a constitutionalist who pines for the part of the "olden days" when people didn't care about another's politics and political divide was treated with humor. Back when we could laugh WITH each other!

Love your content, love your smile, Arielle!


Should LGBT people and women carry guns for their safety? Absolutely if they feel comfortable carrying a gun and take the time to get trained. This should be the same for every human being no matter where you live or what you believe. Owning and Carrying a gun requires a level of responsibility that many people are uncomfortable with, which is why it may not be something that everyone is interested in. An interesting side effect of carrying a gun is that you tend to avoid trouble, not look for it. Something as simple as a tussle can escalate if the gun you are carrying is exposed or worse, becomes unsecured from your body. Those who carry rarely look for trouble, they carry so they can react to the life threatening troubles they cannot avoid.

Is the second amendment outdated? No. And if enough people think it is, our constitution has provisions within it to make changes to it.

Is it still important? Yes, there is a reason it is the second amendment. Our forefathers lived through the years before, during, and after the Revolutionary War. They understood that the men and women who stood up to England's tyrannical government would never have stood a chance if they hadn't been armed to begin with.

Why or why not? The second amendment exists to provide citizens with a way to protect their liberties and their life. There are those who believe that the armed citizens of this country could not stand up to our government because our Military Forces are too advanced. For these folks I will provide a very simple and current fact that flies in the face of that logic.

The Afghanistan War - The Taliban have held out against the full force of America's Military might for over 18 years without an active military complex propping them up. They have little to no modern weapons and certainly nothing equal to what the US Military has brought to bear against them. We have complete air superiority, Drones, and Satellite imaging over the entire country without interference. Yet, we haven't been able to decisively win that war. This is the second such War/Police Action where we have found ourselves being fought to a stand still by the common man when we were the presumptive winners due to our military superiority.

What side of the political spectrum do you see yourself on, and what do you think? I am right of center, but vote based on my beliefs and not party lines. I, much like one of the men in this video believe heavily in protecting our Constitutional Rights. Those same rights protect everyone in our country no matter what your background is. I believe in letting people live their lives without constant interference from those who feel a need to impose their beliefs, feelings, or desires upon others.

I am also a huge fan of getting to know people before you assume the worst in them. I give everyone I meet the benefit of the doubt and the basic respect they deserve as a human being. That respect includes not attempting to force them to live by my beliefs or attacking them because our beliefs differ. I do my best to embody a "live and let live" lifestyle.

JeepBum Level 3 Mar 29, 2020

I am with you on this #walkthefuckaway stroll. After watching what happened to Blair White in San Francisco I realized I don't know this community anymore. And when you said never have you seen such disrespect to our elders I heard that a thousand times over. The shit people like RuPaul are taking for having a mind and speaking it just did me in. I am 1000% pro 2A especially now that these crazies are firebombing our DMs with "All TERFS must die."

ugh same. no one wants to sit and talk. everyone wants to scream and call names its disgusting.


Yes. I would advice training on a shooting range first. A gun also has intrinsic responsibility which must be respected.
No. I am not sure what that would even mean.
I think there are a lot of levels of this question. First off as a mostly libertarian I think the government should have a very strong reason to prevent individuals from owning or using anything, including guns. Second, personal safety I think is a big deal, even if its just the threat of a victim having a gun as a deterrent. Third whether or not you believe guns provide protection from a tyrannical government, I believe the mind set of citizens who believe they have protection makes them stronger and more outspoken against the possibility of a tyrannical government.
I am kind of a pro-defense libertarian. Not sure if there is a more official name for that or not.


As far as I'm concerned, the whole Constitution is outdated. But I don't inherently have a problem with anyone from any certain group owning a firearm, and I damn sure don't trust the government making efforts to disarm people.

In terms of US politics, I'm a pretty left wing liberal with some social Democrat leanings. I'm a BernieBro, as the MAGA reactionaries would call me, and I'm a centrist, as the commies would call me. I'm pro-animal rights, human rights, not married to any one economic system but have developed anti-captalist sentiments as of late, anti-TERF/radfem, pro-racial abolitionism, gender critical (the real way), and an atheist.

Side note: Your gun bros are right on the science concerning unborn children. It's pretty much agreed upon in the scientific community, especially in embryology that unborn children, at the moment of fertilization, are indeed human beings. The abortion debate is not a matter of science, but a matter of morality and philosophy, as to whether or not we should consider those human beings to be "people", by legal and moral standards.

