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To all those who are not completely convinced that Trump is "Our Savior," the following information may offer some pieces of the puzzle that fit into place for a better view, rather than a worse view, of the truth that matters in this case.


My comment published on Youtube 9-14-2020 in response to the video linked above:

Again, and the last effort to report this appears to have been removed from YouTube. The devolution of power is from ONE MONOPOLY of POWER and PROFIT to each individual free in liberty. That is the POWER STRUGGLE afoot. Monopoly (look at the original East India Company Flag) of Power and Profit cannot exist when people are free to offer each other liberty, which is non-criminal competition, non-antagonistic competition, non-immoral competition. The original American experiment was Voluntary Mutual Defense Association under the original, grass-roots, organic, competitive, adaptive, sustainable, common law, where independent people in independent counties, in independent states defended their independence FROM ONE MONOPOLY of POWER and PROFIT. If Brendon O'Connell is claiming that actual devolution of power is bad, then he is for ONE MONOPOLY of POWER and PROFIT, as a RULE. If people think that the second constitution was good for independent people, freedom, and liberty, then they are fooled. The second constitution was a National (monopolistic) constitution, and it was a coup perpetrated by Slave Traders, Central Banking Frauds, Warmongers, and assorted other psychopathic criminals, and it (the 1787 Constitution) incorporated the independent people in the independent states into one Corporate Monopoly Power: annihilating the federation of states under The Articles of Confederation, all under the original (not the counterfeit) common law. If Brendon has this wrong (obviously he does) then his prescriptions (lobbying for example) are going to treat symptoms, and that leads back to the same suffering under the same system that Subsidizes Slavery of everyone. Why is this so hard to understand? Why do people allow themselves to be lead back to the start as if life has to be a hamster wheel? Actual devolution of power is freedom in liberty, voluntary association for mutual defense, as formed in the Ancient Law: the common law. Private prosecutors, independent grand jurors, independent trial jurors, and no crime pays well, especially the crime of treason, which is a crime that must be perpetrated in order to usurp the common law, such as was done in 1787, to form the SECOND (not the first) American constitution. The first American Constitution was federal (voluntary) the second was criminal, and it was National (obey or suffer).

Josf-Kelley 8 Sep 14
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