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Situation Update Update Part I
by Joe Kelley

Michael Jaco, LT. Scott Bennett & Patrick Bergy: Situation Update
Thursday, February 10, 2022 3:42

Patrick Bergey
Time 20:00 in the Update above speaks about sufficient evidence documenting treason.
“You know, what, what they’re doing… you know, ah, ah, what you said about the Democrats, right, having to worry… Show me one Democrat when the Republicans went into office, ah, with, ah, you know…ah, owning the Congress, when Trump went-in in 16… exactly, show me one Democrat that was ever charged with anything, ahhhh… if, if, something happens, and, and, and Republicans come in, its going to be the same thing. You know, ah, they’re gonna, they, they can get away with anything they want on each side, on either side because they know that the other side’s not really going to really start rolling people up, cause they’re all crooks. You know, everyone would just have to start rolling everybody up. So, you know, I just don’t see that playing out.”

That was after a speech by Lt. Scott Bennett about Democrats facing the truth and being floored into silence by the truth, and so:
What happened to Republicans after hearing that report by Patrick Bergy, what do the Right Wing Republican Conservatives do when facing the truth about their own?

Crickets on the subject of their own culpability?

Republicans double down with parroting the official National Socialist Narrative that blames the National Communists. The clue here is the failure (nonfeasance) to use forensically accurate legal terminology as was done by Patrick Bergy using the forensic terminology exemplified with the word Treason. Treason on the part of those Treasonous Frauds on the Left becomes Treasonous Fraud by those on the Right when those in power agree not to call it Treason, because the whole truth, not the half-truth, is that it is Treason as accurately accounted as such by Patrick Bergy in his expert witness testimony.

That constitutes probable cause to take license, take authority, to move the accusation of treason to any of over 3,000 independent county federated republics to move that valid accusation to be officially validated lawfully by independent grand jurors in command of all criminal jurisdiction for The People, in defense of The People, from harm done to The People by those who are accused of Treason.

Treason is the abuse of executive power that removes the power of The People to defend themselves with due process of law on an equal footing for all The People including all enemies foreign and domestic, such as Treasonous Frauds injected themselves into due process of law, to prevent due process of law from prosecuting Treasonous Frauds.

If that is too difficult to see, for anyone, other than me, myself, and I, then is it any wonder why there is no law in America? If someone dares to even question such a claim, one might want to know when law was overpowered by Treasonous Frauds, and one might follow the evidence to find that time and place, and they will find, as I did, that law was overruled by Treasonous Frauds in 1789 when the Federated Republics under the common law were Consolidated, which means Monopolized, in 1789 by the Rats smelled out by Patrick Henry.

Patrick Bergy is the current American Patrick Henry. Patrick Henry was someone who was not heeded in 1789 and so why would people fail to heed the reeking Rat Smell of Treasonous Fraud now, as testified to be very smelly by the expert witness Patrick Bergy now?


Change the narrative away from accurately identified and prosecutable Treasonous Frauds on Left, Right, and Center, CHANGE the subject from defense of The People, then twist that accurate account into blaming only the Left with nebulous ambiguities, doing so better than the Left blame the Right with nebulous ambiguities, and no one places the named accused as a defendant on a True Bill, presentment, or indictment to invite the accused to face the facts as the facts are presented to the representatives of The People formed in defense of The People as trial jurors in a criminal case in a County Court of Law, not a Nationalist Communist National Socialist District Exchequer, Chancery, Equity, Admiralty, Traffic, or Family Kangaroo Court.

Lt. Scott Bennett, a self-proclaimed conservative, blabbers on for some time, but confesses his ignorance or his own confession of possible malevolent treason with the abuse of the word Federal as that word is mistakenly, or fraudulently, commingled with the word Nation. Federal association is voluntary. National association is involuntary. That is a rule enforced by Federalists insisting upon voluntary association, and that is a rule enforced by Nationalists insisting upon involuntary association. The truth confesses itself as those defining the meanings of their words with their actions factually in dynamic time and place. When they act, they confess Red-handed facts that matter, and their actions constitute the evidence of their guilt factually, forensically, documented by them, and all one has to do to identify them forensically is to follow the evidence they produce to them precisely.

Someone falsely claiming that the word federation means the same thing as a Nation-State is confessing ignorance of the facts that matter in both cases, a federation is a voluntary association, and a Nation-State is a Totalitarian Dictatorship.

Case closed, and it does not depend upon what Treasonous frauds speak treasonous fraud when their mouths open and Treasonous Fraud emits from their mouths.

Someone knowing the difference but claiming that a federation is the same as a Nation-State is a fraud.

Actus reus is a crime by accident, a crime nonetheless, for those in power, but they did not know, they were factually misled by Treasonous Fraud, and they merely followed orders, parroting Treasonous Fraud, without questioning the order to parrot Treasonous Fraud. People are genocided nonetheless on schedule. 

Mens rea is a malevolent guilty minded crime perpetrated by someone fully aware of their choice to cause injury to their targeted victims, and in a Treason case the injuries perpetrated are often genocidal on purpose for profit at the expense of those purged from the rosters of The People.

Then Lt. Scott Bennett passes the hot potato (an accusation that both Left and Right are treasonous frauds) to Michael Jaco. As I type this I have not heard the responses from Michael Jaco. What if, for some odd reason, Michael Jaco suggests a return to rule of law in an obvious case of both Left and Right Treasonous Fraud? If Michael Jaco joins Patrick Bergy with the charge that individuals on the Left and Right are guilty of Treasonous Fraud, could they then both team up to force Lt. Scott Bennett to confess the culpability of those on the Right as Treasonous Frauds conspiring with the Treasonous Frauds on the Left, or will Michael Jaco add to the collective sweeping under the rug any evidence that leads to probable cause to act in defense of The People facing genocidal malevolence by Treasonous Fraud on the Left and Right in America from Top-Down with both National Communism and National Socialism from a Legal Fiction Nation-State that overrules Federated Republics? Will all three play the blame game of blaming Fictional Entities rather than placing names of individuals on charges of Treasonous Fraud written onto True Bills that lead to specific Court Dates in Courts of Law before further damage is done to the innocent by these named Treasonous Frauds?

I will leave this report of mine at this juncture and I intend to return to finish this report one day delayed.

Caveat Emptor

Josf-Kelley 8 Feb 12
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