Despite myself being a pro life advocate, I don't let this one issue cause me to abandon my entire political side just because of a few dipshits who make my side look bad.

bernie is a brooklyn boy haha some of what he says i enjoy! see, posts like this show how different we all are and how we go in and out of different sides depending on the issue at hand.

@ariellescarcella Yea, I think Bernie's take on women as a whole are pretty based.

I mean, sure, having varying political outlooks on certain issues is fine and all, but it's also good to be mindful as to what your position means to other people, and whether or not you've shaped your position around the given facts.

I can respect a leftist's position on abortion, so long as their position is consistent with the facts.
I can respect a conservative's position on immigration, so long as their position is consistent with the facts.
I can respect an omnivore's position on animal consumption, so long as their position is consistent with the facts.

But I've been having a tough time finding people, especially online, with positions that are consistent with the facts.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen people defend their position on abortion by making unscientific claims or appeals to religious texts.
I can't tell you how many times I've seen people defend their position on immigration by using fear mongering tactics with no substantial data to back up their points, or appealing to emotions and personal anecdotes.
I can't tell you how many times I've seen people defend their positions on animal consumption by appealing to nature or human exceptionalism.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen people defend their position on gender, sex, and sexuality by trying to appeal to science incorrectly.


My philosophy is simple: I go where an issue takes me. I do not believe that either side has a monopoly on any single issue. No matter what I believe in or what I feel about something, I will never kowtow to any group or party or side that thinks they have said monopoly on whatever topic they claim. Who are they to tell me what I am? Anywho, keep up the great work, ma'am!


I remember when I was growing up, I was never exposed to gun culture. But I was a nerdy kid, and loved those YA dystopia novels. To me, those books were some of the biggest reason for wanting to make sure the 2A was defended. I've been lucky to have never been in a scenario where I worried about my safety; guns just made more and more sense. In college, when I was trying to make friends at GSA and other LGBT clubs, whenever things like this came up I would get attacked.

Xaran Level 4 Mar 28, 2020

ugh i hate that people attacked you for bringing up an important issue.

@ariellescarcella I was lucky to find the Young Americans for Liberty chapter on my campus. I remember being a little weirded out at first, because the meeting was office campus and in camous owned housing. Turned out they had gotten denied funding from the school but one of the guys was TA, so we met there. I'm very open with being bi and they could not have cared less. But god forbid I stepped a toe out of line in the other clubs. Really showed me that when you group by identity and not by ideas, things can get rough.

Also, if you haven't already, check out Armed Equality. Piper Smith, who runs the group, really cares about gun rights for everyone. They were featured in a BBC special a little bit back.


Armed gays don't get bashed


What I think is that people should decide if they need a gun and the only thing that needs to be fact if you want to hunt then buy a rifle but if it's for safety then get a small handgun. but if don't want one then don't push other's to believe your belief is the only way. THAT'S WHAT MAKES AMERICA GREAT, we can disagree but still be friends.

Or you can get a hunting rifle for hunting, and a small handgun for self defense. That is why America is great. 🙂


Q1. I think everyone that is mentally cappable of carries should do so.
Q1 and Q2. I don't think so, armed citizens is what keeps the government honest
Q3. Lately more right than left. I guess the left is doing a fine job to keep ppl away -_-

@TaniaVT agree, may not "honest"... but a bit scare


Love the hate Arielle,


I was raised in the country on a farm. We had guns. I still have a shot gun in my home. My grandfather taught me to use a gun. He took me hunting, yes we ate what we killed. He taught me some very imp things about guns most people don’t understand. Guns are not toys. There is no such thing as an unloaded gun. Do not point gun at anything you can not kill. You must be trained to use a gun, clean, care for and store a gun. I don’t like hand guns. To ease to disarm you if you hesitate for a second and then they can use it to kill you. Guns are not for show, you pull one you be damn sure you can kill it, or you will be killed with it. They are not toys they are not cool. Anything can be used as a weapon for self defense. A stick, pipe, table leg, walking cane, rock. You don’t feel safe which most women don’t take self defense classes. Carry pepper spray. There are so many alternatives to protect yourself than guns.

