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Magazine live and feedback wanted

We finally coded up a magazine for the site and hope to have authors to write short pieces on controversial topics where facts are inconvenient or repressed. If you have an idea for an article to submit, let me know directly @admin You can find the magazine on the main page with the first post about how this site came about.

Member generated content?

The magazine is one way to help highlight original content. What are some ideas to help highlight member-generated original content over links to news or videos? Should we have a checkbox on new posts to say "original content" or would everyone click it?

Extra-controversial groups?

A few members have mentioned that they are concerned about posts and groups that are more controversial such as ones about white nationalism, antisemitic, or negative about various ethnic groups. Google has gone as far as banning our Andriod app. However, it is the mission of this site to allow controversial topics so long as they are civil (e.g., allow for open debate) and factual. I am thinking to mark some groups as "extra controversial" (or have group owners mark) and have them only accessible if members opt-in to viewing them. What do you think?

Frequency of "Post of the day"

What's your thoughts on the "Post of the day" group taking the top spot on the site a few times a week? I try to write them in a way to be interesting but don't know if you'd like to see more less of them.

Admin 8 Aug 1
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How do you avoid copy right infringement on images. A magazine implies lots of engaging visual content but what we usually see here are images and videos someone else created.

I try to use or create images with links to articles.


All great ideas, especially the magazine and post of the day!

GeeMac Level 8 Aug 1, 2020

I know 1 thing from reading this site for sure. You better limit length as some will try to write books. It should be the length of standard editorials whatever that is?

Agreed... my article is a full brain dump and 10x longer than I want articles to be. I prefer 1-2 page maximum "slugs"... a quick punchy topic with clear impact.


Good! Can't wait to see how it goes. Maybe I'll be able to contribute...or not...LOL

iThink Level 9 Aug 1, 2020

I LOVE IT! This is the way to get Facebook followers away from Facebook, as this is how they started, people love pictures, reading the writing comes second. GOOD FOR YOU, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. I wish you well.


I would like to see a weekly feature made of member nominated, best of week posts, comments, or total strings of oconversations .

govols Level 8 Aug 1, 2020

We have a "trending" page but agree that it would be nice to have more editorial involvement in it. We do try to flag good posts to show up more on the main page but it takes LOT of work 😟

@Admin I never saw the "trending" it set up like a "group" ? if so it should be automatically put into every members list of joined groups.
Where can I find a listing of posts that have been "flagged" as good.
Would really like to see them.
I think part of the criteria for "good and trending posts" should be posts where the member makes his own commentary and asks his own questions and does not rely on a hot link to a you tube (or other sources) to do the talking for him/her.
I don't mind links to you tube content so much as long as they aren't left here without any input or analyses from the member who shared it here.
Of course I am talking about posts of a sociopolitical nature . Other kinds like Art, music, firearms as a topic are fine standing alone although a short blurb about them would be nice. LOL


This is a good idea and a good thing. The main problem with many people today is that they do not read. This fits right into the gapping suck hole of leftism that looks for suckers that can be manipulated. Memes and assorted junk, pop culture and music are the newspaper "funnys" of times past. Many read only the funny papers in the back of the paper, not the journalistic content at all or little.
Anything that can get the new "on purpose" digital dumb downers and liberal teachers new forced ignorance in the schools -to read- is to be perused at all costs.
The left wants them dumb. When people do not read, they are left open to music and entertainment that are perfect tools for conditioning and brainwashing propaganda of the left.
Believe it or not, some people only listen to cheap pop music and watch leftist controlled sit-com type entertainment. And some still wonder why we are where we are at.

One of the goals here is to help create activists for truth... especially those who can reach those who don't read much. The magazine is trying to get tools to build confidence to speak out more.

yes you are right - some folks don't like to read so much. But then there are a few folks here abouts that post a freaking thousand word (or more) rant or essay ...and frankly I don't want to invest that much time and energy on a post like that.


Love the magazine and the pinned post of the day!

I think it would be great to have member-generated content clearly marked. I haven't generated any myself and don't know if I will, but there are some members who do post fantastic original content (I found this site thanks to one of them) and it would be great to see that content highlighted. And if it's just a tick box, then why not?

I don't like any kind of censorship or anything that makes it harder for content creators and consumers to connect. That's why I love this site! I can see where the suggestion of labeling groups as "extra controversial" is coming from, but I have concerns about how it might be implemented and whether it may become a slippery slope. I would love to see what other members have to say about it.

Thanks for the feedback!


I've really enjoyed the posts as well as discussions. I can't believe that I'm not suprised Google banned the android app. I wonder if anyone making those decisions has even visited. I didn't know what to expect when I searched out this site. All I knew was that I wanted to talk and learn more about what's going on in the world and MSM and social media was extremely one sided about everything. I'm not disappointed😁

Controversial groups? Yup. They exist. I can understand the concern to a degree, like how far is too far etc. But, like you said, if topics can be civil and debated then I see no reason why not. The ones that I feel like I might contribute to, I do so. The ones that I don't have any interest in, I don't interact with. It's really that simple. I think, for the most part, I can tell either by the group description or posts though.

I really enjoy the post of the day and wouldn't mind seeing more. I also look forward to seeing the magazine. 😀

Edit: I agree with @LargoEmbargo


Marking some groups as "extra controversial" is a bad idea. That is similar to what YouTube did by putting some videos in "limited state" to give the impression that their content was somehow extreme or dangerous. This is a free speech site, so don't reinforce mainstream taboos; let people judge for themselves what is too controversial for them to read.

Good point! I forgot about that😬

Interesting. There is an argument that by marking some groups as "extra controversial" that it may actually make them more visible (e.g., if 1% of the groups have this demarcation).

@Admin furthermore "controversial" extra or otherwise is an arbitrary thing. Just because someone says they are triggered or in some way feel threatened by words written and spoken does NOT make it widely controversial. It might be "controversial" to one person or very few people or a relatively small percentage of the population. We CANNOT protect feelings if we are going to promote free speech. Can't have it both ways.
Here's the thing; if someone is going to claim offense to something then they better come with some facts - come with something more than emotions. If they say certain speech has harmed them then they better be able to demonstrate real harm - not just their own hurt feelings. IMHO...LOL

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