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Voluntary Mutual Defense Association 101
by Joe Kelley

Precedence is a word derived from the past, one other word, meaning the same past derivative process, is stare decisis.

Example Past:
“Stewart Rhodes, President of Oathkeepers, speaks at the Lamp of Liberty National Press Club sponsored by the CSPOA.”

Example Present:
“Stewart Rhodes, Ray Epps, and John Sullivan have subpoenaed to testify at Meggs’ trial in a move defense attorney Jon Moseley told National File he believes will prove his client’s innocence, and will prove the entire prosecution to be politically motivated.”

Examples Past:

Antiquated according to Treasonous Frauds 1:
“[4] Hallam says, "The relation established between a lord and his vassal by the feudal tenure, far from containing principles of any servile and implicit obedience, permitted the compact to be dissolved in case of its violation by either party. This extended as much to the sovereign as to inferior lords. If a, vassal was aggrieved, and if justice was denied him, he sent a defiance, that is, a renunciation of fealty to the king, and was entitled to enforce redress at the point of his sword. It then became a contest of strength as between two independent potentates, and was terminated by treaty, advantageous or otherwise, according to the fortune of war. There remained the original principle, that allegiance depended conditionally upon good treatment, and that an appeal might be lawfully made to arms against an oppressive government. Nor was this, we may be sure, left for extreme necessity, or thought to require a long-enduring forbearance. In modern times, a king, compelled by his subjects' swords to abandon any pretension, would be supposed to have ceased to reign; and the express recognition of such a right as that of insurrection has been justly deemed inconsistent with the majesty of law. But ruder ages had ruder sentiments. Force was necessary to repel force; and men accustomed to see the king's authority defied by a private riot, were not much shocked when it was resisted in defence of public freedom." - 3 Middle Age, 240-2.”
Essay on The Trial by Jury, Lysander Spooner, 1852

Antiquated according to Treasonous Frauds 2:
“That the question was not whether, by a declaration of independence, we should make ourselves what we are not; but whether we should declare a fact which already exists:
That, as to the people or Parliament of England, we had always been independent of them, their restraints on our trade deriving efficacy from our acquiescence only, and not from any rights they possessed of imposing them; and that, so far, our connection had been federal only, and was now dissolved by the commencement of hostilities:
That, as to the king, we had been bound to him by allegiance, but that this bond was now dissolved by his assent to the late act of Parliament, by which he declares us out of his protection, and by his levying war on us a fact which had long ago proved us out of his protection, it being a certain position in law, that allegiance and protection are reciprocal, the one ceasing when the other is withdrawn:”
First Congress during Forming of the Defensive United States of Americans, 1776

Latin was used by Roman Civil Rulers Ruling Empire built by slave labor. Let that be a lesson.

Roman Civil Rulers – as a rule – keep two sets of rules current.

  1. Rules that apply to Roman Civil Rulers: Covert Civil Law
  2. Rules that apply to Roman Civil Ruled: Overt Civil Law

Roman Civil Rules are enforced with Summary Justice Courts run by Roman Civil Rulers extracting slave labor bounties to fund Empire Building Costs. The modern example working today is a mix of Equity and Admiralty run by the National Supreme Court System, where jurisdiction (divisions of the whole Nation) is designated as Districts.

Common law, which historically opposes Roman Civil Rulers, divides States into counties. States, in the American version of common law, join in Federation for mutual defense of States. That was the State of the States Federated, from 1774 to 1789, afterword the people were reconstituted and consolidated into an Infantile State, or Monopoly Nation-State Legal Fiction, formed according to Roman Civil Rules.

There was before and during that time, and going on today, a battle involving forces employing facts that matter in any case of conflict on one side, and forces employing falsehoods to cover-up accurate accountability of those facts on the other side, whereby the Treasonous Fraud side has clearly earned credit as the more powerful force in the past, but that pendulum is clearly shifting to the forces for good that rely on facts currently in our world where humanity attempts to defend itself against the collective power of The Angry Mob, which are those Treasonous Frauds.

Four trials serve to illustrate this movement from overpowering falsehood to revolutionary returns to fact finding by people who then use facts to set people free.

  1. On the 20th day of October 1774
    “This agreement contained a clause to discontinue the slave trade, and a provision not to import East India tea from any part of the world. In the article respecting non-exportations, the sending of rice to Europe was excepted."”

On the 1st of April, 1775
"On this occasion, the importation of slaves was expressly prohibited."

“A jury of twelve local farmers, all men and all white according to Levinson, rule in favor of Freeman in 1781, giving her freedom and awarding her 30 shillings in damages.”

