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Publik Skewl V
by Joe Kelley

The natural process moves life or life dies, but moves cannot avoid wrong moves risking death too. A method by which a better move is discovered, validated, and prosecuted instead of a worse move includes the choice made to move instead of not moving, since the natural process insists upon the better choice to move instead of the death sentence resulting from the unsustainable non-choice of not moving.

Natural Laws do not cause an individual human being to murder or kidnap and forced to labor for the kidnapper someone turned from a human being into an inhuman beast of burden.

Inhuman beings turn humans into beasts by individual choices inside each human choosing beast-like inhuman crimes against humanity such as all those crimes branching from Treasonous Fraud.

Lesson one for human law based upon natural law can then be suggested as one must move since failing to move is certain death. One can crunch that suggested RULE through one's own efficiently working Bullshit detector or move to something better if that RULE is not voluntarily accepted as a RULE worth following.

Move or not, your choice, assuming that you are not misled.

“The first function of schooling is adjustive. Schools are to establish fixed habits of reaction to authority. It is fixed habits of reaction. Notice that this precludes critical judgment completely. Notice too that requiring obedience to stupid orders is a much better test of function one than following sensible orders ever could be. You don’t know whether people are reflexibly obedient unless they will march right off the cliff.”

“How can you establish weather someone has successfully developed this automatic reaction, because people have a proclivity when they are given sensible orders to follow? That is not what they want to reach. The only way to measure this is to give stupid orders, and people automatically follow those. Now you have achieved function one.”
The Six Purposes of Schooling - John Taylor Gatto

Inhuman Jackals knowable as Treasonous Frauds twist The Public Record of collective human memory into a distorted dystopian inhuman rat race where Jackals make inhuman beasts out of all who are caught in the net of a World Wide Web of deceit. Inhuman sheep are trained to bleat a sheep narrative.

Do Not Question the Order to Not Question the Order.

One must not question the dictate dictating movement, it is unnatural to fail to move, it is only possible to choose to not move, unnaturally, if one chooses death in favor of living, even if it were a choice to stop moving, which is not possible, one would have to stop nature, and one cannot do so, not even in ones wildest fantasy. Each move toward not moving is moving, notwithstanding Treasonous Frauds dictating otherwise. One might be lured into a suggestion that death is better than life after one has followed many moves toward worse in favor of better, but how does that one making that suggestion know, by any reasonable calculation, that death is better than life? In any case, as one is in the process of knowing, as one is working on the available data during the decision-making process, including the work to discover that worse can be the result of bad decisions, decisions that appear to be good at first, but not better as one discovers the true cost of bad decisions later, as one is consistently misled to worse over time to a point at which an even more risky move, a move to death, after years of misleading and costly bad decisions, death appears to be better at the moment the idea intrudes into oneself, as one has been led to an intolerable living misery on a misled path up to that decision-making point. Many misleading bad steps are followed and then one listens to the same Song of that Siren, that same false leader, to march happily into one's own Death Camp after a Tenner in the American Gulag?

Know the choices that are available as those choices are segregated from the choices that are not available. Turn on the internal Bullshit Detector to Detect the inhuman message ordering one to harm oneself.

Do Not Question the Order to Not Question the Order.

The monopoly of living movers, moving from worse to better, or even movers moving from better to worse, are unchallenged by any competition ever, a fact that matters to every form of matter including life, once one loses membership in the monopoly of living movers, one then proves a point worth pondering or not, as to any choice one makes to secede from the monopoly of living movers.

The Union members of the Living must keep moving in a better direction.

The Union members of the Living Dead are led into Torture Chambers and Death Camps of their own making.

By what process are some able to discover, validate, and then prosecute their movements from worse to better, and if these movers form a union or monopoly, would they insist upon following this path, each member enforcing each other member to make better choices, or would the choice be entirely up to each individual to either accept membership in this monopoly voluntarily or not?

YOU command choice, no one gives it to YOU, but Treasonous Frauds convince YOU to give it up.

Would the process help members to discover that contrary to Treasonous Frauds, and notwithstanding Treasonous Fraud counterfeit wisdom, the opposite path removes one from membership by their own choice in fact.

Criminals, the worst or least of them, as a rule, do not obey Natural Laws.

Those moving toward better forming the Union of Volunteers require a cost of membership knowable as an internal power to discover, validate, and prosecute internal choices that are subject to internal judgment based upon external data.

Eternal vigilance.

The Union members of the Living Movers are all, as a rule, volunteers.

The Union members of the Living Dead are all, as a rule, misled on that chosen path by Treasonous Frauds.

If there is a greater threat to life greater than the infection of blind obedience one might not see it as a threat at all if blind obedience appears to be one's own self-defense judgment calculator operating naturally because the infection is designed to cause the external threat to appear to the victim as such, as a counterfeit version of oneself deciding for oneself, when in fact one is misled by external powers dictating criminal orders that must be obeyed without question.

Do Not Question the Order to Not Question the Order. Bleat sheep.


One might want to ask oneself why one is demanding blind obedience from other people as if one were not oneself following blindly criminal orders without question, or not.

Blinded people lead people into blindness.

One can test for counterfeit versions of oneself deciding for oneself unless one is infected and one will not test oneself because one blindly believes oneself is deciding for oneself and therefore one will not move to test oneself for infection of the counterfeit internal power of will.

Do Not Question the Order to Not Question the Order. Bleat sheep.

Internal Bullshit Detector switch set to the off position: bleat sheep.


Each member that insists upon affording each other member their internal capacity to choose better from worse is an additional cost of membership in the monopoly or union of those choosing better from worse, and each one insisting otherwise chooses worse in favor of better. Dictators dictate despite the dictations dictated by the natural order. People are responsible and accurately accountable despite the dictates dictated by dictators enforcing dictates to be obeyed without question. Dictates dictated by the natural order of life dictate that life must move and that life must move to better in favor of moving to worse. Worse naturally leads to unnatural death and better naturally leads to natural life.

Each member in the Union or Monopoly of Life maintains their internal power to judge better from worse, such as the choice to test periodically if one has been infected by Treasonous Fraud.

One test one can use to test oneself is to test to see if one does not afford another one their internal power of judgment. If one demands blind obedience from another one, one proves to anyone who cares to know that one chooses to remove oneself from the natural order, the Union of Life, which is a monopoly in force with one obvious competitor known as death.

These are signs and symbols on the path of one who looks for these signs and symbols, one who arranges them into sentences, and one who then offers these messages to others.

Caveat Emptor

Josf-Kelley 8 May 5
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