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How to increase adrogen receptors needed for, testosterone and estrogen.

If you are trying to be transgender or you are trying to gain building muscle androgen receptors are just as important as hormones.

There's a few methods to influence affecting the number of receptors. L-carnitine, heat which can move receptors from the inside of the cell to the outside, saturated fat, not omega 3, igf1 which by eating high carb and protein foods, capsaicin which is the product of hot foods, caffeine, not rosemary, selenium, hyperthyroidis, electro therapy, vitamin D, I told you, avoid Quercetin, genistein and lycopene, they make receptors less sensitive meaning it's hard for androgens to bind onto them, forskolin, tribulus terrestris and fasting. But don't do fasting until it's time just before starting a program, unless you're lefthanded, then pretty much if you wanted to, you may think it helps muscle and hrt, but it won't that's just how the body maintains metabolism when it's running out fuel, it doesn't really help testosterone affect, because without insulin nothing makes it to the cells so of course the body needs more testosterone because it helps the metabolism and without nutrients the cells can't grow so even if you starve yourself just to boost your testosterone well what do you know, it does nothing for you.

By the way I made a mistake before, I said dopamine inhibits prolactin which affects hgh, I don't remember if that's right or not, but inhibiting prolactin is still a good thing, and what I meant was prolactin is what decreases testosterone, you should not be trying to lower your testosterone unless you want to transition in wich case you'd have to keep read for more about that, it's just, testosterone should be more because the more you have the more estrogen you get out of second hand effect, so yeah, if you're trying, just trying to transition, then inhibiting prolactin will indeed, surely, definitely help you grow bigger boobs, by the way igf1 it's a factor in boosting receptors and testosterone, it decreases binding of shbg to testosterone which and prolactin inhibits it, see it's not that simple anymore is it?

So it's clear that there are many things needed for transition and muscle building.

As for transitioning. Increasing testosterone for males is not really going to affect the amount of estrogen but in a good way, if you're actually really worried that kind of thing, then you should actually stop taking testosterone blockers because you should be taking a different kind of testosterone that is named testosterone-1 it doesn't convert into estrogen yet but at the same time it is your body notices the change and stops its own production of testosterone it may sound counterintuitive but testosterone is usually bound by another chemical that turns it into DTH, it's sex hormone binding globulin I think it's called or SBHG, if there is less testosterone, then this can't attach itself to it which then less of bound testosterone has to fight with estrogen for receptors, and test1 has more affect than normal testosterone, which means you can have less of it and still have all the added benefits of testosterone that I've talk about and discussed along side hrt. You should be increasing the amount of dht anyways, it binds to testosterone, stopping the amount of testosterone can be bad any other way than taking test1, andro1 is the term, the more dht doesn't only bind to testosterone but it will keep simultaneously continuously binding to ew testosterone and it has 10 times the effect of testosterone. Soavoid boron other than what's necessary, because it keeps shbg from binding with testosterone.

Keeping a healthy thyroid is key to transition.

Again lefthanded people win this fight. Transgender people are more like females in the brain, so are lefthanded people, so imagine a lefthanded person trying to transition. Girls are more likely to have an underactive thyroid, that's kind of ironic, but lefthanded people can take a little more of what makes a healthy thyroid then. Your metabolism can influence the amount of androgen receptors. So if you just only think about slowing your metabolism down to add more fat for transition, you're more than likely just going to be impeding your self's progress. Indeed it is helpful for transition but you need to do this in phases, peak your metabolism like a plane and then you can nose dive smoothly into transition as your metabolism begins to slow, don't just start doing it right away.

Have you ever wondered why that it's harder for girls to grow bigger boobs, but when a man so much as adds a little weight they grow boobs like it's nothing?

There's an answer to that. Because just as the metabolism decreases as estrogen goes up for growing boobs men still have more testosterone which is needed for metabolism, and that's why in actuality men are better at growing boobs than even women.

See, I know what I'm fucking talking about.

Why do women live longer than men? I'll tell you because of the metabolism, it's simple like comparing mice with elephants, one has a fast metabolism and dies sooner and one has a slower metabolism and lives longer. Now compare that to a tortoise, them sons of bitches live for a thousand years. But the key is not to have a slow metabolism, the key is to grow and have a slow metabolism and still you can't do that without a faster metabolism.

So? If a girl were to say, increase her metabolism? Boooooomm!!!..!!...!.. yeah, she gets bigger boobs.

The reason that girls don't get bigger boobs when they are athletic and thin, isn't just because they have more testosterone, it's because they have just always had a fast metabolism. So either way you go, I mean, something is going to grow know what I'm saying.

And to be frankly honestly with you, having bigger boobs is key to increasing your metabolism, ironic isn't it, it's what allows the estrogen to be absorbed by the breasts while not blocking now the absorption of testosterone, so the bigger the boobs get the faster and better your muscle size and metabolism get. Yet, another reason why girls that are thin just can't grow bigger boobs.

Caseyxsharp2 6 Feb 6
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