  1. Complete Transcript of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassination Conspiracy Trial
    November 15 to December 8, 1999
    THE COURT: Let me ask you, do all of you
    agree with this verdict?

THE JURY: Yes (In unison).

THE COURT: In answer to the
question did Loyd Jowers participate in a
conspiracy to do harm to Dr. Martin Luther
King, your answer is yes.

Do you also find that others, including governmental agencies, were parties to this conspiracy as alleged by
the defendant? Your answer to that one is
also yes.

And the total amount of damages
you find for the plaintiffs entitled to is
one hundred dollars. Is that your verdict?

THE JURY: Yes (In unison).

Those 2 example trials above are a curious mix of common law with Roman Civil Rules. Those are criminal cases claimed to be civil cases, involving a common law trial jury. The meaning of the word “civil” as defined by the people themselves, organically, naturally, from grass-roots, is an original word with original meaning, a word not yet counterfeited by Treasonous Frauds such as Roman Civil Rulers. The common meaning of the word civil is not the same as the Roman Civil Rulers meaning of the word Civil. When the Roman Civil Rulers decide to reduce the population of slaves – as a rule – they conduct a Civil War. Clearly the word “Civil” does not mean the same thing as Pogrom, not unless you are “educated” by Roman Civil Rules to be a Roman Civil Ruler, which requires a setting aside of morality in order to join that club, or cult, of those Special Interests especially trained to enslave and consume mankind. Civil to Treasonous Frauds means Pogrom, while the original word helps people maintain peaceful society. One meaning is covert, or not-for-public-consumption, and the other meaning is overt or within The Public sphere freely and at liberty on an equal footing for all (except covert people with their secret meanings).

Where are the examples of trials by jury in criminal cases? One might suggest a need to have one of the Treasonous Frauds brought to trial in a criminal case, such as, for example, those criminals who incited the riots used to excuse the use of cruel and unusual punishment to defeat the Million Man Peaceful Protests as people were following the example of Martin Luther King Jr., who was caught blowing the whistle on the criminals in government during the Vietnam Aggressive War for the profit of Special Interests, such as National Interest. None of those treasonous criminals ever went to trial, so why are those trial transcripts missing, and why can’t I show you those trial transcripts that publish all the facts that matter in those Treasonous Fraud cases?

    Bundy; RYAN C. BUNDY; AMMON E.
    “Notwithstanding the government’s earnest efforts, we can find no grounds for concluding that the district court abused its discretion in dismissing this indictment with prejudice.”

  2. Kyle Rittenhouse Warns the Media: Accountability Is Coming

Do you see any problems? Treasonous Frauds, from as far back in time as language is invented and used by mankind, lie to make slaves out of mankind, and this is not news unless mankind believes the liars. The liars – as a rule – know the lies they tell to get what pleases them. In between the liars and the slaves enslaved by those lies are people who constitute lawful authority. The lies place the people in command of lawful authority into a state of powerlessness, something I call The Infantile State.

If someone can be raped in a Gulag called prison, a system of cruel and unusual punishment, for failing to wear a mask, or failing to produce genuine evidence of being injected with an experimental poison, but those who are guilty of running the system enforcing Treasonous Fraud used to maintain The Infantile State are immune from their own virus, their own bio-weapon aggressive attack, aggressive war for profit, then, obviously, self-evidently, something is clearly rotten. What exactly is the problem?

An accusation goes to an independent grand juror in a common law county, an independent grand jury is formed with lawful jurisdiction both civil and criminal, including the power of subpoena and posse comitatus, to validate the accusation by anyone against anyone else, anywhere, and anytime, and if the independent grand jurors validate the warrant that warrants the bringing of the accuser and the accused before The People’s representatives, a jury trial of 12 randomly selected, sane, independent, members of the people in that county, then those grand jurors write up a what? What are grand jurors empowered to do, exactly?

Criminal Presentment
Criminal Indictment
True Bill

If “The Government” wants to persecute someone, and the grand jurors say no, then what do those grand jurors write on an invalid accusation by the government in an attempted persecution case by Treasonous Frauds?


Caveat Emptor

Josf-Kelley 8 Jan 6
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With police and prosecutors going lax, it's a time for DIY self-defense.

sqeptiq Level 10 Jan 6, 2022

Individual police include criminals with badges and those who attempt to do the right thing in a corrupt system. Prosecutors - as a rule - are licensed persecutors or licensed defendants of persecution victims, which BAR access to rule of law by private prosecutors: as a rule. When was it ever not time for individuals to be responsible and accountable for self-defense? To give up responsibility and accountability for self-defense is to provide opportunity for criminal aggressors: as a natural law.

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