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Question about conservative in Kink culture:

Ok, I've been longingly looking at the entire kink culture from the outside looking in for about a decade. And I finally did it this year and joined Fetlife. If you're unfamiliar it's a website that facilitates kink enthusiast in their endeavors to exercise their Hobbies. In other words it helps freaky people to find other freaky people to get freaky with. And the first thing you notice is that the community is overwhelmingly Progressive. Almost all of them except feminist Theory which which is a dichotomy that I'm not going to get into. But it seems like no one is willing to play with a conservative. So if you want to join this community what do you do? I did the hiding thing. A change my sexual orientation to pansexual even though I'm theoretically hetero. I only been attracted to females but I never had my first kiss before so who knows. I thought bondage was weird until I witnessed it so leave room for mystery.

My question is how does a conservative enter the kink community without destroying what makes it great? Is the answer to start your own kink community or just hide like I'm doing?

What would you do?

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Shiosakai 6 Oct 24
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Be yourself, be open minded and remember safe, sane and consensual. Conservative or not you will find your kink

It's been my experience that if being myself really doesn't work. Not that I'm a bad person I'm actually quite delightful but it's hard for me to fit in. And with all the progressives in a community I want to be a part of it's like I'm always going to be an outsider.

@Shiosakai I'm quite the awkward panda myself, it will take time but Fet has something for everyone and if your not yourself you won't get what your looking for. Your trying to enter into a community that is seen as tabo and "bad" look me up Jennifer1 I'll Friend you on there.

@Jennifer1 ok, I'll add you as a friend. Look out for Deacon Black


i think you should just be yourself. im more conservative now and i'm on onlyfans lmao. no one really has given me any hate for being in both places. people are individuals.

Oh, that's because you're attractive and charismatic. I don't have that going for me. I already behind the 8-ball on this whole human sexuality thing. I'm 36 which means I got another 40 years left if I'm lucky and I would like to explore that part of myself while I still have the chance. But I don't think I have the time or the resilience for failure. I'm 36 and I'm still looking for my tribe.


Individual liberty is a classical liberal position: and individuals, consenting legal adults, can engage in whatever they want with other legal consenting adults. Politics shouldn't be a factor....


I have seen plenty of political discussions on Fetlife, including liberals and Biden supporters and conservatives and Trump supporters. Kink has no political allegiance. That being said, it does tend to skew more towards progressivism. That is mostly because a large swath of the conservative movement (at least in the USA) is deeply religious, whether that be Christian or Jew or Muslim, and sees any kind of deviation from traditional sex (only in the confines of marriage and only for procreation) as sinful. A fundamental tenet of the kink community is also consent and being a safe space to be yourself free of judgment (unless you have a humiliation fetish) and progressivism definitely reflects those values more.


I have done it all, now I have kinks I can't even type here as they are beyond federal lecels of illegals. I can tell you exactly whats up. The kink world is kind of like drugs. You are looking for more, more and more. Once you get spanking, then you want choking, then BDSM. then ritualistically, etc. Theres all sorts of things. But its a need. People in therr are desperately looking for something they can't find. Nothing satisfies them. They ate looking for love. I know, I know. It sounds cheesy and lame. Allow me to prove my knowledge. It should have been obvious. You do the kinky stuff, and it kinda just feels like the same. One slut sucking you off, is just the same as two. Is actyally better because you get anxious over them not doing it properly nor continuously as they also make out. You can't bend your neck that comfortably to watch and enjoy really. Its all a lie. But we don't question it. One blowjob and two sucking your nipples feel exactly like one blowjob and two sucking your nipples. It doesnt conpound into more pleasure. It really doesnt. If you fuck in some weird scenario, it feels like fucking in some weird scenario. Nobody says its like "wooow" because it isnt. And this is even being high. So its not worth it. The waste of time pursuing it, only to find put they suck at it, then you get angry. most tries are pure fruatration because those who are good at it arr extremely rare. And mostly in the gay scene.

Thats because our bodies arent made for that. its addictive to the prone to addiction because of emotional cravings not met. but if you don't need it, I suggest you skip it. here ia my argument. in order for sex to be awesome, you need to be out of your mind. sorry for not having better lingo for this. its not well known. so... with physical stimuli, you enjoy, but your mind stay grounded. thats why it only feels the mundane reality it is. An "orgy" only feels as four or more trying to fuck akwardly and not knowing how to handle themselves. our bodies are made to seed cunt. thats it. the pleasure is a mechanism to compell you.

what does get you out of reality? being in love. heres the deal: love is like Jesus. If you believe in it, you can make it be extremely meaningful to you. i don't believe, but I know whats going on. Im too late to believe as I alrrady thought it out too much. Being able to believe and stay willingly ignorant is a blessing as it will be rewarding for you as its a good path to take. so if i were you, i would look for love, to fall in love. if you manage yo make that first kiss magical, that is a prize you will never be able to top with kinks. and it satisfies you. it doesnt make you an addict like kinks.

im gay, and Im all bad you can think of. i can't go back. i didnt know. so i did what i had to. i hope you listen to me, and choose the magic over the mundane. you can message me anytime if you got question. i assure you, its worth it. otger people your age, they lie when they brag. they know shit. most men in their 40s still suck in bed. and women are worse. so think it through. good luck, man. Woo a nice hoe for yourself n_n

A1fredo Level 8 Oct 25, 2020

The stories you must have.


Without getting into details, I’ll say that I’ve never found politics to be of particular relevance

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