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"America is a captured operation, it has been for a long time..."

How long? The point at which the power struggle swings back in favor of accurate accounting of the facts that matter in the case (The Law), those facts lead back to 1789 and the Judiciary Act Enabled by the criminals at the crime scene known as the first Con Con in Philadelphia, in 1787.

Previous to the quote above there was mention of a thumb on the scale of justice and the reporting of the name AG Barr. Does anyone remember AG Kennedy? AG Kennedy (Robert) was using the power of the National (it is not Federal) Attorney General Office to hold members of The Mob to account for crimes perpetrated by members of The Mob.

Do you know what the concept of a bully pulpit? How about the term: franchise? If those in command of the most power use their power to hold the most threatening forces to account, and they use the clearly enumerated rules of due process, do their actions constitution a set of actions worthy of emulation, a set of actions worthy of copy, a set of actions that serve to lead other people into actions that employ the leadership example dynamically moving into action on a National level, using that method of arriving at those goals, using that set of actions locally, at the State level, at the County level, and at the City or town or township levels?

Someone figures out how to make best hamburgers or tacos, or both, and before long there is a local version of that ONE business in each city all around the world.

AG Barr says "no evidence" as if reading from the franchise script. Make this hamburger this way, stale bread, dog shit, spit on it, wipe your ass with the pickle, fill the drink cup with urine, and there you go, the best hamburger ever to disgrace the human gene pool.

Josf-Kelley 8 Dec 2
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