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Hey. I don't want to watch your video because my volume is broken on my phone but it's probably better that I don't since I already have something to say.

So there is what I believe that there are or I should say one true gender. We like that the idea that we get to play with two because that's what we know we can have scientific evidence for, but that's just because there are two enough to compare, however there's more like one single only one true gender, if there was, one true gender, then consequently we wouldn't have the viability to compare it to other genders because the only two that we both for certain have science on is the only two that everyone we know would know about.

I can provide evidence for one true gender. We needed to first ask the question and science is unbiased, so it just could have well have been male but the true answer is female.

I can think of a lot of evidence for this. My evidence is the bases for a superior human being if one ever existed. Scientifically there are different kinds of people, but if one type of human was even marginally better than the rest, then I believe that the science doesn't even matter on the subject, because I believe that if that thing did just if it did exist, then we are all just representations of that better human being which is what I believe is the case since if there are so many different kinds of people in the world and the one real answer still eludes us because of it because we like to think that all human beings are being equal to each other.

People just like to assume that anything that is different than normal, would be somehow bad and wrong like if there was something wrong making what is different be wrong because it's different, however, has this ever been the case of what we have ever liked to think about before, no, because we only have real knowledge of what is normal right, that settles that. So then, but that isn't entirely the case for that better human being if one exists, take into consideration that if what we did know to be different was bad and wrong just because it's different, mean while what we do know is everyone is different, then to that the better human bad and wrong might just not even exist to it at all if different was either wrong or bad to normal humans. So if to this other better and different being that was true, then what we consider normal anyways, it just would be completely what is truly wrong to think is normal. That's true no matter what normal really is in reality.

So, that's what question that we are having to be left with to be asking ourselves, is that which of those genders that we know everyone knows about would be the naturally normal, because that's the one true gender.

It's not girls that I think that is, just to clarify that, I was looking for a perfect girl or the one true gender, and by looking at the quest on which on to find that it lead me to believe that for one a perfect girl could very well exist, even though the first time I attempted to find her I came to the conclusion that the perfect girl couldn't exist, back then I take into consideration of that different is normal and normal is different, and I eventually learned that because of that if the perfect girl could exist not to be normal or what people know, then so can one true gender possibly be too despite my thinking, it just so happened that what I thought then from that point and what I found just were coincidentally one in the same.

That's my theory, and I can provide much more evidence than beyond this if I wanted to. Defending girls however for being different isn't my initial goal, what I do now is defend that which is different to be different because that's normal to me now. Perhaps sometime in the future I'll try elaborating many things more.

Caseyxsharp2 6 Mar 2
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@dagodfrey27127 @Forra888
There are two genders. But one true gender would exist. What is that exists other than this, is just divination from this. You have to accept that the two genders available to us are different in nature, if you don't, then you're basically saying that all the genders those two are the same thing and you're missing my point they are different I'm not even saying that you are, all I'm saying is that one true gender does exist and there's nothing wrong with that.

Smart people, or people that are normally believed to be different because they aren't like the rest of humans make up a percentage of the human race that could be closer resembling the one true gender than what is normal for normal humans, it doesn't have to be what you call a one two anything, it could be one gender, it could be true brain dominance being lefthanded, it could be what you call a more superior or new species of humans, the fact is you trying to determine what is normal just isn't working because different does exist within these people, it just so happens that the one true gender just happens to be more associated with something that you already call normal because it should be it's the one true gender and that's female.

I'm being frank with you, I don't give a shit about what you like to call normal, don't attack me just for postulating that one kind of human could be better or more true to be than the rest just because you think that I am talking about how of a gendered human you are, oh why don't you cry me a river you pussies, unless you really have something against women in which case, I really don't give a shit I'll tell you how it is though, in that case you can just go fuck yourself, thanks.

You're what is wrong with the world. No one gives a shit what your ideals are, you're impeding progress, get your shit together.

