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Let's examine, without naming names, the 'inclusivity' where LGBTQ and arts folk meet (bit of a longpost). I'm part of a specific-niche arts community, and I'd say majority of its members are in some way LGBTQ, poly, and/or kink-identified. This is totally fine by me, I am all three. Yet the elephant in the room is how you MUST be That Kind of Left politics identified, and if you're not, you're going to get heavily exiled. Not only have we had public "Cancelling" that has caused professionals to lose professional positions, but also mass un-associating.
One time, I made a very logical POV on trans-identity disclosure. All I did was advocate that partners have a right to autonomously decide not only who they share their lives with, but bodies with, also. We make these choices all the time, from career positions to "do you want kids or not?" I even brought in the topic of childbearing; a cis-heterosexual woman would not be able to biologically create a child with a trans-heterosexual man by way of sex, which could be a dealbreaker for her. As Blaire White has also pointed out, early disclosure can actually save lives and prevent violent (even fatal) reactions, which harm transgender individuals on a numerous scale annually.
I'm all for disagreement, discourse, free speech and talking things out. What ensued was multiple globally-known names in this community unfriending me and ensuring I would not be sharing the same platforms at them. Even though I am no less LGBTQ, and exist in my community to keep it safe.
At what stage do we say to ourselves, not only are we silencing LGBTQ voices (which is counterproductive to our equality in society), we're also potentially endangering lives when the "oppositional force" that we brand as -phobic or -ist at the drop of a hat, is offering logical discourse? Why do we do this? How has our community come to this, when not 50-60 years ago, we were being arrested, not just killed?
Why are we so afraid to not only examine ourselves, but also share our spaces with LGBTQ people that have differing views to us? This rabid "One Of Us" mentality, is preventing the professional and hobbyist LGBTQ artists... From existing. And I am not the only one.

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You're not alone, I got banned from an LGBTQ group for stating an opinion that didn't jive with the overall mindset. Someone posted in a group I was in that "having a genital preference" is transphobic, and that "we shouldn't encourage that kind of violence within the LGBTQ community". I replied that that was an offensive comment to make, because it diminishes the meaning behind innate sexual orientation and invalidates what it is to be heterosexual or homosexual ... and I was kicked out because my remark was deemed transphobic. I was stunned - I'm not a transphobe, by any stretch of the imagination. I just don't approve of someone being shamed for being attracted to something specific.

they ban anyone who has a different opinion which is horrible and borderline abusive behavior

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Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

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