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Agent Provocateurs. Nonfeasance Misfeasance Malfeasance and Misprision of Felony/Justice/Treason

Since The People (each individual without exception) either chooses to remain legal, lawful, moral, against all probable causes that cause people to choose crime instead, or The People fail. There is no fence to sit on, and there is no moderate party of centrists whose balancing act is JUST an act.

If innocent, weak, defenseless, powerless, people are offered, like children undefended at a playground, there will be guilty, strong, offensive, powerful, criminals who will see opportunity when those innocent children are left alone in harms way.

Nature includes natural evils that arrive on the scene without fail and these natural evils are called criminals.

Centrists will have people believe that a criminal is someone who does not obey without question, when orders to obey are dictated by fellow criminals.

If the criminals can convince everyone that everyone is a fellow criminal, then the center of the criminal network is somewhere between the least and the worst criminal gangs.

The lesser of two evils is evil.

So The People have at their disposal a fact that matters, a fact found in something similar to a Court of Law. This fact that matters concerns a crime spree that includes mass murder. The perpetrators are in government, and when members of The People dare to disobey the order to look the other way, those mass murderers – as a rule – murder the disobedient, and they also blame the victims.

That only begins to describe the indictable crimes KNOWN to be perpetrated by criminals in government.

While on the subject of KNOWN criminals in government it is from the case tried in an attempted Court of Law previously mentioned that Agent Provocateurs were KNOWN to be used by the criminals who infested the government in that case of Conspiracy Murder.

The criminals in government rioted so as to then blame peaceful protesters.

The criminals in government assaulted and robbed, so as to then blame peaceful protesters.

Agent Provocateurs

That means, in legal terms, that criminals in government are guilty of more than assault.

That means, in legal terms, that criminals in government are guilty of more than robbery.

Criminals in government are KNOWN to be criminals guilty of nonfeasance.

Criminals in government fail to keep criminals out of government.

Criminals in government are KNOWN to be criminals guilty of misfeasance.

Criminals in government misuse their power, criminals in government corrupt government.

Criminals in government are KNOWN to be criminals guilty of malfeasance.

Criminals in government use their power to perpetrate crimes, to create victims, to consume the innocent, instead of protecting the innocent.

Criminals in government are KNOWN to be criminals guilty of misprision of felony.

Criminals in government do not merely abuse their power for petty trifling things, as they consume their victims slightly while they abuse the trust given to them, the word felony means CAPITAL in reality. The saying once was “they hang horse thieves,” but that is not necessarily true, because “they” can mean The People in a Court of Law (trial jurors) or “they” can mean criminals claiming to be the government.

Who decides what is or is not a CAPITAL crime?

  1. People hired by The People, people trusted to be agents of the government.
  2. The People in a Court of Law: trial jurors

There is no middle, no fence, no place to run, no place to hide in between one or the other answer. Either one or the other group decides.

  1. A segment, division, faction, majority, minority, or exactly half of the whole number of people decide.
  2. The Whole People decide through their representatives in a Court of Law: trial jurors.

Criminals in government are KNOWN to be criminals of misprision of justice.

Criminals in government are KNOWN to be criminals of misprision of TREASON.

If they WILL not keep criminals out of government, they are criminals: not government.

Josf-Kelley 8 June 1
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