You want to play dirty with me. Fine alright, I'll prove it to you, so you can just shut your fucking pie holes. Let's begin, fuck it. But don't say that you're sorry once I put you in your place, because I do know this because I'm actually a girl that lives in a boy's body and I know what I'm talking about just remember that you sexist bitches.

So, I have evidence that all of these things that people are that are hardly known about are all connected in unforeseen ways, such as smart people, autism, asperger's syndrome, lefthanded people and transgender people, they all resemble females more than what you call that you even know of being male. How's this then for you ignorant fools, did you know that the percentage of the population that is autistic is 10%, did you know that also the percentage of lefthanded people is 10%, did you know that of the percentage of lefthanded people that are autistic is most of the percentage of people that even are lefthanded? Did you know that lefthanded people are more likely to be gay? Did you know that lefthanded people have more connections between both sides of their brain, and did you know that also girls do too? Did you know that also transgender people resemble more like females in the brain? The question is which of these things are connected and with what?

It's lefthanded people. It makes sense. Did you know that not all lefthanded people are right brained, only about 10% are of the people of that are inconsistent dominate which consistantly dominance is left brained like most people? If you want to know what the true gender is therefore, there's only one place that you're most likely to see it in, and you're either just as as a twist going to see there's a relevance or not, that's lefthanded right brained people because they are the most different types of human beings. The other 20% of lefthanded people that make up the 30% are either left or abidominant. So now the question is which is what, is being just a female part of being more abi or right brained making lefthanded people more like girls than even that of natural normal girls would ever be. If it, happens, to be the ladder, then you know what that means, because that means that what you like to call being a normal girl isn't actually all exclusive to being a real girl anymore, does that frighten you? Maybe it should, have you ever heard of retard strength?

Lefthanded people, have more testosterone than that of righthanded people. Lefthanded people are better at learning and fighting. Lefthanded people are like the one fish in a school of fish that swim left instead of right, you can call it what you want like if it would be a natural part of evolution or something, but can you though, in normal, situations, given that a shark is about to attack, what do you think that the shark is going to go after first, and what group of fish probably aren't going to be even a fish to be a part of making evolution happen anymore? Lefthanded people, have to fight righthanded people, what are the odds do you think that a right handed person has fought a lot of lefthanded people?

Lefthanded people resemble that of what is commonly known to be different, standing at the forefront of it all, but what is commonly known to be different, isn't always bad or wrong just because it's uncommon don't you know? Like, being a genius, today now just being really smart is being looked down upon, so was lefthanded people just for being lefthanded, it's called being different, and lefthanded people for hundreds of years have been labeled all kinds of things that were never true, like being evil by the church, because they were super intelligent, all of the famous people throughout history have been lefthanded, but not only has being lefthanded or a genius been secluded to just lefthanded people being different making them bad and wrong, just like transgender people another group of people that you would probably say that about, or being a girl. Time after time though, each and every single one of your longstanding beliefs about people that are different is being dismantled one after another, and all you can say is just oh that's not normal, the fuck do you know you small minded imbecils?

If someone is going to put a stop, to your treacherous hooliganism it should be lefthanded people that are female, because you really deserve what you reap which is nothing. You are nothing to the truth, don't you understand? Nothing about being lefthanded or being a girl that just happens to be unlike all the rest of your measly human race, makes girls or lefthanded people different and for that matter not even bad and wrong either. It doesn't matter how much of a stupid piece of shit you are, you must know that on some level of what you're doing is wrong, or maybe it should be just you that shuts that little trap of yours and next time that you're thinking about opening it, don't, youpieceof shit. Out here, talking shit about people because they're different.

