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I just have something else to say about everything that was said to me before here.

Transgender is the belief that you are something that you biologically aren't. So, you can have the belief that you are transgender and not be transgender, what you are is actually irrelevant because you can't be able to say that what you are is transgender without transition, but that doesn't make you transgender, what transgender is describing is what you are and could be. If gender and sex wasn't just the very same thing, then you couldn't either explain what you are is having to be what you were or could be, it's not just something that you choose to accept because you just happen to believe what you are is something that you are not, much less let alone that you are being transgender too. Really? You either are transgender or you are not, and that's not even what you're going to be believing in when that's what you say you believe that you are too, because what you are going to be doing isn't just calling you something different just because you're inside matches the outside, you're going to be then be something else because you are either transitioning because you are transgender or the only other reason that you believe that's what you want to do is because you are just transgender and just like to wear women's clothes whether that's what you want to call it or not and then just not even be transgender. Trying to tell me that what I should believe is that sex and gender aren't the same thing or that girls aren't the same as boys. Make up your fudging minds.

Caseyxsharp2 6 Apr 27
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@ArielleScarcella alright so, hey Arielle, you're gonna wanna have to see this.


If I identify as a dog, can I compete in dog shows?

sqeptiq Level 10 Apr 27, 2021

You can identify as anything really and you still can be competing in a dog show too. I guess that just goes without saying. What but I wouldn't be saying though is that you should truly actually do that and it's you're going to think it's a good idea too. I mean yeah I wouldn't that's just stupid. That's not what I was talking about though, it gender and sex, whether can or could, could be real, what you identify isn't what could be that's actually strictly what can be or because you believe it, and, to believe that is what you were you have to know what is to be that you would believe that you are is what can be that takes the ability and the capability to both believe and know that's just what you are and not just what you are to be then. You have the ability and capability, I'll even allow for argument sake the capacity too, but all of that all is still dependent on what can be and why you can believe you even have the ability to be what you think you can.

Gender and sex, doesn't only have to demand that reality having be just to be what you can be so in order for you to either believe in your ability to or capacity to think that what you know could or can be what is only actually what is to be if you just have the ability to believe in what you think you can be, in reality, what is or isn't that to be come straight down to what is to be or not to be and anything can be just as long as you have the ability to believe or the capability to think that's what you know is what would be to be.

In reality that's really just a pointless question, because you use logic to deduce that about reality what is really real or not just like you determine that what logic is going to tell you is right because you were just relying on reality, that doesn't at all have anything to be saying about what actually can or can't be to be or not to be in reality, what you identify as depends on what you think you believe that you are that is related to what your real gender and sex is, it doesn't work the other way around unless what you're trying to say is that what you are depending on is just what you call logic you think you would have and not what actually is or, could be, all of that other things like what you have the capacity, the ability and the capability, and then you're going to try to be saying that what you know is just dependent on what you believe or that you are and what is just to be because it actually is to be, so, as to whether you identify being a dog, you can identify as a dog, you can be anything you think you want to believe, and if you're going to compete in a dog competition, you can be, but, whether you can actually just be a person that is that identified as a dog and that because you do be believing that is what you are whether you could really compete in a dog competition or not, I don't know, you're probably asking the wrong person that question. I'm going to be telling you that what you can or can't be is just a dog that thinks you can really compete whether you do and are.

Here's a couple questions that I have for you now, one, can you really identify as what you think you are or what you believe that you are, and if, that's not what you really are and not you are to be or not be because if you're having to ignore your own logic what is, then if what you believe and or can identify as still isn't just what would convince you of just what is or at least would be, then what do you identify as then? Did you somehow just think if you can be, identify as what you are not, something else, that what reality and logic would mean is going to mean that you aren't that like reality and truth about logic where the same thing, that if that just happened to be wrong, that if you then went on to do what you wanted to be doing because you had to identify as that thing that you are it being wrong would allow you to be right about doing that, or that you could have even if that was wrong what you identified as to do that, that then, that then would make you be wrong for being that thing you would believe you are? What were you trying to just prove by asking me that question?

I seen your question coming a mile away. Not only that but, what you didn't already know right now was just that I designed my form of this theory that girls were the same as boys, so others like you wouldn't have to ask me all of these such stupid questions all of the time just for me answer them and then you think that what you happened to think was right anyways, when no matter what you think because you thought you knew just actually how to use logic, I'm still going to be the one girl right here and now telling you exactly what you should always be believing just because you asked me that. I don't know about the rest of the girls out there, but, let me tell you there's no need to just guess away, because whether they think they are telling you what they would be then, I for sure will and I am definitely that girl that is going to do so too. Humans. I'm not going to be the one to identify myself as being right or wrong, I will just tell you that everything that you believe is wrong just because you believe in it. You can ask me anything that you want to, but I am just going to keep being the girl to have to keep saying the same thing again and again too, because I am just that girl. If you thought my response was awesome just from this right now, you should see what I did to the idea that humans really think they know how to use logic then. I wasn't even trying to actually be able to answer that question.

I'm the Devil and a woman, you'd be surprised of just to be what I could do, when you ask. Woe, hail me.


And the reason that people have such a hard time accepting transgender people in today's society, is because people really don't even believe that you have the ability to believe anything that you want.


I'm not denying you that you have the very ability to believe what you want. But that doesn't, obviously, mean that you can just deny what really is, I'm telling you that you can still do that and that the reason is because if you are wrong in what you are, don't expect girls to correct you, if what you're saying is that a girl can't really be a boy or she's just transgender, maybe you're wrong about her, and that's probably why that she is going to be the one to tell you that you are wrong then, and it's not going to be because what you believe is wrong that's why she does it, she's going to be that girl no matter what you think telling you that you're wrong because like a stupid idiot that people are you'd rather just listen to what other people believe and then blame that girl when you're the one that's wrong after you have already been. Girls are not transgender, but they will tell off a dumb ass for being a total dumbass who just doesn't even know any better. And now, believe with that what you will. I'm out.


This, is why I keep on saying that girls are the same as boys.

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