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Hey now that I've stated everything I'm thinking about girls in my mind, now I can actually present it out into the world just what a girl would really look like to the naked eye now. I'm just going to straight up throw it out there and then you can just tell me if this sounds right to you or not.

Everything else that I've been saying until now you could have just said was just some theories in the works in the world. This is what a girl really would be in this world, alright, for the purposes of learning what a girl would be just learning from a feminist through reading it what it would be in a book, don't do that, whatever you do for the love of God don't do that there's a better way to understand girls and that isn't what you're ever going to find in a book or simply hearing some feminist on the street talking about that it was they learned it from some other feminist too. Logically, the process the process in the book made by a girl feminist would be accurate and could be considered true, it's just this is what I'm saying you shouldn't be expecting not to be feminist or some girl that doesn't even know anything about feminism or what girls would be then to you if they are that if you never knew anything about feminism or girls besides what you just happen to read in a book and expect that by learning it through a book that because you're a feminist and a girl that now it's like you really know anything about girls then.

Something that you might could find in a book like that could be something like when in the TV show friends when Rachel is reading one of those books talking about what girls are and would be, basically all the book was talking about was girls have some kind of wind and you shouldn't let anyone steal your wind, well that's just one way of putting it you know, I wouldn't just say that it's not entirely accurate, I mean because like I would be saying then if you could just simply learn about girls by reading about them that there must be many different ways of thinking about girls then and some and not all of them should be believed in just because it's something you think you could at least have learned being a girl feminist learning about what girls really are, that they would have been to you then if just anything you think you could learn about girls that you would have just been able to have learned by simply reading a book about that. God damn, just that's like finding a feminist unicorn that is fighting for equality in the real world just because it happens to be thought to be a feminist unicorn. There's something way more to girls in this world than just that ever could be. I think that goes without even saying, and that, probably if it was actually true really, that's not even something that you could learn in a book by ever even hearing some female feminist talking about that in this world and also then I don't know why that you would think that because that would never happen in this world.

I can however honestly believe, that there simply is that there would still be simple right answers then to what girls would be then, because I'm not just as it so happens either a girl feminist, I'm also a real scientist too. It's still though not going to be something that any girl feminist just happened to think even or even learn for that matter herself either that it just would happen to be true because that girl she ever learned that, you don't have to know anything at all about girls to really get that you would have some kind of concept that they would be to you at all, and that's what's been missing about both what people think about the world and happen to be believing about female girls too, there's a right answer and it's not just going to be what just anyone would have been thinking then, and then there's and there's also a reason for it to be too that's not going to be what you were thinking except it is that there be still a reason for it to be too for the reason that it be being too.

If you want to understand what a real girl really is, you don't have to know that you believe anything you're thinking you believe right now, all you have to understand is this one detail I'm about to tell you right now, you don't have to think that you know what would be a girl would be like the wind if that's just what you believe, but you should have to must be able to understand that what girls are then would be to you would be girls that are like the wind to you then.

Also, girls are not responsible for correcting you just because you just wouldn't happen to just know what to think straight like as, that's just what girls could actually do just in the case that if that is you happen to be wrong and you're just going to guess that if you were that sone girl that would know should be telling you.

That's what girls be yo. That's not something that is decided by anyone over what is or not, it's not what people should be thinking, and, it's certainly not just something that any girls would be thinking about telling you just if you currently happen to be wrong right now about that too. And if you're not able to simply understand that, then by all means go ahead and pick up a book and start reading about girls, just don't expect me to be listening to you trying to teach me like what you could actually be saying would just be so right like gold to me right now then, as a matter of fact, just don't even be thinking that what you would be then, then you would be right if you could just simply be talking to girls to people then. You can believe, anything, that you would want to in this world, just think that you can talk about girls like that is what you would be is right and because you happen to believe that you are then, because then, I don't care what you happen to be believing then, what I'm going to do is be telling you that you are wrong and then you will be then. Like, for fuck sake man, just don't do it. You have one job, and that's to be right about women, don't act like there's another option because there wasn't.

Caseyxsharp2 6 May 9
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I could just.. one shot right now... I could be that girl that just one shot right now dude. No one would even know and I could still be that girl right now. Awesome, I honestly don't know much else, but that's so awesome.

Like the wind, yeah, and girl came up with that too. That's why it's so funny to me.


God damn it. It was just so simple. I'm even surprised that girls didn't already know this actually that wasn't me like it wasn't even a thing to them that wasn't new to them. I don't know whether to be upset at society for not even attempting to explain this besides what girls would be saying or to be just so disappointed in girls who that been really thinking that the only way of learning this was through a book on feminism just for girls. Hell, what I'm saying, I'm not a timid girl, I'd just say both. Yeehahh, bitch. Woe, that's what I'm talking about. Girls get it, and they should, it's not even just so hard for people to believe. What kind of crap was that? What in the world did people think about girls, before this was just taught, holy shiz nits.

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