I believe that you couldn't possibly even know what is meaningfully right, in this world. Everyone knows in this world that to tell someone what is right, you have to be telling them about what they think that is wrong is wrong to who doesn't know, that's how everything in this world is created, so you get to kick your legs up sipping tea while saying I knew everything would work out, bullshit, you know nothing about how the world really is, and if you did, you would stop this right now because it's wrong, and you must also know that you can't tell a person what they don't already think about being right unless you do that because that's the only way, it doesn't mean that it has to mean anything is better or worse at being good or bad or right or wrong, it just means that if you don't, then this person never learns that what is right is right to begin with, so I would for one say that I'm betting against you on this because of all your ever going to be ever thinking about is that you're just right all of the time, that's all you can do, my money is on that lefthanded girl that's about to kick your ass just for being a bigot. You're not a normal human being, because a normal human being doesn't scream naked through the streets burning down the town when they just find out that everything that they ever thought was right turns out to be wrong and what was wrong turns out to be right.

Don't give me that I'm the victim bullshit, like you would know about what it is like being intentionally prosecuted just for being a messed up human crap. Don't act like you would care either, all you know how to do is hurt people and be a total piece of shit. Didn't you hear me, nothing about being lefthanded or a girl is a bad or a wrong thing just because you like to think so.

Back on the topic here, lefthanded people having more testosterone doesn't mean that they have more, right handed people have less, it's how the body works, people think that without testosterone that muscle growth can't happen but it's the estrogen which girls do actually have more of that creates a thermogenic reaction that allows the body to work better to build muscle affecting a lot of things that make that happen, and estrogen can transform into testosterone, that's how they have more testosterone because they lack the parts to make estrogen but are still like girls because of it.

If just having more testosterone was exclusive to being lefthanded, then then it wouldn't also have an effect playing a role in autism too. Again being lefthanded is seen as a bad thing making people abnormal, because there's nothing wrong with the people of being autistic they are just different humans do you understand? When a mother has high testosterone this is what leads to that being born either lefthanded or autistic. How do you know that it's not exclusive or a bad thing because everyone else says so, because lefthanded people are otherwise born just fine.

I know that what you're likely to be thinking, is that it's because the people of other genders or transgender that it's because of that, that you would like to think that they must have mental issues. No, none of that. You're the most bigoted piece of human trash just for thinking it. Like no, it's not just what I say, that's the way it is in your small little world if you believe anything else other than that right now, and you don't even have a very good even reason just to be the one thinking that right now. That's exactly what I'm saying.

The only reason even, then that you would be thinking that you're right, right now, is if it's not what you believe because someone else told you that already, I know, because, everything that you have ever been thought to even be right in this world has been because someone told it to you, since you think you're always right and thinking independent thought just escapes you apparently, I mean for fuck sake, you were a piece of shit if that wasn't the case right now and you're still thinking that trying to rationalize it yourself, you're just a piece of shit and no one likes that.

How about a game, can you guess what you think I am if you think that you're always right, what am I, because I'm not like you, I'm a girl living in a boy's body, I'm not even transgender, I'm a real woman myself, so what am I then? I've tried seeing things you're way, but what you think of what I am has never been true at all, I'm the Devil and I've been many people, it wasn't just girls or a girl, I've been many and I have been always a girl, for this very reason right here. Because, I knew you were just a piece of shit that couldn't even get believing what is truly right in this world right. Why do you think that when you see the picture of the Devil he has boobs? There's no tiptoeing around it, the Devil has always been a chic. My whole entire story of my life has revolved around this fact and so has of me being the girl I am, there's no way in this world that you could ever convince me of otherwise right now just because of that, you don't think that if I could just tell you of all of the reasons that one true gender could exist right now, that I wouldn't do it just to shut you up?

What do you think that girls are? Actually, it doesn't even really matter if they were like me or not, because everything that you think about girls would be wrong then just for you thinking it. Girls are not just sex objects meant for propagation, sex is different from than gender, because it's by through having it that you can become what you truly are, you wouldn't be having sex without girls and girls are what you have sex with, it just so happens that it's not a coincidence, you do have sex with girls. Because one true gender already exists, and it would be girls.

