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I have intended to show to The Whole People (everyone excluding no one), that the RULE in America since 1789 has been Roman Civil Rule.

The proof of this is becoming obvious to all but the true believers in the lies that make people stupid and servile to their Roman Civil Rulers.

You can get the same message without the extra baggage communicated, inferred but not implied, with the word Roman: removed.

Civil Law (dating back probably even before the Roman version used today) is the counterfeit version of the common law.

Civil Law is dictatorial, top down, and it has a pyramid like form, since power is purposefully moved from the many to the few.

The Law of The Land, or the common law, is organic, grass-roots, and bottom up, since power is strictly transferred only on a voluntary basis, so the form forms organically, and defies Dictatorial Shapes like a Pyramid.

Dictatorial Rule, or Roman Civil Rules, enforce authority by messages sent from the top and filtered down through the lower levels, and only on rare occasions, and under strict control, are messages from lower levels allowed to be passed up the food chain unsolicited.

There are two ways to illustrate this phenomenon unique to Civil Rules.

Those on Top persecute those at the lower levels according to established Civil Rules, and no one is allowed (unsolicited) to prosecute anyone positioned at a higher level; without permission from the higher level.

That is one very obvious tell telling someone which FORM is being used to control a population in a given area, a control that is Pyramid in shape, Top Down, and Dictatorial.

Another obvious tell is the FORM that Communication Media takes, as shown in this, and many other, FORUMS.

Every effort is made to ensure that no one is allowed to deliberately discuss a topic on a voluntary basis. In place, in the Code that Forms the Media, are road blocks that block free access to people who would deliberately deliberate on topics, if there were no road blocks Formed into the Media by the Code.

Take this FORUM for example. Here at MINDS – unless I’ve missed it – the members cannot deliberately discuss a topic without running into several road blocks preventing such free and active deliberate discussion of topics.

  1. Rapid replacement of OLD topics with NEW topics.

  2. Rapid restriction of space to reply to an existing comment.

The rapid changing of topics removes any focus focused on any particularly troublesome topic, such as, for example, the criminal take-over and enslavement of mankind by specific psychopaths whose treasonous crimes warrant, at least, a deliberate effort to hold them to an accurate accounting of the facts that matter in that case, that topic.

If someone dares to reply to a rapidly vanishing case, or topic, the reply is buried rapidly, and the space of the first reply is constricted by the Code that Forms the Media.

If someone dares to reply to a reply, as if a point of concern was pointed out more than one time, or as if there is only time to entertain only one addition comment, without allowing any redirect back to the topic, if the comment is not relevant to the topic, so a deliberate discussion of a topic is easily sidetracked by those who are in a position to supply that demand: censorship.

I have written about this before, and there are no comments, no discussions, no recognition of the validity of the topic (such as hey, look, mankind is being driven into extinction by psychopaths running amok in the playground, rioting in the blood of the innocent, with impunity), and no deliberate effort to improve the data relevant to the valid topic.

There are Thumbs Up by all the self-elected Emperors who have been handed their portion of power according to Roman Civil Rules, but really, how much is that worth to anyone other than those positioned on Top of the Pyramid Scheme?

Josf-Kelley 8 Oct 20
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