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So does this group welcome a coming to terms bisexual Right Winger ,meaning while I'm attracted to women, I'm equally attracted to Trans Girls as well. I do hope that we can find some common ground. I support the common sense views held by Arielle Scarcella. That the rights of Trans should not interfere with the rights of women be they straight or lesbian. Its my view that Trans should have their own separate bathrooms, beauty contests ,that they should compete in Trans sports with other Trans not against women. That they shouldn't be rape counselors nor housed in jails nor locker rooms. Give them their own separate wing of a jail facility. I watched Arielle Scarcella and she sounds pretty reasonable for a lefty. So I'm proud to declare my support for her on the issues she advocates regarding Lesbians Queer and Trans. Our other political views clearly differ. But on the topics on hand here, i csn say i support her views and her rights to be heard 100% . Glad to be a member of the group.

Morgana-Lilith 4 July 29
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The part that bothers me about this conversation is that people act like this is a new "problem" Trans people have been around for a very long time. And I could be wrong but this hasn't been a problem.

I want to be clear I think that "real" trans people want to live their life and not bother or hurt anyone, but if to gain access to women only areas all you have to do is "identity" as a woman that provides access and cover to a lot of creeps. If all am man has to so is state that he identifies as a woman and that man wants to take advantage of women and them claim discrimination of someone tries to kick him out there will be backlash. And that backlash is going to be against the trans community.

Is it too much to ask for trans people to go to the bathroom/locker room that raises the fewest eyebrows? Passable trans women (how ever you define that) should go to the woman's room. A trans women rocking a beard should probably go to the men's room.

Additionally this seems to be more of a trans women issue. As a man it doesn't bother me that a woman would go to the bathroom in the men's room. It has happened several times at concerts or sporting events that women have gone in to the men's room because of the long lines in the women room. Beyond someone saying "man do you know this is the men's room" lady says "yep". Everyone goes "ok"


Attraction is a weird thing especially if you are bisexual. I range from the witchy female types like Tori Amos/Stevie Nicks to Magdalen Berns (RIP, I love you!) and with men it's basic mountain men and surprisingly a draq queen like Raven. I think I'm attracted to strength in either sex.


Welcome to our little group of misfits and free thinkers. Snacks and dangerous ideas are on the table to the left next to the faded decorations leftover from a quinceanera, help yourself.

Prepare to have your beliefs challenged. Like it your stance on trans people you stated here. Overhauling our social system to accommodate trans people by giving them their own spaces will have unintended consequences. Like the trans only bathrooms. Only big companies will have the resources to install trans bathrooms mom and pop places will be forced to make their facilities gender neutral abolishing a large number of female only spaces. Also with trans people being less the 1 percent of the population giving them their own space is a little too "separate but equal" gender dysphoria is pretty tame mental disorder and it doesn't warrant people to be stuttered away from others. And I just what trans activists are doing while writing this. It was right in front of my face so thanks.


I can identify with this comment because I have always been a libertarian lesbian, and its really hard because there are not a lot of people like me in the right wing/libertarian environment but at the same time I get shit by the sjw left
I have a huge admiration for arielle scarcella because she is the first lesbian with influence I see who is standing against left insanity.

Cecilia Level 4 July 30, 2020

I'm also polyamorous. Very rare for a Conservative to admit that.


we welcome everyone with a brain who doesnt shit on others for having a different opinion lol i believe you and i both deserve the right to speak freely.

Thank you Arielle Scarcella.


Well the less talked about inclusion issue seems to be fully transitioned transwomen. I can agree with sports and if you are pre-op I support using a third bathroom, but post-op is where I feel a transwoman should have access to certain spaces. I would be interested for thoughts on that.

For the record I'm only attracted to Trans that don't have the operation. But support the community as a whole.

@Morgana-Lilith lol no worries, but yeah the pre-op trans are the ones that seem to cause issues in restrooms, rape centers, and prisons.

If you have gone to the pain of having bottom surgery and there is no penis I don't have an issue with transwomen in female spaces. It's that penis and what it can do that I think is the line of separation. Getting naked even around women is hard for some women because there is always a sexual element with nudity. That is socialized upon us from the start. When you are naked in a room with a penis it becomes more awkward especially for the 1 in 6 of us who have been sexually assaulted by a man.

@ThomasinaPaine I agree, it has really been confusing me how some in the trans community are like, "This is a female penis." I wanna be like, "Well it works like a male penis, which could be a problem, duh!"

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