You are the same thing as a girl. It's not a question of if you could be one thing and be something else too, you are a girl, and you can be anything else that isn't also a girl too. Boys have a y and x chromosome while girls have two x's, but that's not what makes you either be a girl or boy, because for you to be first you have to been born one or the other, it just so happens that there's not a real way of being born anything other than female, boys are born girl in the first place when in the womb anyway, however, girls only can pass on one of their x chromosomes that they recieved from their mothers because boys can't pass on an x chromosome, so where do you think the two x chromosomes came from when girls came into being then? Girls only exist by having both x chromosomes isn't that right, boys only pass on an y chromosome, so how would you know, you're either born a girl or you don't.

Just because scientifically or logically there's no reason for something to be in reality, doesn't mean that it can't still be if it is in reality. Like me, I started out believing that I was a boy, I believed that the reason I was a girl was because there was actually a girl being me in reality and I knew that, I just didn't believe I was a real girl until I understood that, as a matter of fact, that's the same reason that I now would believe that a perfect girl could exist, I didn't think that one could even exist because I was like you and just didn't believe it.

I'm not saying that being lefthanded makes people better or that being a girl is normal, I'm just saying that but considering that otherwise that wouldn't make lefthanded people different or girls something bad in the eyes of our society today, I'm willing to bet that just as so would happen anyone who's betting otherwise, would be wrong then. That's what makes being normal be normal. If you're a man, then you can be a man, but for a woman to be a woman, you have to actually be a woman to be a woman or you're not.

And what they say about being ambidextrous or lefthanded is wrong by the way. Because scientists are stupid always thinking that there has to be an answer to everything and that it must be right. If being inconsistent dominate means that you would be ambidextrous, then lefthanded people wouldn't be lefthanded and have more connections between hemispheres, just like girls, because growing connections there isn't exclusive to being female or being lefthanded, you can grow more just by typing for example, the fact that there exists ambidextrous people who have this while not being lefthanded or right brained would prove this because it's just the fact that not all lefthanded people are right brained but all righthanded people are left brained, which don't you really think is actually normal in this case then?

The fact is that first of all in the first place, you have to know that lefthanded people exist to be different and so do girls, so what the hell is so freaking wrong with that anyways that has you all flipped out over anyways? Like get over yourself. I exist as a sexual being, I might not like having sex with girls because I'm a girl, but only real women can say one thing and do another and actually like it because that's what women do, so I so much don't really even care at this point if you just happen to think I'm wrong about this, you're never going to be right with an attitude like that, mean while I'm going to actually be having sex with real girls and they're going to like it too, just like a real woman. Because, fuck you and your bullshit douche bags.

So which is the one true gender, male or female? That is where you lose me. And obviously I never said the two genders are the same. AS I said there are TWO genders. Oh, and I am not a girl, I am a man called David. Trust me I am a man not a woman. And the only similarity between me and a girl is my two legs, two arms. body and internal organs. But every bit of dna in me screams MAN

It just seems quite clear that the modern definition of the word gender means something completely different to what it ALWAYS meant.

@dagodfrey27127 no you did just say that they were the same by just trying to identify both as being different like they would be separated, there can only be one true gender if that's all there is, that's what there is, female, it just so happens that biology can disagree with that for whatever reason then. There's one true gender. Just because there happens to be more other genders than that doesn't stop one true gender from actually existing because that's the way things are. If you want to be a man, then, you can be a man, just let girls be girls because they're girls, it doesn't matter what you think you are, or if other than that, that's what you really are, you would only know that the only real gender that actually exists is female if you were born female, it's the one true gender, if you just happen to be a man, then absolutely that's what you are, you are a man. Because, being male or female are two different things in reality. Yeah, the definition of gender now does mean something different than what it is meant to be meaning, because only female would be the one true gender in a world of being only the female gender. Girls still are something different, than what they really actually are meant to be since being nonfemale does exist now to be female but not female.

