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Committee for Safety historical precedents, use, and lawful goals.

Borrowing again from Conceived in Liberty by Murray Rothbard, the data offered in quotes first, then comments afterword.

“Connecticut too perceived the news of the Boston revolution with jubilation. Facing the question of what to do next, the colony confronted three alternatives: to resume the old charter government, which, unlike Massachusetts, had not been formally voided; to continue the Dominion government, which had virtually dissolved; or to follow Massachusetts’ path and establish a provincial Committee for Safety.”
Page 419

“The first rebellion against the Dominion in New York broke out, as might be expected, in the always turbulent Suffolk County on eastern Long Island. Led by Southhold, the freeholders of Suffolk met at Southhampton on May 3, ousted all the local appointed civil and military officials, and elected their own. They also demanded the return of the tax monies that had be “extorted” from them.”
Page 421

That data belongs to the turn of the century from the 17th to the 18th (1600s to 1700s) Centuries in America as Americans struggled for power against criminal forces seeking to enslave Americans, and that means that the costs of enslaving Americans would be charged to, and paid for, by Americans: Subsidized Slavery.

Why didn’t (or did?) the Committee for Safety move to establish a pool of common law magistrates from which grand juries would be formed in order to then employ rule of law (common law with trial by the country, trial by jury, the law of the land) to ensure the justified defense of the innocent victims of “extortion” by those who worked so effectively at enslaving those victims of “extortion?”

Need you be reminded?


It may be true now, as it was at that turn of that century, that Collective Forces (monopoly of power and profit) generally lost ground to Independent Individual Forces as documented in such works as that book titled Conceived in Liberty by Murray Rothbard.

Then the Collective Forces were Centered in England under a power that can be described as Absolute Dictatorship. When trouble within the Absolute Dictatorship divided into 2 opposing powers, the overall capacity for the Central Command to enslave, extort, and subsidize slavery in America, weakened to a point at which the targets of subsidized slavery took the age old steps that worked for the people to aid the people in a justified defense against those aggressive attacks perpetrated by those criminals at Central Command.

In England the reign of James II ended, and the reign of William and Mary began in a “bloodless” revolution. A “bloodless” revolution then moved like a tidal wave, a tsunami, to America, and the people in America returned to some semblances of rule of law: The Ancient Law.

There in the data is the useful term: Committee for Safety.

Part of a “bloodless” revolution are cooler heads whose goal in mind is a proper defense against the criminal forces that pose as lawful government, where a great part of the posture, the false front, the facade, is Debt Collection Courts.

So why not form a Committee of Safety so as to defend against fake courts, and why not do so by reforming and then using Courts of Law?

A reminder:

“It is a matter well known, and well understood, that by the laws of our country, every question which affects a man's life, reputation, or property, must be tried by twelve of his peers; and that their unanimous verdict is, alone, competent to determine the fact in issue.”
Chief Justice M’Kean
U.S. Supreme Court
RESPUBLICA v. SHAFFER, 1 U.S. 236, 1788
Court of Oyer and Terminer, at Philadelphia

The shield of the law power is to ensure that innocent people are not “extorted” by fake government agents.

The sword of the law power is to ensure the guilty people are not free and at liberty to “extort” innocent people while posing (counterfeiting) government office.

If the people do not demand indictments, to peacefully (bloodlessly) restore rule of law, do you really think that the criminals in government are going to ask for their own court date for them to confess their crimes before the American people in a Court of Law?

Josf-Kelley 8 May 29
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