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In regards to your most recent video, I don't approve of the idea of child drag queens. At first, I thought it was cool to see the general puplic accepting and supporting something that has always been an important part of gay culture, and I honestly liked the initial message attached - showing kids that it's not bad to be gay, and that its ok and even beautiful to express yourself in a different and unique way.

But then it started getting inappropriate. You addressed this in your video, but the thing about drag is that it IS adult entertainment. When you go to an actual drag performance, it's entertainment geared specifically towards adults - VERY adult commentary and off-color jokes and humor, the glorification of male nudity and sexuality, and it's often VERY sexually suggestive, all in the name of comedy and entertainment, of course.

And it's a great time ... if you're an adult.

Introducing that kind of entertainment to children - ideally, you would need to water down certain aspects about drag - like watching your language and policing some of the things you say, leaving out the sex and drug jokes, avoiding overly sexualized movement and expression, etc. Instead, I'm seeing a lot of "drag kids" being treated like they're 9 years old going on 35, and some of the realities of drag aren't being censored at all. There's a young drag kid called "Desmond the Amazing", he's 11 or 12, and instead of being inspiring, his story comes off as wildly inappropriate, creepy, and it's implied that his parents are pushing him to perform this way to cash in on the novelty factor and score 15 minutes of fame. There's a video of him sitting with 2 adults, one of them a drag queen - the drag queen makes a SUPER inappropriate comment about snorting ketamine, and Desmond mimics snorting a line, like it's funny. This kid is barely pubescent - who the hell is teaching him about hard drugs? The second person in the video is a former club promoter who spent time in prison for committing murder (if you've ever seen the movie Party Monster, that's the guy). They didn't make an effort to censor anything they were saying in front of this boy, they were honestly treating him like just another drag queen.

To be honest, I think it's a wonderfully positive thing to encourage and teach children about the different ways we can express ourselves. Exposing them to an innately adult world without shielding them from at least some of the realities, in my opinion, is just irresponsible as fuck. It also reflects negatively on the gay community, and more and more drag queens are stepping up and saying so.

alex_star_shine 5 May 16
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When I was a little boy I played dress up. I would put on my older sisters bicentennial bathing suit and my moms kimono robe and raped a towel around my head and dis the Wonder Woman spin.... like many other little boys of my time. It was dress up and a child playing. That is OK.

The problem I have with child drag queens is the same problem I have with Child Beauty Pageants. These are not healthy things for children. They both attract predators who try to groom children. Both cause eating disorders in children. One child Drag Queen I keep seeing has an obvious eating disorder. Drag Queen moves should not be done by children because many of them like death drops and flying splits can cause physical harm. I read people complaining that these kids should be able to perform in bars.... NO, children have no place in a gay bar.... they are too hyper sexual places for children.

Let children be children... let them play but don't do this sort of abuse on them. It is abuse. I am gay and I would never want any child in my life to enter the adult world of drag queens. We are adults and we should protect children and make childrens health a priority.


exactly theres a huge difference between young boys being femme and dressing up vs adult entertainment

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