@Caseyxsharp2 Im not even going to argue with you. You are very confused and you are really not making sense. Sorry. Of course the younger generation know more than others who have lived a lot longer than them. Just cause you believe you are right doesnt mean that you are right. You are clearly very wrong and anyone with any common sense would agree with me. It is becoming a new diagonses in the field of psychiatry. Mental illness is what it is. I used to believe I was a woman in a mans body. Then I realised no, it is simply a coping method because I did not like being David. It was multiple personality disorder and I see a whole new generation developing such disorders. I am definitely a man, and just as a women is different from a man also a man is different from women. It cuts both ways. The fall in the garden of Eden was Eves fault. she is the one who listened to the devil and then tempted adam. Fact. I will pray for you and for the likes of you. It is truly very sad to see this new generation making such a mess for themselves. I am glad I will be dead before you lot are in charge. You will make a greater mess of things than is already happened

@dagodfrey27127 well, I'm not going to argue with you if that's all you care to say. Maybe I should be the one to be saying to you just because you think you're right doesn't mean that you are. I can already tell just what you're thinking, you're thinking that because if you just don't want what I said to be true, then you're just going to be thinking that you're right, but if that's all it is you don't have a reason to even be thinking that I'm wrong about this. You want to say that I'm clearly wrong, it just sounds that you have a thing against girls, I can actually articulate a scientific explanation for why girls would be the standard. I didn't even say all that I had to show evidence for it. You couldn't even be the competition between me arguing against me on my level. If women are different than men, it's just a logical question, how can you say that women are something different and treat them like that, just if because you're a man and you wouldn't want to be thought of as just a man and be treated differently just because you're a man? You're just treating women like something that you're on top of like you would be just the world expert on girls, it shows just how little that you know about them you know that. I don't have to be convinced to argue with you, I just don't believe that you would know something if anything that could be called right about women if you want to argue with me about it so much, what happens when you're right, you're not even thinking about this, if girls don't exist to be different, ie. not something that you would know, then they would have to be the same thing as you, I'm arguing against you because you're wrong.

Oh, you want to talk about Eve being in the garden, women were the same as men, Adam's first wife had been created to be something different than God and was a different woman than God would have been had existed himself to be in the garden himself, and she left, then he made Eve, she was made literally out of a part of Adam so that she would be a woman just like Adam but in the place of God's actual form had he been himself in the garden, then being the woman she was a creature like God but not having the mind while existing in that garden brought her to eating the fruit, the fruit wasn't bad it was the thing that God told Adam and Eve not to eat, but he didn't account for the fact that Eve had his girl form and was just created out of the body of Adam unlike Lilith who was made out of the ground like Adam, both women did eventually disobey man, but it wasn't because she was just tricked into eating a forbidden apple, Adam wouldn't have eaten it, because he was created from nothing, Eve came out of his rib, of course she was about to disobey God while living in a paradise garden, and it wasn't her fault, it was just that damn fruit that's why. You know how I know, because I've been living with a psychic ability and the person who you would be talking to is that different kind of girl I'm the Devil that's why, I was there. So go on, tell me all that again about how I was wrong for calling women the same as men. Congratulations, you're a man that will never know really anything at all about women now, you're wrong but hey, good for you. Good luck with that.

@Caseyxsharp2 What you said is not true so I don't have to want that. It is simply false. I go now, got better things to do than bang my head against a wall with a gender psychotic. Only Eve was formed from Adams rib, not Lilleth. I never heard of Lilleth in the creation story. You are spreading lies. I will go now and cease this insanity. mThe word of God says that if you add to the book ( the bible) then God will add to your plagues. You need to repent of this nonsense. You are lost. The devil is the father of lies so I say. Just read your profile. You are insane. Go get sectioned and get the help you need. I challenge you now. you can do nothing, you are deceived. I received a psychic message from someone last night and Christ simply batted it away from me. Get knotted. I know who I have believed. Bye bye. Screwball.


Why not just accept the fact: there are two genders, male and female. A proven fact is a fact.

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