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Hi ! I am Gay and from Germany with Turkish roots. As said in the Video ,Homosexuality and orthodox Abrahamic religions do not fit in the first glance.

But nothing is pure Black or White . The Islamic Culture and traditions in all times has to deal with men attracted to other mens. Its all about Duality. Female and Male . Many homosexual men are „ accepted " as women . With todays point of view it indeed misogyny. The wife you have to marry has to be an virgin. Young men have to get through their puberty . Many Muslim men have bisexual experiences. Double standards. Be gay but do not shout it loud.

The keyword is not inclusion or acceptance its tolerance. The Islamic society tolerate closeted gay men .

In my opinion orthodox Islam is able to progress like Judaism or Christianity.

I grew up in 1980 in a orthodox ( sunnit) Family and i had to go to catholic/protestant religion class due to the german school law ( Nowadays you can also choose ethic ) . And it was ok for my family. They where immigrants and has to follow liberal rules.

The main difference between Christianity and Islam is in my view the figure of Jesus. And the term salvation / forgiveness. ( Jesus died for the original sin of the humanity ) And despite the wrath abrahamic white, male god of the old testament you have also a god who can give you salvation. The concept of hell in Islam and damnation for Muslim people is always : There is an exit.

That sounds very medieval and backward also fearful.

Yes orthodox Islamic culture is homophobic but there are elements in the Qoran who can give solace and hope for progress, especially for homosexual men.

Traditional Patriarchy on the one hand but also the behavior of woman who raised their male and female children differently, especially the power status of a mother which gave birth to a boy are the true barrier the Islamic society has to overcome.

anonymous 4 Sep 14
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ah this makes a ton of sense. me and Jimmy were working on trying to figure out why it hasn't been able to progress in the same way as other religions have.


Islam cannot survive in the long term without a reformation like Christanity has many decades ago. The question becomes: can islam be reformed. I doubt it!

angelo Level 8 Sep 14, 2020

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