Karlaj Level 3 Apr 19, 2020

First off, a bit about me. I am a straight white male. Yes, I have friends in the LGB community. Some of them are also gun owners, as am I.
That said, I think that ALL women and men should be able to carry a firearm. I think they should, if they so desire, be able to purchase them at any time. People of the liberal side of the political spectrum do not like this idea. Why? Because as long as people can defend themselves they not victims.
What do I mean as a victim. Simple, you are a victim if you are TARGETED as a victim. If someone or a group, sees you as someone that they view as a victim for any it sex, age, size, etc. and you have no way to defend yourself...they will make you a victim at some point in your life.
The Left will tell you the police will defend you, they won't. Even the Surpreme Court has said that the police are not required to protect you. On top of that, the AVERAGE response time for the police to arrive, after you call them, is 10 MINUTES!!! And that is the AVERAGE. In many cases, especial for those outside of major cities...such as rural areas....the response time can be HOURS.
I will use an example of myself. I use to own 40 acres in Norther New Mexico, in the mountains. About 99% of the locals were Hispanic. Of that number....99.9% accepted my family and I. One family didn't like us being there. Will not get into all the details, but I had reason to believe that they might try to do things to my family or myself. I contacted the Sherriff and State Police to talk to them. At the meeting I asked them what would happen or should I do, if they came on my property to do harm to my family or property. They BOTH said the same thing. Their response time would be a MINIMUM of 45 minutes and more likely over an HOUR before they got there. They stated that I should do what needs to be done to keep my family and property safe, up to the use of deadly force. They only asked that I not hide the body and to contact them as soon as possible to remove any bodies.


Hi Arielle. I think this is really awesome. I'm a conservative libertarian I guess but I make up my own dang mind about every single issue. Honestly I have more affinity with free thinkers like you than a conservative who's just towing the party line. I believe in live and let live. I love talking with other free thinkers that disagree with me. Every voice is important!

I own guns and I believe the reason that America is the most free country is because of the first and second amendment.


Good morning. Just stumbled across your you tube vid about your thinking of going to a range and actually shooting a gun. Good for you. Before I offer my ideas on your questions in the heading post, allow me to say a couple of things.

I am more conservative than middle of the road, socially and fiscally. I'm a huge supporter of the Constitution as written and guided by the Federalist Papers, and am pretty set in my ways.

I've been shooting since I was given the family gun at nine years old. My father sat me down and said that since I had proven to him that I knew how to safely use the gun, I could take it out and go to the local sandpit and go shooing any time I wanted without having to ask. Yeah, my father trusted a nine year old me with a deadly weapon. He wasn't a overall wearing hick with a weed stem in his father had three advanced degrees, Sociology, Criminal Psychology and Political Science. He caught spies for the US Govt before he retired.

I myself an a vet, and currently teach pistol safety (Nationally accredited) in my spare time. My classes for a Permit to Carry (Illinois) are good for 30 other states, as well as Illinois.

I also order guns off the internet, and have them delivered to my home, legally. I can do that, but IF you even try, you go to jail. How? I have what is called a Federal Firearms License (for collecting). It's fun and I don't do that three day wait crap at a gun store.

As to the questions...Should LGBT and women carry for their safety? Yes. Period. End of conversation, no qualifiers necessary.
Is the 2nd Amendment outdated? No. again, period, end of conversation, etc etc etc.
Why? Everyone has the God given, (or Natural, if you're not into religion) right to defend themselves from criminal aggression and any harm from any source. IF the best way to defend yourself was pointing your finger and whistling, then you would do that. We have firearms, which at least equalizes differences in aggressor's might and victim's physical being. A 103 lb 97 year old woman remains the same size and strength as a 220 lb 23 year old thug. Being LGBT or female, or even straight or male has zero meaning as far as exercising that right. We are Americans, which means our Right is there as always, but the US Gov't recognizes that right and cannot abridge it.

Now, as far as going to the range and doing some shooting, I say do it. I might suggest a couple of things though, if I may.

Go find an NRA safety instructor and get qualified training. For your future safety, if for no other reason. Getting a talking walk through before first time is okay, but really, get certified training from a qualified instructor.

Also, for your first time pulling a trigger, ask your friends for a . 22 pistol to try. Lower recoil and usually a heck of a lot easier to handle. New shooters have been turned off by some moron thinking it would be funny to watch them try a . 357 Magnum with a short barrel as their first shot ever. NOT a pleasant introduction to shooting.


US Constitution, GCA68, IL Dept Natural Resources, Treasury rules and regulation, BATFE

Kaeghl Level 1 Apr 11, 2020

A great article came across my email this morning that has a wealth of common sense information for anyone that isn't experienced with guns but might be considering purchasing one or just wants to be more informed about guns in general.

This link takes you to their blog section, not their main "sales" site.


JeepBum Level 3 Mar 30, 2020
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