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Welcome Daisy Cousens - our latest celebrity to join!

Daisy is a freelance journalist, political commentator, and (occasional) provocateur based out of Sydney, Australia. Like many outspoken people on Twitter/Youtube, her videos are often demonetized and not promoted.

We're excited that she's created a group "DaisyCousens" and is promoting our site!

Admin 8 June 25
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This world has gone mad. Keep speaking Daisy.

Moakes Level 2 Nov 2, 2020

As for Vivien Leigh
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Twitter is for Twits so I avoid it as often as I can. Joined here because Daisy suggested it. Hoping it is not an alternate Twitterverse.
Love Daisy, first saw her on The Bolt Report... she is pretty addictive.
Good to see her views getting wider publicity, the world needs more of it. The recent riots etc prove that beyond a doubt. The Anarchy and Mindlessness of the Progressive Left is getting beyond the pale.
Beyond a Joke.

It’s gone beyond the pale now,
It’s gone way beyond a joke.
It’s come to rack and ruin,
As they wallow in their Woke.
They riot, loot and protest…
They burn, they lie, they steal.
They vilify and intimidate…
As they make the innocent kneel.
Just what is it about them,
That makes them think they’re right.
When all they’re really doing is,
Just looking for a fight.
They trash the past, they trash the now,
They’ll surely trash the future.
We need to mend this gaping wound,
Like a surgeon with a suture.
They think they’re in the majority,
That they are on the side of right.
They wander aimlessly around by day,
Then unleash their violence, in the night.
Like a virus reaching ‘cross the world.
They spread ignorance and damage.
Leaving the sane of us to fix the harm,
To clean up after them and manage.
As they parade, pontificate and protest…
It is all beyond a joke.
While the rest of us, just sit here wondering,
As they wallow in their Woke.


These are crazy times we live in but thank goodness for this community of sanity! Welcome to the board Daisy!

kipmax Level 7 June 26, 2020

netflix is insane! they are radical SJWs! it should be banned if they censor!

bastion Level 7 June 26, 2020

So happy to have you !

solopro Level 6 June 26, 2020

Thank you @Admin!


Been following Daisys work since her first appearance on Q&A. She’s exceptional, obviously. 🇦🇺

Thanks for the kind words!


I've never heard of her before.


Haven't come across you before but will listen to a few utubes, you seem OK to me. Welcome, this place is fairly civilized.


Very cool! I have watched some of this young lady's videos. She is the kind of person I wish my daughters would become friends with, someone who could hopefully steer them away from all the social justice crap they tend to embrace. I have tried but came to the realization they would fight me on everything for a variety of reasons.


Wonderful! I’ve been following you for ages! Welcome, Daisy!


Welcome to the sane community! I've been following your YouTube channel for a while now. Glad to have you onboard


Welcome Daisy! Looking forward to your commentaries.

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